Xbox Chaturdays 61: Battle of the Xbox Mascots and Xbox Game Succeeds w/Ainsley Bowden (PART 2)

For episode 61 of Xbox Chaturdays, we’ll be joined once again by Ainsley Bowden of Seasoned Gaming. We’ll be diving into the continued success of Xbox Game Pass, the growth of indies on Xbox, the first episode of the Halo series, an epic showdown between Xbox’s biggest mascots, and so much more! Be sure to join us live every Saturday at 12:00 PM ET!

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8 ответов к «Xbox Chaturdays 61: Battle of the Xbox Mascots and Xbox Game Succeeds w/Ainsley Bowden (PART 2)»

  1. Not every indie gets on PS either. Not every indie gets on Nintendo. This is not the PC where they can get one nearly any way they want. I mean, let’s be clear, none of these platforms that is not PC is going to get all the indies, and even then, PC doesn’t literally have them all. BTW — you talking about it here is you talking about it and making a statement. I guarantee you that the results of any chatter over this is just more MS FUD.

    If you are incapable of framing anything as something other than a issue with Xbox, I don’t see what the point of your coverage is — it just ends up being yet more FUD.

    EDIT — you also, after pointing out a game was censored on Sony but not MS, you go on as if the issue might be the violence or tone when you don’t have data about that and you have examples to the contrary. That’s really weird — it’s like you’re grasping at straws for a «MS b-b-b-baaad» narrative.

    1. You’re grasping at straws to paint me in a bad light. I was bringing up issues people had messaged me about. You can do with that what you will, but calling FUD is disingenuous. — Miles

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