Xbox Game Forza Horizon 5 Coming To PS4 & PS5 | Gaming Journalism Fail

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Let me know what you guys think of all of this news & rumors down below. I definitely try to reply to everyone. Thank you as always for your support!

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94 ответа к «Xbox Game Forza Horizon 5 Coming To PS4 & PS5 | Gaming Journalism Fail»

  1. Are Sony fanboys losing their minds?. They can’t accept that Bethesda games are now exclusives to Xbox, and NOW they can’t accept that Xbox exclusives that have ALWAYS been Xbox exclusives….are Xbox exclusives LOL.

    1. Lmao Literally not one sony fany has asked for forza horizon to come on ps. I read thru the article and the dude has no proof either. The journo is a dickhead

    2. @Fonzerrelli Gaming Right, but let’s face it, the large majority of the “journalists” are Sony Guys. That’s where all this refusal to accept reality comes from. Just sayin.

    3. You talking like every ps Guy is a douche. I can accept it. Althou i wish Forza Horizon came to PlayStation. 😂 Its the best open World racing game out there. PlayStation doesnt have one of those 😩

    4. @Jonas Amhøj True but its a minor inconvinience really. Maybe cause I own a gaming laptop with game pass and a ps5 I am saying this but really Its not like we are missing out on the best game of the world scenario.

    1. Fr like it’s not that hard!! Hell you don’t even have to buy a pc or Xbox you can play their games on mobile !!! I swear these ponies are on another level of high

    2. @zim zip zoop WHy hate on sony fans tho ? Did u read thru the article. The journo posted this for clicks. He has no proof whatsoever that a sony fan wants this game on the ps

    1. GT can’t compete mainly because they can’t even make them. For every one GT there are 2 or 3 combinations of Forza Motorsports or Horizon each setting the bar higher and higher. GT is now more in the league of Drive or Project Cars.

    1. @Fonzerrelli Gaming 👌No need to mention it brother! You’re the one putting in all the hard work. I’m just watching and enjoying the convos

  2. Next article: spiderman coming to xbox.
    Next article: halo coming to playstation
    Next article: horizon forbidden west coming to xbox.
    Next article: legend of Zelda coming to playstation

  3. I thought grand turisma was better, what happened? These ponies ain’t got no loyalty!? After all that Grand turisma dick riding for years, now they tryna hop on a new stick, cuz they finally realized gt sucks ass.

  4. That article was nothing more than clickbait. I thought going by the title «Is Forza Horizon 5 Coming to PS4/PS5?» they would at least give a few reasons why it may, or may not come to the PS5. I think this article was created to attract clicks from angry Xbox fanboys who don’t want any Xbox games on PlayStation, and also to attract hopeful PlayStation fans/fanboys. Welcome to gaming journalism though.

  5. Yo fonZ, I timed stamped on the last RDX podcast u guys had, I timed stamped a part where u can use for the sound board, the time stamp on Tuesday nights cast has u sayin WEIRD!! FUNNY AS HELL BRO DO IT, SOUND BOARD IT

    1. @Fonzerrelli Gaming bro, u gotta get thT sound boarded lol! God bless you bro, been watching the RDX since 2017, and you guys are awesome

  6. Stupidest article ever. it was clearly clickbait BS. Tired of these non journalists making these asinine statements and articles to waste people’s time. NOBODY is wondering if FH will come to Playstation.

  7. Glad you spoke up about this. I’m tired of the attitude that PlayStation is too big to miss out on Games.

    Maybe they should write about why Mario and Zelda aren’t coming to PS5.

    1. @vin Air What are you even talking about LMAOO why would I waste my time arguing with a gamer on the internet you don’t even see sunlight lol nothing you said correlates to my question so I just began to question your intelligence that’s all .

    2. @vin Air let me teach you some social skills since your father failed to. You should’ve answered with just “ps players” and the convo would’ve ended . Instead you brought up a previous encounter you had with a Xbox fanboy & you guys seemed to have had a little nerd fight along the way and it’s clearly still on your mind.

  8. I think, in their way to cope, they have wrongly assumed that since some PS games are going to PC that, of course, some Xbox games are coming to PS. Lol!! Ive owned both consoles, and have since the beginning of the whole “console wars” thing. The amount of simping that ponies do for the love of their life, Sony, is beyond me. Love the content, by the way.

  9. Just to add a touch to it, the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase said «Xbox Console Exclusive» when they showed off Forza Horizon 5. I don’t really know why this article was even created…

  10. I wonder if articles like this are written with the sole intent of getting as much web traffic as possible at the expense of credibility by coming across as out of touch with how the gaming industry actually works. Microsoft going head to head with Sony and how that competition benefits the consumer would make for a much better article than chasing about controversy in the hopes of getting YouTuber’s to cover your headline. I guess one way or another it worked lol.

    1. @Fonzerrelli Gaming oh sorry, guess that was out of context; you mentioned how people were reacting to Bethesda’s purchase.

      But yeah, this is complete nonsense. This is why I «Fan Boy» i hate sort of media or youtuber that effectively LIES to appease a market, and get kickback for ads and such (monetization for lying).

  11. Im mostly a PlayStation dude. And i wish Forza Horizon came to PlayStation also. Amazing racing game. 👏
    But that doesnt mean i cannot accept it being a Xbox exclusive . ✌️

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