Xbox E3 2021 Should You Have Low Expectations?

#Xbox #Bethesda

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54 ответа к «Xbox E3 2021 Should You Have Low Expectations?»

  1. 2 things are going to happen:

    MS will put the «no games» meme in the grave. Their games will actually run at performance levels we have expected to see this generation.

    Pslaves will try and convince us their 30fps 1080p timed exclusives are more representative of next gen gaming.

    1. @Reclaimer 117 You are the one that brought up prices… 🤷🏽‍♂️
      ‘Xbox guys’ are too worried about game prices.. while over on the blue side.. we are just enjoying our games regardless of how much it costs😂

    2. @Reclaimer 117 Why are you dudes going on about $70, when not every game go to GP? Games not on GP is $70 too. Plus so… $70 is just 10 bucks more than 60. So why is that a talking point.

    3. I’ve been playing PS5 and just recently got a series X. I haven’t opened it yet. If E3 is not a good showing for xbox then it’s getting returnaled

  2. 5 Things xbox needs to do to be a better Console

    1. New Games
    2. Improve the User Interface
    3. Bring out a Controller with PS5 Features.
    4. VR Support
    5. Snap Feature

    1. @MULA$$ vr is never going to go mainstream.

      UI is fine.

      Nobody is begging to have games needing us to blow into our controller.

      Snap would be nice.

      As for games, we’ll yes they need to start releasing them because the success of gamepass depends on it imo.

      I’ll restate: selling the most isn’t the goal.

    2. @Reclaimer 117 Yes. I wanted to say that when you look at the PS5 how they did reveal their console everyone was talking about the new controller and ui while xbox was not so interessting… When you buy a Console what are the first two things you can feel and see. 1. the controller and 2. the ui and sony did a better job in my opinion.

  3. I just care for Hellblade II, but several credible people already confirmed that it wont be there. ffs, they announced this game way too soon :(((

  4. Heck no we shouldn’t have low expectations. With Phil Spencer making constant trips to Japan, purchasing of a whole publisher with Bethesda as well as other developers, release dates for Tunic, Halo, Psychonauts 2, Grounded, Flight Sim on console, Cuphead DLC, sneak peak at Hellblade etc. My expectations are through the roof for them as well as Nintendo.

  5. Phil I believe stated that the second holiday season of a new gen is crucial because that’s when the casuals start their migration.

    It makes no sense for them to hold back unless they have another huge show planned.

    I expect a strong show.

  6. What people are saying is just don’t go into the show with very high expectations or you will come off disappointed. It’s like when Nintendo fans hype every direct expecting Zelda, Mario, bayo 3, Metroid, etc. And then are disappointed even if the show was good

    1. Last year was a console launch and they didn have a very good presentation. Setting high expectations will almost always lead to disappointment. Why do you keep on doing it?

  7. As a huge pony I honestly can’t wait for Xbox’s conference I want that reason to get a series x and now that they have Bethesda I feel they will have a good show lots of potential bangers

  8. You thought Halo looked good? huh

    The lower your expectations attitude came from not having AAA 1st original games for about 6 years or more. Pretty simple really.

    Not the new games are years away?

  9. Everyone should have HIGH EXPECTATIONS!
    Content creators like Rand al Thor and Timdog are being incredibly disingenuous by suggesting you should temper expectations.
    How does telling people to have low expectations when you’re about to show Halo Infinite again and Starfield even make any sense? Isn’t Starfield the game people are talking up?! Isn’t Halo Infinite meant to be a blockbuster title?!
    We all have high expectations when we’re looking forward to see a single PlayStation title like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Horizfon Forbidden West. Why would expectations not be high when you’re seeing two major titles and potentially many other games from Xbox Studios now 20+ deep studio portfolio?

    It’s simply unfair for those creators like Rand, Timdog, Colt etc to take that stance after the constant barrage of «Big Xbox secret!», «Amazing new XSX games coming», «MS shocks the world with this secret weapon» and the like, only to now turn around on the cusp of an event and tell you to have low expectations months after the launch of a new generation, after releasing with nothing new of their own? Ridiculous and unacceptable. Go in with high expectations and respond accordingly thereafter.

  10. Phil is great but he continues to be awful awful at managing his studios.

    He had nothing first party at E3 2019, nothing to release in 2020. Has nothing all the way up to fall 21 and then probably has nothing for a year after that outside of Bethesda games.

    He really had nothing at all in the immediate pipeline if Satya said no to overpaying for Bethesda.

  11. Microsoft will almost certainly be announcing the acquisition of SEGA at this year’s E3. So, no, you shouldn’t have low expectations

  12. I hope Xbox shows the fruits of their labor this year. Enough with the god damn CG trailers for the love of god. It makes their show not worth watching. I want to see actual gameplay. If gameplay isn’t ready to be shown then don’t announce the game. I’d rather see 3 major working titles with 2 minutes of actual gameplay each than 20 game world premiers with 2 hours of CGI trailers.

  13. The narrative of lowering your expectations comes from every E3 in the last 6 years which has been poor. Even the showcase for the series x was disappointing

  14. Xbox always seem to fall hard at events, that is why my own expectation is low. Bunch of liberal “inclusive for everyone”kumbaya shit, game pass game pass game pass, minecraft, then Halo and Starfield at the end is my guess. Until Microsoft prove me wrong.

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