Xbox & Bethesda Dual Event CONFIRMED By Matt Booty, Tempered Expectations For E32021?

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00:00 Panel Intros
05:00 Pong Soul Discusses The Square Enix/PlayStation Effect with Exclusive RPG’s! Is THIS a BIG problem?
36:00 Should Xbox Gamer «Temper Our Expectations» for the BIG E3 Show?
1:04:00 Matt Booty «Head of Xbox Game Studios CONFIRMS that the Xbox Showcase & Bethesda Event are «One in the Same»! Our Thought’s and Theories!
1:30:00 NEW Hot Wheels DLC coming to Forza Horizon 5?? NEW Toys reveal the collaboration! What THIS means for the NEW Forza!
1:45:00 Panel Outros and Special Message to the Community

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12 ответов к «Xbox & Bethesda Dual Event CONFIRMED By Matt Booty, Tempered Expectations For E32021?»

  1. Square enix treats Microsoft like second-class citizens. Phil needs to lock up exclusives/GP day one releases with JRPG creators like bandai namco. Square chose Sony, we don’t want to look like beggars

    1. Agreed. Square Enix really doesn’t care about their image in these recent days (Avengers fiasco + exclusive Spiderman dlc, FF16 1 year exclusive, another timed exclusive extension for FF VII Remake, etc…). It’s all about the money huh… 🤔

      I’m sorry but they can keep their games. I don’t wanna support trash companies that don’t respect half of their potential customers.

  2. Since it seems we arent going to get the newer FF stuff, I hope MS really been agressive on South-Korean/Chinese ip’s. Cause they got some awsome looking Nier genry ip’s coming, and also cause Sony secured that Devil May Cry like Chinese game. I really want to see some 3rd person action/adventures games, cause Halo/Forza arent doing it for me. And I atleast hope we get gameplay (no pc footage) of one first party gam, which shows of all the features of the Series X. I cant help but being weary about what they will show us.

  3. At the 1:20:00 minute mark, where Zemi mentioned a diverse lineup is probably the best description of what E3 «should» be that I’ve heard from a show. The show should be aimed to wow the largest amount of gamers possible by being diverse. If they want to focus on 1 or genre’s in particular that ought to be a separate show. Not E3.

  4. That comment at the 1:28:00 mark about «proving» why you bought an XB is, imo ridiculous. It’s a valid opinion if that’s what he believes, I just disagree completely. If you put that type of money up for a piece of hardware you’re iffy about, this is another you problem event. You should’ve waited to purchase. Here’s what I know (for me personally), My purchase was «justified» the day I purchased the box. For my PS5, that purchase was «justified» the day I purchased it. I’m a very logical person so maybe I just see things differently.

  5. Love all the shows here. I love the Primetime gaming podcast too over colteastwood s podcast. You have so many great panel members. Very underrated. Growth is on the cards for you all here. Cheers.

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