Xbox in TROUBLE for the Activision Blizzard Deal? — US Government STEPS IN

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Four US senators have written to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to express their concern over the proposed merger between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.

It was announced in January that the Xbox maker intends to purchase Activision Blizzard in a $68.7 billion deal—the game industry’s biggest ever by some distance—that would give Microsoft exclusive ownership of franchises including Call of Duty, Warcraft, Overwatch, Crash Bandicoot and Guitar Hero.

The FTC is handling an antitrust review of the deal to determine whether the takeover constitutes unfair competition.

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  1. Sorry, the FTC is only involved to keep the financial numbers are on the up and up during the acquisition, they have no authority to involve themselves in investigating the lude and sexual misconduct allegations towards the company. They are there to keep the companies from being looted financially before the takeover. Warren is not concerned about those workers at Activision/Blizzard, she’s only using it to draw attention to her own benefit !!!

  2. Id say without consent decrees this deal has no chance of passing it will be completely rejected. considering how ARM deal was rejected and people thought that would go through. the 3rd and 5th biggest gaming companies merging could definitely have a negative effect on the industry. I think the consent decree will mitigate that issue if they do not reject it. I see a 60-40, usually when a 2nd review is conducted it means either. A plan to reject it or B its going to have a hefty consent decree to prevent the markets from being impacted. This wont even matter if the shareholders dont pass it though. which is on april 28th. The shareholders right now are a very big hurdle and there is common consent in the shareholder community that they dont trust bobby anymore and dont trust him on this deal and are very split on how to handle this deal. there are 3 camps the for merger, against merger and waiters.

    Do not be surprised if they do reject it or provide a harsh consent decree. but if they dont take the consent decree then this merger is dead.

  3. They are clutching at straws and the FTC will not review the Senators claims, a lot of projection and own agenda going on.

    The deal will go through and these senators should focus on real problems and stop wasting tax payers time.

  4. I told people that there is a difference between how Sony has been doing this as opposed to Microsoft. Microsoft is buying publishers like Activision and Bethesda because they want to take IPs away from multiplatform and put them on Gamepass. Sony invests in teams, in developers, some that have proven themselves like Sony Santa Monica and Insomniac and others that are still starting out but show potential like Firesprite. Microsoft hunts for IP, Sony hunt’s for talent.

  5. You do realize activision blizzard had like 10k employers? are you really that deluded that you gonna assume that because 1 person killed themself and a few been sexually harassed over that place it was an awful working enviorment? if you take any town with 10k people you will find strange things going on. my town has 100k people, It had 2 people shot to death this year. so by that logic my place is incredible dangerous to live in? I feel sorry for those people, but lets not pretend 10k people said it was a nightmare working at activision blizzard, that is beyond stupid. most poeple there made shit tons of money and has some of the best working situations you can ask for.

  6. This is a move by leftist lunatics l! They don’t care about Microsoft creating a monopoly they care about (So Called ) women rights. Dreamcast guy I would refrain from calling someone a Demon w/o Facts! People fabricate stuff All the time

  7. Yea but the fact is still Elder Scrolls 6 gonna be exlusive for Xbox and Pc… Sony ponies definitive like this or maybe im wrong? 🤔😆😆😆

  8. Im all for the acquisition so Kotic can get the boot. But i also hate how greedy and power hungry Microsoft has become. I do believe this deal will go through. Even though i hate it cause of Microsofts monopolizing and buying all the competition up. Tbh im conflicted…

    1. They are like 3rd in the market share. Funny i dont see the same animosity against sonys new acquisition. If anyone is becoming an monopoly its sony.

  9. I’m really liking your sense of humour mate. Is everything ok with you and your fiance btw? I don’t recall you making.. Jokes of the kind until the last few weeks.

  10. A bunch of Boomers think that leaving Bobby kotick in charge of activation is better for the employees than Microsoft who were voted the number one company to work for in America. You can’t make this shit up.

    They also tried to blame Microsoft’s for contractors getting fired by a different company that Microsoft hired from even though Microsoft literally asked for them to not fire them and also ask for them to have a mandatory 3 weeks of vacation for any contractors that work with Microsoft….

  11. If Microsoft buys Sega and puts all the Dreamcast games on Xbox GamePass would Dreamcast guy have to become XboxGuy? 😆 It’s obvious this guy is turning a Japanese. He hates America and wants a Japanese company like Sony or Nntendo to buy Activision. And I’ll bet he knows Japanese and at one point in his life wanted to move there.

  12. How is this hurting team Xbox? I don’t get how this has anything to do with Xbox being hurt, I’m more of a Nintendo and PlayStation fan but this is going to hurt all gamers. Xbox buying activision is the best thing that’s happened for gaming in years, activision milked the living hell out of cod so much that casual cod is so dead no one even gives a damn anymore. Call of duty was once a fun arcade style shooter mixed with tactical elements that has now become a pile of bland crap infested with the most egregious sbmm the gaming industry has ever seen. So how is this a loss for Xbox? It’s a loss for all gamers

  13. She suggests it may get worse. But it could also get better. It sounds like Microsoft has a decent reputation. Perhaps they could make good, from something bad. The culture created sadly is a problem. And hopefully the root of the problem will be removed in some fashion. Microsoft could potentially save and make better many jobs, and continue creating and allowing the right people, to continue creating and growing a gaming experience one can only hope for as a gamer. But really, that could be many things. Ultimately I hope no one undeserving loses their jobs. And the deal goes through, hoping that something genuinely good is in the works for gamers and the industry. Perhaps setting that precedent needed for a better work culture and consumer experience. I hope the culture will change and the hurt can stop, and the healing can begin. And a wonderful gaming experience unfolds for us all. 💪✌

  14. I think the deal will go through. The most intriguing part here is just how much more damage Bobby Kotick will do until he’s finally gone for good.

  15. I know there are more serious things going on in the world but what took so long for the gov. antithrust division to recognize this was wrong since the beginning. You cant solve evil with evil.

  16. Buying Activision will increase the number of backwards compatible games, so is only a good thing for gamers and for everyone, is a win win for all.

  17. Everyone saying “Disney did it now they own everything, so why can’t MS do it, it’s double standards”.
    Isn’t it precisely the point that after gobbling up the Star Wars and Marvel IP’s, the 20th Century Fox deal shouldn’t have been allowed to proceed in the first place. No lessons are being learnt if they aren’t even being given a chance to scrutinise this more thoroughly.

  18. The deal is going to go through. Elizabeth Warren issue is with activision not with Microsoft so the FTC won’t stomp on the deal because she has a gripe with Bobby Kotick. He will not be in power after the deal he will be gone. Warren wants her pockets greased and they will be

  19. You make a good point, on having to be held accountable for your wrong doings…so Hillary needs to be imprisoned and the Biden Crime family as well..otherwise other politicians and leaders are basically given the «ok» to act corruptly, illegally and sell out Americans for thier own political and financial gains..I agree w you there.

  20. I think no platform manufacturing company should be able to buy publishers or big dev studios. Start their own from scratch yes. It is monopolistic.

  21. Elizabeth Warren is a 5050 to me, She should not have said anything about this deal, since she has no involvement with the FTC, I agree. The only problem is is that Microsoft isn’t as big as Sony so in order to is be as big as Sony they have to merge with Activision Blizzard. Also let’s not forget it was Activision Blizzard that approached Microsoft. Microsoft wasn’t the one did a hostile take over of Activision Blizzard they came to them so the Federal trade commission is having a hard time trying to find any reason to cancel the deal since it was Activision Blizzard is the one that approach Microsoft. I mean could you imagine if both Activision Blizzard merge with EA instead of Microsoft? I doubt anybody would want that considering both companies have a s***** reputation.

  22. Xbox’ in house game development has been failing for years. Halo franchise has been dying for a decade, forza is souless. So their only choice is to buy companies in the hope they can compete with Playstation. If they slap xbox exclusives on things like fallout, elder scrolls or cod they will kill those franchises too.

  23. The funny thing about Dreamcast guy is that he claims he’s not a PlayStation fan boy but he refuses to cover the whole sexual harassment claims at Sony and give shit games like gt7, ratchet and clank, and horizon forbidden race a 9/10. Remember when he ripped his diablo shirt when the whole harassment controversy first came out? I would bet my life savings he would never keep that same energy with Sony

    1. But those 3 games are great ? It’s clear you’re anti Sony or Xbox fan boy but saying those games are shit. They are objectively great games and by saying they are shit just shows you are super biased one way

    2. @Jason Yuen Stanfield hasn’t even got gamrplay and you think it’s going to land haha coming off of Fallout 76 😂 anything will be better than that, just because they say skyrim in space you’re expecting a 10/10 game.

      I also never said anything about Xbox being shit I said he was an Xbox fan by saying those games are shit when they are objectively 3 great games.

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