XBOX & Call of Duty Just DROP The Craziest News.. 😨 ( We Were Wrong ) & PS5 Horizon Forbidden West

XBOX & Call of Duty Just DROP The Craziest News.. 😨 ( We Were Wrong ) — Update Microsoft Xbox Buys Activision.
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Today we have a smaller gaming news video. We have just got a new update on Call of Duty and Microsoft Xbox deal. SEC just revealed the inside story of how Microsoft Xbox buy Activision and Call of Duty. Recently after Sony PlayStation and Bungie acquistion, Phil Spencer from Xbox revealed that future Activision Blizzard games including Call of Duty will remain multiplatform. Meaning they will stay on PlayStation and can come to Nintendo as well. We also have COD anti cheat news and PS5 Horizon Forbidden West stuff.

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147 ответов к «XBOX & Call of Duty Just DROP The Craziest News.. 😨 ( We Were Wrong ) & PS5 Horizon Forbidden West»

    1. @WolfOfDarkness Which one? Im just covering whats being reported out there. I always show sources in my videos. If you have doubts you can always look them up and do your own research my man.

      1. Rockstar accidentally liked a tweet that had #SaveRedDeadOnline and then unliked when they realized lol. I will cover that story soon for you!

  1. For the hacker part it’s already fix it only works for a while then stop my friend use hacks he was having the same problem this morning but he downloaded a new hack and everything is good again

  2. No doubt that forbidden west and horizon 5 are beautiful games with there graphics but we got to remember that these shots are on photo mode not gameplay. But damn that photo mode on forbidden west is 🔥

  3. LOL Microsoft haha Sony couldn’t buy Activision even if they wanted to as they simply do not have the bank roll.,.. they have like 100 billion or so to spend Microsoft legit has Trillions to spend

    1. I just want to say but you’re not good at finance, Sony Cash on hand now after bungie buyout is 12.5 Billion Dollar,Microsoft Cash on hand now after Activision Blizzard Buyout is 61.4 Billion Dollar, You can’t compare this two company, Microsoft is a Beast, Their Profit every year very high that they can easily give their studios Unlimited budget for game making

    2. @TrillzMack713 nah Microsoft has talent to, but They couldn’t do anything in 8th Gen because of the Last CEO Before Phil Spencer, but in 9th Gen they get serious about it, but I gotta say they can’t do anything right now because making games isn’t something easy, even Bethesda Contract finalised in 2021 and making games that has great reviews need at least 3 to 5 year working on it if there not be any problem in middle of the making game, for example we have Last of us 2, a great AAA game that have many great review’s, it takes 6 years to create it even with more than 2000 Employer’s, and yeah, but Xbox actually have great games on next half year and 2023 to release, It’s hard but we need to wait if we want great games

  4. 2:44 I love how cool that post was just showing off how good forbidden west looks. But leave it to someone to bring the stupid console wars into this.

  5. Horizon forbidden West really boring campaign really boring story beautiful graphics compare that to Halo infinite has really great campaign really great open world really great story also a really good multiplayer it is free

    1. @kyle Gallant Well in all fairness you did compare this game to halo infinite. That’s disrespectful in its own right, When I play this game it doesn’t feel halfway or half complete you know? I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I even have some other PlayStation friends that say they want to watch me play it instead. But Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying it so much? 🤔. Battlefield was horribly incomplete, Vanguard messy and feels rushed, Halo infinite feels rushed and incomplete. I just want my games complete when they come out at this point.

  6. Let’s be real, most racing games look great lately because they have much less assets to render. So Forza can be compared to other racing games. Not open world games that have much more assets to render.

    1. Exactly.
      Forza horizon should look good and it does but its just a racing game.
      Look at the OG release of NFS hot pursuit still looks good

  7. Btw Cyberpunk 2077 may still be a shitty buggy mess, but gotdamn its still fun to play. still 1000% better than BF2042 in my opinion

  8. I still don’t understand why people think horizon is graphically impressive.
    It looks good visually, that doesn’t mean the graphics are good. The PlayStation wouldn’t be able to run it if it was as good as people are saying.

    1. Agreed, i played all the FH titles, Fh5 is my least favourite out of all of them. What i see is a washed out picture, the color calibration is off big time.

    2. ur both xbots i dont get why you guys cry so much about power it makes u look like ur over compensating chill and enjoy the games my dudes

  9. Great vid mate as always, you’re practically part of my morning routine now, you start my day with a big smile on my face dude keep up the good vibes!

  10. Yeah HFW is killing best graphycs on games yet as usual PS delive Quality,xbox sure has forza a Car game until GT7 come around. Also Cyberpunk is trash.

  11. Looks amazing other than Aloy and has a couple issues like the climbing mechanism. I think the metacritic score Sony ponies were crying about is warranted for it.

  12. Horizon on PS5 is f*cking fantastic. Btw, Ally doesn’t look as bad as the pic people show in the meme, but doesn’t look as good as the other either, although, obviously she doesn’t bother with makeup. Come on. Game is awesome. This is where I move from thinking Xbots are stupid to feeling bad for them. I mean, seriously? You’re gonna put a racing game that completely 1 dimensional vs a massive insane looking and playing open world action,adventure, rpg?
    Also, yes…Cyberpunk is way better now. I’ve only ever played on PS5, so at launch it wasn’t as bad as other places like last gen, but still, withthe upgrade it is a seriously noticeable difference. Still missing some stuff and didn’t fix the police issue, but I’m enjoying it…I just have to set aside for Horizon, and Rainbow Six Extraction for my most…and Friday everything is set aside for Elden Ring, my most wanted game possibly ever.

  13. Has any one question how Bobby Kotick is now in the spot light when it all happen, Sam Maggs was a part of the vanguard department aka a woke social justice warrior that pushed this harassment bro, she was move to kill knights of the old Republic and gets sacked for influencing after 10 months in development because her behaviour brahhhh….

  14. I think Skizzle should write&publish a dictionary. Or create a Duolingo course. I wanna talk like him. I wanna do helicopters. I wanna do Easter eggs damnit.

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