Xbox Chaturdays 29: Where are the Acquisitions and Did Xbox ‘Win» E3 2021? w/Rand al Thor 19

For our 29th episode of Xbox Chaturdays we’ll be discussing the massive Xbox and Bethesda games showcase, how Microsoft performed, the future of Xbox, and where are the rumored acquisitions?

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Time Stamps:

00:00:00 — Going Live Soon
00:02:40 — Intro
00:08:30 — Rand stirs the Nintendo Pot
00:11:30 — Housekeeping and Windows Central Discord
00:12:00 — Is Halo Infinite F2P Going to Hurt Game Pass?
00:22:00 — Jez Can’t Be Replaced
00:24:20 — Does Battlefield 2042 Have the Right Pricing Model?
00:31:30 — Our Thoughts on Summer Game Fest Compared to E3 2021
00:38:50 — Why Won’t Rand Get on Camera?
00:42:00 — How was E3 2021 Overall?
00:47:40 — Should these Gaming Shows be Spread Out?
00:50:40 — The Games Not Enough People are Talking About
00:58:00 — How Did Xbox Perform at E3?
01:07:00 — Where is The Gunk?
01:08:30 — How we Felt About Redfall Ending the Showcase?
01:14:00 — What Bethesda Means for Xbox Now
01:20:00 — Were Rand and Miles surprised by Xbox at E3?
01:26:00 — The Power of Xbox Game Pass
01:35:00 — Are Enough People Talking About 1 First-Party Game Per Quarter?
01:41:00 — Where are the Acquisitions?
01:44:00 — Which Developers will Xbox Acquire?
01:50:00 — The Future of Avalanche and IO Interactive
01:53:40 — Our Predictions and Dream Acquisitions
02:04:00 — Outro

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52 ответа к «Xbox Chaturdays 29: Where are the Acquisitions and Did Xbox ‘Win» E3 2021? w/Rand al Thor 19»

  1. I thought that the Xbox/Bethesda showcase was a good show. I’m looking forward to being able to play Halo Infinite, Psychonaughts 2, Forza Horizon 5, Starfield, A Plague Tale Requiem and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2.

    1. I know people are looking forward to Breath of the Wild 2, God of War 2, etc. But NOTHING is like a single player Bethesda game. Nothing. I absolutely cannot wait until Starfield comes out!

    1. What happens when the likes of sony show a cgi and you think the game is going to be awesome because of all the hype then you wasted 70 bucks on garbage at least with gamepass that doesn’t happen and developers make plenty

    2. You can do that and still play it via a subscription service. Sub service existence doesn’t stop you from buying the game for extended support.

  2. No, Rand. It wasn’t a question, but normally when two people are conversing you at least acknowledge what the other person is saying. There’s a back and forth.

  3. I think Halo Infinite multiplayer being F2P will help Game Pass. A generation of gamers havent played Halo so playing the multiplayer might get them on to GP and once there they will see whatever else in there.

  4. How is the success of Halo multiplayer not going to push people to jump into the campaign? 🤔

    I refuse to pay for Battle passes/ Season passes..

    I will NOT pre-pay for DLC..
    NEVER!!! 🤬😡

  5. From Soft acquisition,one can only dream,although it wouldn’t be nice for ps guys to be looked out like we were( bloodborne/demon souls). If we cant share then lets get them on our side plse Microsoft.

  6. I don’t get the Hype for CGI trailers.
    Like if the game had a predecessor and it was great ok I kinda get that
    But I don’t trust anything till it’s playable.
    After Cyberpunk I don’t even trust gameplay trailers anymore.
    Once it’s out in the wild and reviewers get the hands on and I can see what’s up.
    Then I make my decisions now….
    Unless the collectors edition is super sweet.
    Then I roll the dice

  7. Studio I would want is mistwalker, made 2 games on 360 Japanese studio some connection etc. Dreaming big would be cd project red but that’s messy to be real.

  8. If you can negotiate the IP for several years or get the publishing rights for video games for the IP then WB is obviously the great white whale of acquisitions.

  9. Despite only 29 episodes in, this has to be one of my favorite Xbox Chaturday shows. I enjoyed the chemistry and banter between Miles Dompier and Rand Al Thor 19. Miles Rand was right when he said, you’re a Rockstar, and we need more Miles in the gaming industry who speak the truth and always comes from a place of love for games regardless of platform. Thank you for an awesome Father’s day episode for me of Xbox Chaturday.

  10. Miles! Great job as always you are fantastic host and I love this podcast. As a fan of Xbox Two as well, holy hell Rand was like pulling teeth as a guest trying to get that man to interact with the podcast. 🙁 I support y’all, and hope it was just an off day for him. Keep the Chaturdays swingin’!!

    1. Apologies there. It sounds like maps will be free, but the pricing model and a year one pass are still questionable decisions in this day and age. — Miles

  11. I doubt WB would sell their 2 biggest studios, especially after just recently doubling down on the investment of their gaming division. Also Remedy and Capcom are both public companies, so acquiring either would be pretty much impossible

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