Xbox Insider Says HellBlade 2 For Xbox Series X Suppose To Be At VGA’s

Xbox has been doing a good job this year showing more and more information on their first party games. It looks like this year we might be seeing Hellblade at the VGA’s the question is how are we going to see it?


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12 ответов к «Xbox Insider Says HellBlade 2 For Xbox Series X Suppose To Be At VGA’s»

    1. Lol you do know that unreal 5 games are already coming out early next year. Microsoft never stated that HellBlade 2 was coming out late next year or early 2023. I don’t know where you dorks get your information.

    2. @Google Wack Never said MS stated when HELLBLADE 2 is coming out lmao. Where did you get that i said that MS stated when HB2 will come out. Did you hit your head somewhere???

  1. Unless there’s gameplay and a release date/release window(example Spring 2022, Q1 2023) then they can save Hellblade 2 for later.

    We have seen several trailers for Hellblade, we now need to know how it looks(gameplay) and when we can play it(release date/release window).

  2. I’m not sure I want to see gameplay of a game that’s 2ish years away because there’s no way that gameplay is in a visually polished state, that’s how we get 2020 Halo Infinite gameplay with everyone judging the graphics before they’ve had time to polish.

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