Xbox Chaturdays 52: Huge Xbox Series X|S Sales & The Death of Xbox One w/Ainsley Bowden

For episode 52 of Xbox Chaturdays, we’ll be joined by Ainsley Bowden of Seasoned Gaming. We’ll be mourning the official belated death of the Xbox One, Phil Spencer’s recent comments on massive Xbox Series X|S sales, the delay of a big 2022 Xbox console exclusive, even more Game Pass announcements, and so much more! Be sure to join us live every Saturday at 12:00 PM ET!

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17 ответов к «Xbox Chaturdays 52: Huge Xbox Series X|S Sales & The Death of Xbox One w/Ainsley Bowden»

  1. I don’t think MS dropped X1 just because on some vague level they ‘wanted to move past the generation’. Moreso that they could either keep making those machines and selling them cheap to target low end markets but that would then get in the way of their efforts with XSS. Much easier to market a new low end machine that has an aggressive value prop as the center of that device going forward than to just price drop an aging platform.

    I gotta say the discussion about Jim Ryan’s comments and them kinda being swept under the rug is off base imho. Yes, it is all marketing, but this is not merely marketing spin we are talking about. It was specifically and deliberately designed to be misleading.

    There is a vast difference b/t playing up your strengths or downplaying weaknesses or positioning your fanbase to lean into their imaginations to build hype and straight up going out of your way to mislead ppl just to take an opportunistic jab at the competition. It is easy to say after the fact that ‘it was obvious’ Sony would not move 1P teams all to next gen only but nobody seriously found it obvious at all at the time. Countless articles criticized Xbox based entirely on the perceived contrast between their cross gen sw lineup and Sony’s presumed set of exclusives (GoW, HFW, GT, Spiderman MM, R&C, Kena, etc) but basically none of those ended up actually being next gen only.

    1. Youtube said — Not today. Not sure what happened with the end of the vid. Seems like there was some issue on YouTube’s side. — Miles

  2. I know it’s not a game for the masses, but I could totally see Xbox throwing From Software a cool 300 million for a day one game pass release.

  3. Not being able to buy games on the iOS app is 100% down to Apple’s policy of taking a 30% cut of ANY in app purchases which buying a game within the Xbox app is considered an in app purchase. Xbox used to allow you to do this and paid the 30% fee but I think due too all the BS around xCloud and Apple being a bit shifty they removed this so Apple wouldn’t be getting any more money. You can install the game and complete the purchase on the Xbox so I don’t know what the big deal is, when you launch the game it will say purchase it and you just buy there and then and takes like 30 seconds, are people really worried that they don’t give the money straight away in the app haha.

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