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0:00 Intro

0:53 New Psychonauts 2 Details Incoming

2:39 Grand Theft Auto V Next Generation Update

4:13 Pokemon Presents Event June

6:42 Xbox Game Pass New May Games Revealed

9:19 Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Coming to PC Confusion

11:10 Warner Bros Games Reportedly will Split Up

13:14 Poll of the Day


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90 ответов к «Xbox Game Pass Reveals New May Games | PS5 Exclusive Coming to PC Confusion | News Dose»

    1. But this time even the developer had to get involved to say that this was a big mistake committed by the Marketing Clown (Yeesh they need to expel this guy with all the mistakes he has committed)

    1. @Osean Fallacy use Microsoft edge on your series console and go to steam and log into your steam account. You can play steam games on your xbox. Phil did say pc games are coming to xbox. It works

    1. True. I put 5 hours in it last evening. I was just hooked. It’s a very different kind of game. Pretty hard but very rewarding. It’s also graphically impressive. 30 FPS tho. Motion blur and the slow pace helps a lot but I would prefer a 60fps version for sure.

    1. @De1usionsofGrandeur I’m just like you. I prefer consoles (even though I’ve been on PC for about 5 years last gen).
      And some of my PC friends are really excited about this news.

  1. Microsoft sold halo broken master chief collection for years! , Crapdown3, state of decay, halo 4, 5 with microtransactions! Plus sea of no content were was sold at $60!

  2. Canceled SCALEBOUND! TV TV TV KINET KINET KINET! Awful buggy empty broken games!
    Bought Bugthesda for the quality meme buggy broken games! Lol hahaha hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I’m so sick of GTA V every time I hear about it somebody please shoot me there’s a couple of people on this channel who would love to do that anyways🤣😂🤣😂🤣 ain’t I a stinker

  4. I don’t really like Battle Royale games but that game does look fun yeah I’m not going to lie that knockout city does look fun and I don’t even like battle real

  5. Oh boy you’re opening up a can of worms you don’t want to you’re going to get some anger from PlayStation fans even though it’s not your fault Ratchet & Clank coming to PC you’re going to see some angry comments leave somebody else do with your opening up a can of worms🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 yeah it got to be a mistake you don’t want to piss off those PlayStation fanboys

  6. Tbf they may not bring the new ratchet amd clank to PC just yet but considering their recent moves on PC its possible we could see it on the platform soon. Only problem is that it’s supposed to take advantage of PS5s special SSD

  7. PS isn’t making mistakes. They did this for Death Stranding too. They removed PC then like a week or two before release they removed the «Only On PS» designation.

    1. Remember when they said «it was a mistake» when they revealed Demon’s Souls and it said it was coming for PC too later on?

      I think Demon’s Souls will end up on PC because of what you said 🧐

  8. I’m playing Pyschonaughts 1 thanks to gamepass and oh my god I love the game it’s a bit weird at times lol but I love it I want to but the game as soon as I get paid.

    1. Horizon is overrated imo too.
      It took 10 hours to get the story going and the gameplay was too repetitive. I remember thinking it was as shallow as a Ubisoft open-world when I’ve played it. But very beautiful.

      Also frustrated that I had to climb where I was allowed to when I just came out of Zelda Breath of the Wild before…

      I was about to drop this game, but I tried to play it ’till the end. It does get better with Silens and the story of Gaïa etc… But the game is a 6.5/10 if I’m nice. 6/10 first impressions

  9. GTA5 is like the original DOOM, it wants the see just how many devices it can run in, it has to beat running on a pregnancy test though to win I think.

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