XBOX edge on PS, The Last of us, Spiderman No way home

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    1. @IndianSoldier1 bro thanos himself was not ready to give anyone a chance to make him understand…patience he nahi tha bhai bus stones leke chutki bajani thi usko

  1. Agr aap bol rhe ho ki Spider-Man ne un villains ko kyu bachaya to aap Spider-Man k fan nhi ho ya Spider-Man ko nhi pehchan te. Woh hamesa dusro ko khud se age rakhta hain. And Green Goblin to use dhoka v deta hain acha aadmi bnke.

  2. The fact that u missed is that most of the PC ports of these PS exclusives are highly unoptimised. ff7 remake ko hi dekh lo kitna criticism mila h use PC pe, and dont forget about the prices on PC, they are charging 5k rs for a yr old game on PC, this makes the PC ports a vague argument

  3. Ps4-ps5 exclusives comes on pc 4 years after their release on sony, by that time their demand on consoles goes down as newer console exclusive games pops up, sony is not a fool, they have strong business strategy, with due respect to xbox i dont see them overtaking sony anytime soon

  4. I hated civil war. Except for the airport scene, I was bored out of my mind the entire movie.
    Even endgame became boring once you know most of the movie scenes are just crowd pleasing moments which don’t last an impact on rewatch.
    Infinity war is probably the only movie I feel has rewatch value.

    1. Bro, Civil war and Infinity war are two of the great movies of Marvel. Endgame becomes boring after second watch, I agree. If you didn’t like Civil War, then I guess, you didn’t understand Marvel.

    2. @Kevin 11 lol im following every marvel movie since Iron Man 1. And I understand pretty much what they are doing with these movies. But I didn’t like the Civil war story execution at all. I didn’t think the story was that bad.
      I just didn’t find the movie that much enjoyable.

  5. SPOILERS!!!!

    Bro….. The fact is PETER PARKER is just a teenager and is quite confused…He knew that all those villain gonna die if they return to their world. His motto was to give all those villain a second chance.. Even though GREEN GOBLIN killed Aunt MAY, he didn’t kill him which shows that he don’t want to kill.. After all he is just a kid..BTW I respect your opinion bro 🙌🏻❤

  6. Bro about the Spiderman No Way Home statement…I wanna say that they wanted to show that he is really kid….and he didn’t have that maturity enough…..So after he paid his price …he learned what his decision can go through worse …So from that he learned how to take decisions and he got matured at the last 😊✌️

  7. Those who think no way home was bigger than infinity war and endgame in comparison I am goona put some dirt in your eye

  8. That’s what make Peter who he is . He can find good even in bad. He saw those people struggling and tried to help them . I’m not a huge fan of MCU Spidey but this small plot point made it soo good . Cause even if you remember in Sam Raimi spiderman 2 , he does not try to kill doc ock instead remind him about his responsibilities.
    And fun fact do u know that spiderman also could be worthy of Thor’s mjonir but he isn’t cause he does not kill.
    According to norse mythology to be worthy of the hammer you should have the guts to kill if necessary but Spidey does not kill . That’s why he tries to save them

  9. You are exactly on point about Infinity War, Endgame and Civil War being better Movies than Spidermam No way home. I too had the exact same thinking about it

  10. I also think kinda same way bout the hype up thing about nwh, but vasav bhai spiderman’s character is build up on a immature young boy, and Tom Holland totally nails it wheather its in reel life real life(he tells spoilers in some interviews). And it was his nature to not to let down anyone or give up his life, atleast infront of him as he’s a spiderman(kinda kid’s mentality) but if I continue to agree to on your point then too bhai iss movie ka vhi main plot thaa, if Dr. Strange sent all the villains, Dr. Oscorp or green goblin, electro, etc then I think so there’s no plot of the movie and then I think there won’t be any of spiderman’s which came from multiverse like Tobey or andrew.
    Bringing Multiverse concept is kinda factual thing bruh, I’m not spoiling it for you but yesterday I saw the Dr. Strange new movie’s trailer(though it was the 2nd post credit scene in nwh) And its all bout multiverse and I can predict they are going to bring back IRON Man in coming marvel movies.
    Although I’m not a big marvel fan, I love spiderman because of Tobey and PS games(miles) Though’ve played both game on ps5 , and truly they are love. And for me Tobey maguire will always be the real spiderman, its kinda best nostalgia I’ve had in recent.

  11. bro totally agree with your spiderman nwh point
    movie is more than good no doubt
    but Marvel’s Peter Parker gives me vibes of infinity war’s star lord
    i mean why they choose this plot,
    and the cringy marvel Humour/jokes ohhh🤢

  12. Bringing games on pc is Sony’s marketing strategy..
    They are confident that when a pc player will play their exclusives they’ll want to play their sequels which are only available on ps .. So this will increase the ps sales

  13. So true what u said I watched the movie yesterday and couldn’t believe why people were comparing No way home with Infinity war and Endgame.
    Infinity war k baad audience literally were begging for Endgame that was the hype of those movies.

  14. I loved horizon zero dawn and I can’t wait for the upcoming forbidden West , even if this game comes on pc after 2-3 yrs still I need a pc worth RS 2lakh to enjoy 4k which makes no sense to me.
    So definitely ps exclusive coming to pc aren’t making any big difference.
    After all we have to wait for years
    And I personally can’t wait for weeks .
    I really wish sony add some service similar to game pass
    I have the ps plus membership but there are no ps5 exclusive games in the library
    Some of them are upgraded like days gone ,god of war but most of them are locked at 30fps which makes them sluggish I mean after playing fortnite at 4k 120 fps if you play Batman Arkham knight your brain will itch so much that you will turn of your ps5 .
    The month games are trash
    I thought maybe we will get one big exclusive game as a monthly game in December but all we get is godfall and you have to pay to play the full game.
    Literary I spent money after buying ps plus membership for 12 months
    As an adult you can buy but as a student like me I can’t ask my parents after every week to give me 4000 rs so that I can play a game.
    Even if you buy one game in a month you end up spending around 45-50k per year and if you wait to long for the price to come down your friends will spoil it for you.

  15. No way home ki plot point wali baat se me bhi agree krta hu, Andrew aur tobey ko kaise laate😂😂
    Lekin spiderman yehi krta aa rha h (from past) , jaise last me tobey tom ko green goblin ko marne se rokta h

  16. Bro no offense but Spider-Man is the face of marvel and after hearing some rumors all 3 Spider-Men are coming nothing was bigger than this not even Infinity War and Endgame and you are saying people who are comparing No Way Home with Infinity War and Endgame aren’t real Marvel fan bro this is really Stereotypical those are the real Marvel fans in my opinion because they read comics and know Avengers are just B Grade Superheroes in terms of popularity while Heroes like Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and Fantastic Four are one of the most famous Marvel Superhero and NWH already defeated IW in terms of opening weekend collection and if it wasn’t for the pandemic I would’ve even defeated Endgame and don’t forget this movie isn’t release in China the biggest market for Marvel after USA so I think it’s justified buy comparing No Way Home to Infinity War and Endgame and lastly you said it took 10 years of build up for Infinity War and Engame than No Way Home took 20 years of build up technically.

    Edit: and Civil War is the literal definition of overrated The Winter Soldier is better and you said that curing villains was a bad plot point and you even said in replies «aise toh Thanos ko bhi cure kar Dena tha» koi sense hai iss baat ki spiderman ne villains ko cure issiliye Kiya kyunki woh Achhe log thhe jo ki ek scientific experiment ki Wajah se villains Bane aur woh Marne nahi Dena chahta tha because this is what Spider-Man is all about saving people nit killing them even if they are evil because of uncle ben’s last word «with great power comes great responsibility» looks like you haven’t watched any of the spiderman movies before Homecoming otherwise yeh non sensical baate nahi bolte. Sorry bro but you are not the real Marvel fan.

  17. Lmao end game was the most overhyped movie ever and it was shit compared to the hype infinity war created. They made the movie 3 hours long when there was no need. So many useless deaths that dont make sense. Infinity war was amazing but end game is nowhere near to nwh

  18. honestly speaking i agree with the spiderman part. The plot of the movie as a whole was pretty silly.
    this movie is about all the easter eggs and the fact that they brought all the characters together.. thats what make this movie a must watch.

  19. Bhai me teri videos ka fan tha lekin ab nahi rahunga bhai tu movies ke bare video mat bana tara kam nahi tu games pe hi video bana dislike for this video

  20. I don’t agree with you on single player. There are many days gone players who has completed many playthroughs in ps and still played/purchased in pc. If the game has good story ppl will play.
    And the statement about ps games released in pc most ppl won’t play is wrong. Yes i agree ppl will watch streaming and knows the plot. But what makes a gamer a gamer is he play games, you don’t become a gamer by watching others game. I saw many reviews and gameplay of rdr2 and valhalla. I bought rdr2 in epic sale. Playing the game is different, you can tackle encounters in different ways.

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