«Xbox Is Going To DESTROY Gaming And Form A Monopoly» ! According To Adam «Ruins Everything» Conover

Former host Adam Conover posted up a TikTok video, fear mongering over Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard and claims MS plans to destroy competitors and make games worse and more expensive with no evidence other than his own misinformation. Strap in cause it’s a cringe induced mess.

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72 ответа к ««Xbox Is Going To DESTROY Gaming And Form A Monopoly» ! According To Adam «Ruins Everything» Conover»

  1. «Worse conditions for workers» One of the main points with the Activision purchase is that Microsoft is going to clean up shop and get all of the bad out of the company, as well as get rid of Bobby Kotick once the acquisition is done…

  2. Why is it so controversial to say that monopolies are bad? it’s Microsofts go too business strategy, call me a Sony fanboy if you want, but time will prove me right, the second Microsoft thinks they can get away with they’ll devalue their service, Jack up the prices and generally erode consumer protections, and yes Sony would absolutely do the same thing given the opportunity

  3. Funny thing is, Microsoft isn’t even close to a monopoly. A lot of fanboys overreacting to the purchase of Blizzard they fail to consider that it is still such a small market share of gaming as a whole. Oligopoly for triple A games however is slightly different.

  4. Off topic from the video, Frit, but I can’t help but notice stutters here and there in your Dying Light 2 gameplay. Is that the game or is it OBS?

    1. @FritangaPlays  oh, figured you were using OBS. That usually has issues.

      Good to know it was the capture and not the game though, thanks for the quick reply

    2. @Dragonborn Express definitely has a few fps issues. Stutters as well as full blown drops in a couple of sections from what I’ve played

  5. Adam Conover is such a drama queen. I was laughing so hard my cat jumped up 🤣 I see you have been playing Dying Light 2. I’m loving that game. What do you think of it?

  6. If after 20years MS have ~10% of market I doubt they gonna have even 50%. Not saying that monopoly is when there is no any competition. They just can’t be monopoly if we get that many video games oriented companies (and number is still growing). Also if they really wanna monopoly then why they releasing all their games on Steam also Bethesda games are on GOG, Minecraft is and will be on every platform.

    I think that all they want is… money.

  7. BTW that is not actually Adam’s xbox account. Just want to clarify I haven’t been able to find it and this was a mistake. If anyone knows the actual account feel free to share.

    1. Ayo bru keep up the work every time I see someone uploaded in my subscription’s I’m like ight bru when I see you uploaded I get so excited because I know it’s going to be an s tier video plus hope you enjoy dying light 2 is banging ✊🏿

  8. I dont know why everyone is always forgeting about Tencent or the Embracer Group. Both are bigger then many of the other together. But no Microsoft buys something will destroy the whole video game industry? xD

  9. While it is concerning with either Sony or Microsoft buying up publishers and studios and I am not for it, i think it’s too soon to panic and start protesting. These could honestly be the only purchases of the generation and we are freaking out for nothing.

  10. Conover: «Microsoft, who lost their antitrust case in the 90s for building a monopoly and then started to heavily lobby congress to sway them into enforcing that law less, is building a monopoly by buying a huge player in the industry and undercutting the prices of their competition to drive them out of the market, expect a price hike after they succeed»
    Fritanga: «You’re not a real gamer, I don’t care as long as I get cheap games, go Microsoft!»
    Microsoft: *cha-ching*

    1. Oh yes like Sony drove up the prices when they pushed all the other competitors out of the console market. I wonder what the gaming landscape would’ve looked like if Xbox never came out. Also if you want to bring up MS anti-trust issues in the 90s before anti-trust laws were fully developed and implemented, then we should totally discuss Sonys anti competitive practices since.

      I think it’s time the government looks at the entire industry I’m sure Sony would love that. Time for them to pay for their crimes too.

  11. What I find really ironic is that ponies are saying Xbox is the death of physical media. Just less than a week ago Sony showed a chart to investors that showed physical media only constitutes to 4% of their revenue while digital, dlc, microtransaccion, psn+ constitutes 66% of theit revenue. But no, its all big bad Microsofts fault.

  12. Man these people are trying their best to destroy Microsoft/XBOX.
    All of these idiots are just straight up morons/ 🤡🤡s. And Adam is a joke 😂😂.
    I hope Microsoft keeps up the good work. Thank God for Phil Spencer.

  13. Given the fact that PS Now is also a streaming service and it actually predates Game Pass by a year or 2 it kinda shows how much those people know about the industry. Yeah Sony can’t compete, sure.

  14. By that logic, Netflix and other streaming services are bad because the movie studios no longer make their money back from DVD and BluRay sales…

  15. @FritangaPlays You sound surprised that Adam hasn’t actually done any research and is just rambling off Microsoft IPs.
    I would be a lot more surprised if he actually had done any research.
    I think the your prison crack is getting the better of you 🙂

  16. Even after acquiring Zenimax and Activision, Microsoft barely owns 10.5% of the entire videogame industry… I honestly don’t understand how someone can talk about MONOPOLY, it makes no sense

  17. I still think the Mojang pickup was a steal. Looking back I thought that was a ton of money, but damn if every kid I know loves Minecraft everything. Hell even without the game the merchandise is probably worth the cost. For Activision, on a personal level not a ton of IP that I care about. The Blizzard part is what intrigues me, I am not holding out much hope though. Cause Blizzard was always the company that pushed polish over innovation. Still I would love to see some of those IPs used to make some great modern games.

    Not sure about his Xbox stuff, but if you can find his Steam it would probably have some degenerate furry stuff. Unlike the classy highend Futanari Hentai

  18. ehm… $25 every month for 24 months in $600 Adam, people using this option is not paying less for their console, they just keep paying for it for 2 years instead of paying the entre sum at once.

  19. The DoJ won’t do shit frit lol. But it won’t happen for all the other reasons. Don’t forget every 3 Letter organization is corrupt as fuck and isn’t in it to serve the people that means you or me. They serve their own interests that’s it.

  20. Actually Activision don’t only own cod they own Spyro and crash bandicoot as well and they can now make new Spyro games and crash bandicoot games

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