Xbox Chaturdays 60: The State of Xbox Game Studios and Community Concerns w/Samuel Tolbert

For episode 60 of Xbox Chaturdays, we’ll be joined by Windows Central’s very own Samuel Tolbert. We’ll be diving into the current state of Xbox Game Studios, the dramatic staffing changes at The Initiative, the continued concerns from the community, Elden Ring’s first official sales figures, and so much more! Be sure to join us live every Saturday at 12:00 PM ET!

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11 ответов к «Xbox Chaturdays 60: The State of Xbox Game Studios and Community Concerns w/Samuel Tolbert»

  1. Microsofts biggest problem is they can’t get games out at a quicker pace. I don’t know why they can’t figure it out. They have the money and the studios. Yet the games are coming in slowly!

    1. It’s almost like they had a whole segment about why they feel like things are taking longer. Games that came out last year were delayed, games coming out this year were delayed from last year, games this year are being delayed. Not just Xbox, but across the industry.

    2. Because building actual quality AAA titles takes about 4 to 7 years( look up Sony development history). Microsoft just started working on new IPs and other titles. All the studios Microsoft purchased in 2018 were still releasing updates and DLCs for their games till 2020.

    3. @portalplayer Until recently though Xbox had basically no first party studios. Even the 2018 acquisitions, taking the pandemic into account it makes sense games would be 2022-2023 unless they’re smaller games. Even smaller games there’s no guarantee of things moving quickly these days.

  2. I can only imagine how much worse the conversation would be if no games slated for later than 2022 had ever been announced. It would still be “Xbox has no games”. I really think people need to just take a step back, check their backlogs, and play games until new ones come out. I know I’ll never finish every game I want to finish. Regardless of how long things take to come out.

  3. Is there something wrong with the video? It won’t load for me. It’s just an endless loading bar. Ads still play and everything else on YouTube is still playing just fine. Is only this video that hasn’t been loading for the last 5 hours fo me

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