XBOX GAME PASS vs. PLAYSTATION NOW: Which one is better?

With all these subscription services out there, it’s tough to know which one to choose from. So if you’re having a hard time choosing between Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, this video is for YOU!
Join Sessler as he tries to convince you which one you should put your money towards and which one will get you more bang for your buck.

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66 ответов к «XBOX GAME PASS vs. PLAYSTATION NOW: Which one is better?»

  1. Well with all the great first party titles Microsoft is releasing, especially the ones from their newly purchased studios and the fact that most are exclusive has convinced me to get an Xbox series x first and then a few years down the road get a PS5 for their great exclusives. The fact that most of their first party titles come to gamepass at launch is the icing on the cake and makes what Microsoft is doing this new generation incredible and an unbelievable value.

  2. I only have an Xbox S one, and I’m quite impressed by it,except my ADD focus to try everything and not focus on one game to finish makes Game Pass both a blessing and a curse lol

  3. Lets be honest here. Xbox fans benefit from Game Pass because Microsoft does what they do best by what I call «The Ballmer Effect».

    Steve Ballmer was a really bold intimidating man people feared, opposite of Bill Gates who was really nerdy. Steve Ballmer was a shrewd, absolutely, and not really a very innovative man, as Microsoft never really ever has been, consumers have mostly been dependant on Apple to innovate the market, well, until Steve Jobs died. But, back to my point, Steve Ballmer had a soul if destruction but he did so not through innovation, but by Bill Gates own philosophy with which he was known for quoting Plato: «A true artist doesnt innovate, he steals». Plato actually said «A true artist doesnt create, he borrows». This was how Steve Ballmer reacted when Microsoft couldnt find a solution to beat Netscape with their own browser, so Steve Ballmer told his employees that came to him with Netscapes ingenious internet browser idea and Ballmer told them to do just that, rip off Netscape Navigator which became Internet Explorer, which is now Microsoft Edge today.

    So, is Game Pass innovative? Not really. See, when Xbox Live started way back on the original Xbox, subscribers paid $50/yr simply to play their games online, thats it. Well, and use streaming services like Netflix until Sony expanded their PlayStation Network to do the same thing. But, once Sony and even Nintendo with the Wii started streaming Netflix with a yearly subscription, Microsoft had to change their business tactic to compete.

    Shortly before the release of the PS4, Sony could see their online service couldn’t thrive without charging for their online service. It cost money to maintain servers, which oddly enough, Steam still somehow manages to do just fine without a sub service themselves but, Sony knew that charging suddenly for online services wouldnt fly so they needed to provide consumers with further incentive to subscribe to their service, thus, PlayStation Plus was born which originally provided subs with three games per month. Two free PS3 and a PS Vita or PSP game or a combination of the three. Sony was giving more for the same price.

    Microsoft couldnt be outdone or seen as the bad guy here penny pinching and such so they offered free games every month, but not as many as PlayStation was, plus, they increased the cost of their service from $50 to $60.

    Sony had also purchased Gaikai who were among the first to stream video games and for a monthly fee you could stream many games from your PS3 and PS4, or your PS Vita. This was also an answer to the backward compatibility concern people had allowing consumers the ability to play older PS3 games before Remasters started happening, something Nintendo is obsessed with today. Nintendo Switch isnt a new console, really, just an upgraded Wii U that still gets third-party games two years later than everyone else.

    Anyway, Microsoft opted to take this idea too only Game Pass originally started during the early Xbox One Kinect era where one guy would advertise upcoming Indie titles could be played during the development process. Kinda like paying Microsoft to be a QA instead of them paying you.

    This somehow evolved into what Game Pass is today and I, honestly, dont know how its a profitable service for Microsoft. Its gotta be a huge loss just for Microsoft to compete and how developers benefit from spending huge budgets on games only to get small royalties from Microsoft, I dont know. Take Sony that spent millions on development of The Show 21 only to for their game to have not only been stolen by Microsoft, by their own hand, manipulating the MLB just to get a PlayStation quality game on their console (thats dirty pool), but Sony also looses all of that money. The deal was between Microsoft and the MLB, the money all went to MLB as the publisher who controls the rights, and Sony in essence gets nothing except the license from MLB to keep doing what they always have been.

    But with this happening to Sony, other than maybe Microsoft nievely advertising for Sony as: «Hey, heres a taste of what Sony quality is, if you want more get a PS5 or PS4 because they have more to play than we do, I honestly dont know how this wins developers and publishers over in the business to make money unless we’re about to see a HUGE increase in DLC and microtransactions unlike we’ve ever seen before, slowly sucked into the Mobile market business model except on consoles, with our only hope of staying out if that by Sony putting their foot down and just resuming what theyre doing now, because developers have to make money for their labor some how. Theyre only profitable on mobile do to the Free 2 Play Model, which we dont want to see on consoles, weve tried to fight it off for years, but Game Pass just might tactically and slowly convert gamers to that until at some point, theres no return.

  4. Something about Xbox Game Pass just seems fishy, like the its too good to he true. Someone behind the curtain is getting brutally beaten up by this, theyre not saying something and thats the danger of the Carpe the Diem mentality right now, as consumers, we’re seeing the here and now and now looking ahead to what the consequences will be.

    1. I don’t know man. One of the biggest cost of any service like this is infrastructure and that’s all been laid out by MS with the azure servers so cost is minimal on that end. Then they get a cut of every game sold and every DLC. I find myself paying for more DLC than I usually would because now I have the extra cash on hand. So let’s say they hit 30M users by the end of the year that’s $15 a month from subscribers and more people are willing to try more things and spend a little here and there, well that’s a significant amount of money coming in monthly.

      But I think the biggest thing here is the fact that the entire infrastructure is already done by the parent company so they can focus on other areas. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at the bare minimum, they’re already cutting even or even making some profit.

      Also you can tell MS is really invested in gamepass when it’s part of the initial windows 11 setup.

  5. While the answer to this question is pretty obvious (even to the SDF), the more interesting question is «How long will subscription services be a good value?» It really is clear that Microsoft is laying out cash upfront to buy market share, but what does it look like when they decide to actually *make money* on this? A bunch of glorified Freemium games with the occasional half-assed release from Bethesda that takes 2 years to get working and requires 7 DLC packs and a fleet of fan mods to finish?

    Enjoy XGP right now, because we’re living in a Golden Age equivalent to «Back When Netflix Was Really Good.»

  6. I love my ps5 and psnow, although game pass is better most of those games I already own on PlayStation 5 since they’re multi platform. I only care about exclusive titles and most exclusive titles I buy physically lol.

  7. PS now and plus is better because gamepass games suck cheap indy games that’s been out 10 years plus and the price will go up in A year or so

  8. It’s funny to me that Sony was jumping on the cloud gaming trend all the way back during the PS3 when they bought OnLive and Gaikai and even after the success of the PS4 they let their cloud gaming division get steamrolled by Microsoft who desperately needed a W.

  9. I’ve been a die hard PlayStation for years. Always opting to buy the newest edition of their consoles when they release. Game Pass and some of the exclusives coming to Xbox convinced me to get one. Now I can enjoy the best of both worlds!

  10. This show put a big smile on my face. The reasons are, the journalistic research quality, the music, script and editing, the jokes, and above all the way Sessler expresses it. A truely awesome show. He should have longer shows, or even his own channel, why would anyone not want to watch this? One reason could be because they do not like complex answers, they want quick flashy answers which although Adam does appeal to but gives answers that sets the viewer on a journey. Adam provides depth, and i encourage this show to keep going and to break even greater heights. I wish it was longer because i would watch it all day long.

  11. People ask how Xbox is making money .. its 25 million subscribers and counting times that $180 each.

    Gamepass Dunks on psnow that’s barely funded.

  12. Everyone says gamepass is better but imo ps now is way better as far as game variety and amount. There is over 900 games on ps now vs like 200 on gamepass. Ya game pass gets some games day 1 but alot of them are sub par any way. Personally for me there is just much more to play on ps now alot of high quality titles to. The streaming isn’t bad if you have a solid internet connection it’s not optimal for certain games for sure that require precision even with great internet. Plus you can download some of them like game pass. I just think ps now is a better value.

  13. Games for cheap bastards!
    Where’s Christine Holt still trying to get that flawless run of kid icarus in.
    Just speaking out loud that Thanksgiving throw was not very nice to her in my personal opinion.

  14. I think Playstation Plus should have been mentioned. I switched back to PS after watching to many games I wanted to play be on their platform…and I have a PC for the Microsoft games anyways. The free games with PSP make it a better deal than gold for Xbox, and ARE THE GAMES I WAS DESPERATE FOR!!!.

    Also, it is nice being able to interact with G4 now, way better than screaming at my TV when I disagree.

  15. Former console player who had to switch to PC only in the last few years for financial reasons. Xbox Game Pass is incredible for PC gamers.

    1. Every game is downloadable on both PC & Xbox. The option to stream is currently only available on mobile and PC but they’re working on streaming for consoles as well and some streaming games even have touch controls for mobile and it’s all cross saves so you can start on cloud continue on console then on PC if you want and it’s cloud saved.

      Because EA play is also part of it you pretty much have every sport game available including MLB the show. The service really is in a league of its own.

  16. As an Xbox live subscriber since its inception and an older gamer now who doesn’t purchase as many games per year as I used to, I have been on the fence about Gamepass for awhile now. I mean with a Gamefly subscription and not playing as many games as i used too, why would I need another subscription to a game service? Even talking it over with friends I haven’t been able to make up my mind, or justify taking the plunge. After hearing The Sess compare the differences in the Xbox and Playstation services (I don’t own a Playstation btw, haven’t since the PS2) I realized I’m wasting my money with Gamefly. It was great to have during the 360 years, but I honestly don’t use it as much as I used too. You’ve converted me Sess, I’m upgrading my Gold account to gamepass in the morning and canceling my other sub service. It’s great to have you and G4 back helping us navigate the tangled web of our favorite pass time.

  17. As a PC user of gamepass it’s iffy. When I tried gamepass last year they wouldn’t let you mod games that were known for their modability like Paradox games. A paradox game without mod support is like only ever playing vanilla skyrim and fallout on pc.

    They lock down the games you download through this in a folder that requires you to force ownership of and risk a bsod. Then there was also the issue of games not having proper net code so co-op wasn’t working. Granted this was back in their beta but these were kinda big issues that would be easy for them to fix but they never did over a period of months. Uplay and Origin have subscriptions and they don’t lock down their files to prevent modifications.

    Support would just blow you off or just send you copy pasted BS and when you finally got someone… They’d ask you to make sure you’re connected to the internet… Because I normally use magic to converse online I dunno about you.

  18. PS Now can be a lot better if they include day one games in the package, at least from 1st party or partner publishers. The search function for downloadable PS4 games in PS Now can also be improved. In GP you can search by category and preload games coming soon. When AAA games cost 70 USD at launch a little goodwill goes a long way.

  19. Lol gamepass is so much better its laughable. I have had both services and well psnow is a waste of money in comparison. One you redeem the 3 months for 1$ itll pop back up in 6 months. My buddy and i gameshare and we take turns redeeming gamepass ultimate and we spend 2$ a year on it. Its much cheaper than psnow. Something i noticed is that you added a snippet of battlefield 2042 to the gamepass clip and you should cut that out because its not coming to gamepass and ea already stated this.

  20. EASY…. Xbox Gamepass! I have XGP Ultimate and EA Play is bundled in it and I can tell you there is so many quality games at my fingertips.

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