Xbox Console Update May 2021 | New Dynamic Backgrounds, Quick Resume Improvements + MORE

This month, we’ve got some brand new Xbox console updates, as well as improvements to the Xbox app, Quick Resume, new dynamic backgrounds and more!

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74 ответа к «Xbox Console Update May 2021 | New Dynamic Backgrounds, Quick Resume Improvements + MORE»

  1. Can u guys give me a free Xbox series x plz I need one very very badly but I need to entertain myself from doing dumb things like trying to play with fire or alcohol or gas or wires. But I want to play with my little sister and I don’t have a job im disable and I can’t work. I don’t have enough money. And I don’t have a Xbox at all that’s why I need one badly. I wish I had one so can I have one plz. And I only have Xbox games only right now. If not u don’t want to give me one that means u r mean to poor people and other people.

  2. “A key part of the Xbox philosophy is making sure that your experience is always improving and evolving”…tbh my experience of being able to buy a Series X in the UK rates a 0/10 lol…Series S is readily available but that’s of NO interest to me due to the lack of a disc drive…don’t imagine I’m alone as an early adopter…give me a nudge when there are units available for purchase 😀😀 and to be fair it does extend my decision window on whether to switch to team blue….neither have available hardware or a compelling game yet so my £££ are yet to be committed…win for me as a consumer

    1. @Zach the games that are currently new to ps5 aren’t worth buying the console for. Not a chance. I played miles morales, completed it in 12 hours biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent on a game.

  3. Really would like a new user interface or maybe give the option to hide some of the tiles so your background/theme can have room to shine. Also would like to see more color options for your profile.

    1. Facts they need to remove this pins block i thought i can remove this when i first got my xbox but now i have to accept that this ugly thing is part of the UI. thats annoying.

  4. I love this channel, I hope you guys reach 1 million subs soon. The world needs to see how awesome the Xbox Series is. Ps5 is good too, but Xbox is killing it , this Gen.

  5. Wish you actually had the choice to download the Xbox One version of games on a Series console if you wanted to, so you don’t have to fill up your internal storage. I literally can’t play some of my games because I don’t have an external ssd yet.

  6. the most powerful and beneficial update will be the support to Asian market , the asian market are waiting xbox to enter and xbox Asian fan are just there but get few support

  7. I’d really like it if I could use game art as my background for games and dynamic backgrounds for everything else. Seems odd you can have dynamic for everything, but get blank backgrounds when using the game art option and it’s on an app.

  8. Xbox is going to lose the next generation just like they lost the current generation because they don’t have quality exclusive AAA games.
    The standard of developers at xbox studios really is lacking. Just compare Halo Infinite with it’s $500m budget to Horizon Forbidden West. Guerrilla make 343 Industries look like rank amateurs despite having only a fraction of the budget.
    The leadership at xbox, including Phil Spencer, should be sacked for not producing acceptable results.

  9. Concerning dynamic/animated backgrounds, the TMX app had them before on the XBO but was forced to get rid of them, and they were the only source at the time (I think). Since these backgrounds seem to be back, will third parties apps be able to have them too. Because these Microsoft-curated backgrounds reek of minimalism and no personality. This is supposed to be a new generation and it lacks in the backgrounds.

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