Xbox Buys Activision Blizzard, Sony Stock Drops, and More! | IGN The Weekly Fix

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00:34 — Xbox Buys Activision Blizzard
05:13 — Sony’s Stock Drops After Xbox Buys Activision Blizzard
07:33 — PUBG Devs Sue Apple and Google
12:21 — Microsoft Discontinued the Xbox One Back in 2020
15:29 — Play Doom in Minecraft with a New Mod
17:20 — Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series Receives its Title
22:12 — Dragon Ball Super’s New Movie Details

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  1. If disney can own everything without it being a monopoly then microsoft sure as hell should be able to own activision. Xbox isnt even close to being a monopoly Theres still Nitendo,Playstation, Take two ,EA, Ubisoft Microsoft doesnt even own 50 percent of gaming companies.

  2. Cracks me how everyone always uses these same picture types of Phil Spencer always smiling looking so friendly and happy and helpful in their Microsoft marketing videos. Creating a cult like following of religious worshippers and blind brand loyalty.

  3. How is it monopolistic? A platform holder has bought a game publisher. Its called «vertical integration». If xbox was trying to buy nintendo, or Sony, that would be a problem, because they would be taking out a competitor, which would be what’s called «horizontal integration», which is frowned upon. But activision isn’t a competitor. Even after this deal Microsoft would be 3rd in gaming revenue, behind Sony and tencent. There is no way any court would find fault here.

    1. Microsoft/Xbox also acts as a publisher in the industry, buying Bethesda and Activision are as you are refering to it «horizontal integration». Just a simple question, how many of the mainstream FPS games does MS own now? Halo, DOOM, CoD, Wolfenstein, Quake… Right now EA is the only one left with FPS like Titanfall or Battlefield, that my friend is a monopolistic tendency. Big corps like Facebook and Microsoft are focusing most of their efforts in their shitty Metaverses, and the only way you can implement something like that in the gaming industry is if you own most of it, that’s literally what Microsoft wants. Also let me reming you that the first thing MS did when they got in the industry was buying EA, and when they couldn’t they tried to buy Nintendo, after being rejected again they decided to buy a small multiplatform project that was going to be published by Take Two called Halo. Microsoft doesn’t create, they buy.

    2. @DAV 2-0 owning I.p is irrelevant. Any company can make an fps if they want to. I’m sorry but First person shooter isn’t a business model, it’s a genre. There are plenty of companies that make fps’. And all those other companies have the ability and tech and staff to make their own fps games. Just because they choose not to has nothing to do with msft. Legally there is no leg to stand on. There are thousands of devs making first person shooters, just look at steam. Whether they are successful is irrelevant.

    3. @Premature Procrastinator That’s simply not true. The way a market is conceived and legally treated is market share, not amount of people participating.

      Imagine we were talking about a shoe company that represents 99% of the sales in the market, but there were another two thousand companies doing the same thing but that only represented 1% of the market. What’s that called? I’m sure you knownthe answer.

      Obviously FPS games isn’t a market, and it’s not going to be considered as such when the aquisition agreement is supervised, but that doesn’t mean that Microsoft strategies don’t have monopolistic tendencies, as the video stated.

    4. @DAV 2-0 and what happened to halo it became a mega system seller for years. It one of the best selling console game of all time. Know bungie have brought us destiny 1 and 2 so it not a bad thing its just business.

  4. When you realize this was done strictly as a publicity stunt to take views away from the Activision/Blizzard sexual assault case that lead to a womans death.

    1. @Kode Williams how do you figure? Xbox series is at 2/3 of the sales PS5 has. Xbox is obsolete to PC in every possible way and since PC can play every single game Xbox can, that’s been harming their console sales, and continually will. Eventually Microsoft will wise up and fully invest in cloud gaming and quit producing consoles.

    1. @LexVVTi poor toenails triggered because XBOX and PC has all the games while Sony kiddystation 5 has no games only has ps4 games coming this year Sony is a total disappointment 🤣 stay triggered toenails 🤣

    2. @Hanskah wtf are you talking about ? they release their games on pc.
      unlike sony that wouldn’t release spider man and some of their exclusives, it isn’t a monopoly.

  5. Hey own this old brands, like Crash now. And? What’s the win for Xbox fans here? While sony is working on 25+ titles. Incl Vr2. Most ridiculous strategy ever. Pure Phil Spencer. The try to win via PR. TIL 2024, Sonys own multiplayer shooters will be out. And the some of the best talents on earth are working on them.

    1. nope thats not what is happening, hes just transitioning xbox into a publisher like EA.. they really dont care about console sales, they care about software sales like gamepass and would gladly put gamepass on PS if sony ok’d it.. when this happens sony and MS would not even be competitors theyd be partners.. you would see stuff like gamepass on Playstation just like you see stuff like EA access on playstation right now. this way everyone wins.. apart from those loony xbox fanatics of course.

    2. @xXBluey312Xx it was careful wording, he said the desire was to keep it on Playstation, the only way you can guarantee getting CoD is having a PC or Xbox

    3. @xXBluey312Xx no they havent. Phill Spencers tweet heavily emphasized that they would fulfill all pre-existing deals. Thats the only definitive. The rest of the statement is vague and worded very carefully. He never said Every mainline COD will still launch on PlayStation forever. Likely referring to keeping all current games like previous CODs and Warzone from being removed on PlayStation, but if it’s anything like the bethesda deal then everything going forward after the deal is final is going to be exclusive.
      They literally cant say/promise anything at all about exclusives right now even if they really wanted to because the deal and all it’s details is far from final.

  6. People tend to forget that this is the kind of shitty strategy that Microsof had from the start. The first thing they did when they tried to enter the industry was trying to buy EA, the secong thing was trying to buy Nintendo. Consolidation is bad for any industry and those cheering about this should think twice about it, since this is an industry that in theory they like and enjoy. Nobody had a problem when Microsoft announced that they were buying Playground Games and Undead Labs with which they had partnered over the years, or when they bought Obsidian, Ninja Theory and Double Fine, studios that were strugling. Anyone defending Microsoft buying Bethesda and Activision/Blizzard is just dumb.

  7. Well given our economy and due to the pandemic with covic its not what you have, it’s what you can produce. You have it, but do have the means to make it? Without capable and qualified people those billions are a waste.

  8. People really need to look up the definition of a Monopoly the word is being overused on this topic, and Microsoft is still behind Sony and Nintendo in the gaming market EVEN AFTER this deal goes through.

  9. COD, Overwatch, ect are never gonna be exclusive to Xbox. Microsoft would be more than happy to put gamepass on Playstation if they could. Thats why they’re working to help with Sony’s own game subscription service (something better than PS Now). Console manufacturers have figured out that making money after they make the initial sale is much more profitable.

  10. 70 billion, 0 new Ips or Ips Xbox would have otherwise missed and 100% price up for Gamepass. Absolute fail for Xbox costumers lmfao 🤣

  11. Once the deal is signed COD games will be exclusive to XBOX ecosystem including other Activision Blizzard ips so the first COD XBOX exclusive will happen in 2023 or 2024

  12. Kotick: «Took you long enough, Phil!»
    Spencer: «There have been delays, but we are right on course for phase 2… brother.»
    *Both laugh maniacally*

    Seriously though, even though Microsoft/Xbox has been considered consumer friendly in the recent past, there’s nothing more anti-consumer than a monopoly. Their recent acquisitions will give them even more buying power and who knows what happens next…

    1. And yet, this monopoly is completely pro consumer since it is only adding value to the gaming market through Gamepass and increasing the quality of products. Sometimes a monopoly isn’t bad and that is why non-malicious monopolies are not illegal. The only reason politicians are going after Microsoft is because they have stocks in their competitors.

  13. EA is on the chopping block, and every big tech is bidding along with tencent. Hopefully, Microsoft gets them, because the thought of Amazon, Google, Meta, or Tencent might get them is revolting.

  14. EA is on the chopping block, and every big tech is bidding along with tencent. Hopefully, Microsoft gets them, because the thought of Amazon, Google, Meta, or Tencent might get them is revolting.

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