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0:00 Intro

1:02 The Game Awards 2021 Information

2:21 Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors Appear Again

6:16 Xbox Game Pass Reveals 5 New Games

10:11 PlayStation Acquires Bluepoint Games

13:18 GTA Trilogy Remaster Appears Online

14:43 Poll of the Day


Tokyo Game Show 2021 Recap: Xbox Cloud Gaming Launches in Japan

Welcoming Bluepoint Games to the PlayStation Studios family

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  1. I know people love to argue over plastic boxes for some reason, but I’m genuinely excited for the things to come this generation. I feel like both Sony and MS are making big moves for their respective player bases and I’m here for it.

    1. While I’m glad that the videogame industry is doing well as a whole, I think that labeling these corporations products, services and ecosystems as «plastic boxes» is oversimplify it.

    1. @wakil Hakimzaada Money is no object to Microsoft, they have 130b cash on hand and It’s not making them money sitting in a bank. 5% of Satya Nadella’s pay is tied to Gamepass growth, if they have the opportunity to buy T2 they will.

    2. @Keep Crying MS is not a gaming company only. They have other businesses to focus on too. $2 trillion is revenue, not the cash in hand. Buying a big publisher doesn’t mean it will work like a charm. It’s a business. Zenimax was perfect fit for Xbox. That’s why they acquired it.

    3. @jeremy brown I don’t think Take 2 is a good buy. They have a lot of good IPs but also some shitty annual games too. And Take 2 probably wanted to be independent. So even if a good chunk of money offered, they could still refuse to sell.

  2. Sucks that halo won’t be out early enough to be in the game awards. I still don’t understand why they do it before the year is over but ok

  3. Pretty much anytime Nintendo denies a story like this I have to laugh, like for real you guys are not gonna make anything after the switch.

    1. I mean Nintendo out sells both Sony and Xbox so I’m sure they will keep their base and keep making state of the art handheld consoles as always

  4. The amount of new Game Pass content Xbox put out on the final day of September was incredible. Makes me more curious how insane October will be.

    1. @Varno Crusader Kings 3 is already on Game Pass for PC but it is coming to console «soon». I can’t seem to find «soon» on my calendar, though 😛

    1. @T1000 Terminator considering what xbox is doing now and what IOI managed to do on the old dev kit, it’s quite possible that they would consider it. They’re also working on a new IP for xbox so i wouldn’t say it’s out of the question

    2. @The Professor As consumers if Microsoft were to charge ridiculous prices we can just refuse to pay for their services. The same way we can refuse to pay Sony’s ridiculous RRP for new games.

    3. @The Professor If MS brought Take Two, EA and Ubisoft it still wouldn’t trigger any monopoly review. Do you realize how many game developers exist? Now buying Sony and Nintendo may trigger it but then you could argue Steam, Epic GoG, Stadia and Luna exist.

  5. I can’t wait for BluePoints game announcement. I hope it’s a Demon Souls sequel since Sony owns the IP and BluePoint has experience making a Souls Game.

    1. Blue point is a studio that specializes in remakes. So i don’t think you’re getting a new game from them unless it’s already been released and no Demon Souls 2.

    2. @The Professor They already stated they’re working on a new original game. I consider them top-tier quality like Insomniac now, so we should be seeing something badass.

    3. @OneMog1Jar well as ponies will say, I’ll first wait and see until it releases. So far I’m only aware of them doing great with remakes but a new IP is where I’m cautious. I expect the viduals to be great especially basing it off DS but I’m not getting my expectations up to high.

      Also i wasn’t aware of that at first but thanks for bringing it up.

  6. Mighty Goose technically is not a Day 1 Release as this game released early this year for the Switch as a Console Exclusive

    A least Playstation is finally doing it’s homework and started acquiring Studios to prepare themselves for Xbox’s Onslaught because once those 23+ studios start putting out their games, it would be difficult for PS to get even ground

    Let’s Hope that they do it right this time with the Remastered GTA 3D Trilogy. Although i would prefer that they bring the entire GTA 3D series to the modern era including the PSP titles

    1. Playstation now has 15 full-blown studios along with 3 support studios and X-dev who works with other independent studios to create exclusive games for Playstation. Even Sony’s recent 1st party studio Firesprite Studio acquired another studio called Fabric Games.

  7. Gamepass never gets old. Literally playing thousands of dollars worth of games everyday, some brand new some older then I am and amazing to explore

    1. Agree- besides the triple A they highlight indie games that would be underated without it. When i got series s i thought the doom eternal would be my favourite dungeon crawler and instead going under took this place. They made good job with doom eternal but in some spots in first chapter it made me dissaponting. Going under made the opposite.

    1. Do yourselves a favour and check them out if you have Gamepass and, if you end up liking them, buy them to support the devs. I always hear Xbox owners talk about wanting more Japanese games. Now is the time to show it. Check out games like Lost Judgment, Tales of Arise, Scarlet Nexus, Somnium Files etc.

  8. The question is where is the organic growth in all of this PlayStation acquisitions
    Buying any company in business isn’t considered organic growth. This is considered asset growth. Organic growth would be if you created your in house studio and hired from outside or inside.

    1. The organic growth is since Bluepoint’s inception in 2006 they have done work for PlayStation. Their first game was Blast Factor (2006) for PlayStation 3. Then in 2009 they did The God of War Collection Remastered. In 2015 they did the Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection. Apart from a couple of ports for Konami and EA everything they’ve done was with PlayStation they’ve been treated like a first party studio without actually being a first party studio.

    2. @T1000 Terminator No one’s disputing that Sony and Bluepoint have had a lengthy close relationship. But what were looking at here is the term «organic growth» and how often its misused and thrown around.

      Bluepoint was an independent studio when they were formed in 2006. They’ve remained an independent studio all the way to 2021. The fact that they got steady contract work from Sony is beside the point… this wasn’t an in-house studio Sony created and «nurtured» for the last 15 years. They were just a talented and reliable partner and have now been acquired and absorbed into SIE.

      If thats what qualifies as «organic growth», then Microsoft/Nintendo/Google/etc. can point to any prior partnership they’ve had with any number of studios and claim that independent studio’s success as their own. The term of «organic growth» is more a myth or a fallacy than anything else.

    3. They work with sony long time, they is part of sony, now its just legal part of ps studios. Ms buying bethesda, bethesda never be in really close relations with ms.

    1. When did he say it was bad that Microsoft bought Bethesda? When did Sony say they wouldn’t go after any studios themselves? I’m asking for a friend.

    2. @if you’re reading this it’s too late… Well, its true they haven’t said Sony wouldn’t go after studio acquisitions themselves or anything…

      …but Herman Hulst and Jim Ryan have at times, thrown some subtle shade towards Microsoft in the last year. Jim Ryan has loved using the term «organic growth» over and over when discussing an expanding SIE and pointed out it wasn’t because of «massive spending sprees». (gee, who could he be referring to there?) And Herman Hulst contrasted Sony from other companies as «not being involved in random acquisitions» and the like. (again, its pretty obvious who they’re referring to when they talk about «random acquisitions» and «spending sprees»)

      In other words, its all just corporate ‘fluffing their own pillow’ speech.. while subtly trying to make your own company seem superior to the competition. Its very much in the same vein as «we here at Sony believe in generations»…

  9. Very excited about Scarlet Nexus, and Astria Ascending looks like it has potential. Hmm can I play them both through before October 8 and Metroid dread? Nope. Backlog keeps growing 😀

  10. Bro does Microsoft slow down with gamepass i can’t keep up with all this games I work and and try to have a life geez. Oct back4blood Nov forza Dec halo. Let me breathe lol

    1. Technically 3 studios. Bluepoint, Firesprite and that other studio Firesprite bought out after Sony had acquired them.

      So yep, Sony has bought something like 7 studios in the last 2 years. And that’s nothing to say of all the dozens of timed-exclusives and non-studio companies. (evo, discord partnership, Crunchyroll, etc)

  11. You don’t play that many Jrpgs if your saying that scarlet nexsus is one of the best, it’s good but it’s not persona, legend of heroess, just this yr p5 strikers, neo world ends with you, tales of arise atelier ryza 2, ys 9 are better than scarlet nexsus, if u want u can include pc release of trails of cold steel 4, came out for ps4 last yr, the best game out of this entire list

  12. I’m playing master chief collection
    forza 4, gears series, phsyconauts 2, flight sim, the ascent and all of them for the first time looking forward for halo and forza 👀 glad as hell I bought an Xbox haven’t touched my ps 4 pro in a month and half 😌

  13. Jay checkout Gravegun GORE gameplay reveal arriving to Xbox Series consoles. Mr Driller Encore arriving to Xbox and PlayStation on November 3rd

  14. Sony fanboys need to stop complaining about Xbox acquiring Studios and publishers as Sony does the same.

    So be happy that Bluepoint is finally acquired, and stop blaming everything on xbox.

  15. Incredibly excited about AI: Somnium, been waiting a long time for Astoria Ascending, and I want to try Scarlet Nexus… But damn it all had to be on Melty Blood’s launch day, I played that all day and I have so much more to play…

  16. My question is why was Phil Spence in a private video chat with take 2 ceo Strauss Zelnick? Why was he not in chat with Idk…. Todd Howard? Chatting about gamepass and sales huh?….
    This further makes me believe Microsoft might acquire take 2. Neither Microsoft or take 2 denied the rumor as of yet… Just a thought.

  17. Mighty Goose is freaking awesome. Finished it today!
    Playing Scarlet Nexus now. I knew it would come into gamepass, Saved a $100au not to mention all the other savings this year. thanks, Microsoft!
    Gonna try out Avengers today 🙂

  18. looks like the originality of sony has left the building with the purchase of bluepoint. more remakes for the ponnies 😂😂 what about organic growth all these cmowns were talking about? this isn’t it. contradicting clowns.

  19. Where is the outcry ???
    I didn’t saw any, complaints about Bluepoint being acquired by PS studios.
    Ps5 will have more remasters, and remakes than any other game company.
    Organic growth????!!!!!
    Organic growth my ass.
    People didn’t forget those comments.

  20. Ratchet and clank
    Resident evil 8

    These are the only 3 nominations I can think of for game of the year for 2021 lmao
    Maybe Metroid dread and Forza horizon 5 too
    Maybe if Halo infinite came earlier It would’ve been a Nominee to but it’s literally releasing a Day Before Goty lmao

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