Xbox is inferior to PS5 and has no games| responding to Joker Productions

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  1. They salty when xbox is out doing them in everyway they also having a big shart over bio mutant not being 4k on PS5 but it’s 4k on xbox series x they saying that Microsoft paid dev to take 4k definition from the ps5 version that’s a load of shart and untrue blame gay station 5 shart technology it’s not the devs error it’s the shart console u stains are playing on turns out PS5 can’t do real 4k at all it upscales to 4k but cannot actually implement real 4k which is why the 4k cannot actually happen on PS5 so get this right xbox haters. Xbox series x is the only console that can do real 4k definition and Its not upscaled like it is on gay station 5

    1. Remember how they said Microsoft paid Ubisoft to downgrade the PS5 version of Valhalla after a patch was released for the Xbox version.

  2. He is actually a PC gamer and a PC YouTuber what makes it even more worse. I followed him for many months and years but I feel ashamed that he is a part of the PC platform.

    1. @Jermaine Stewart That’s true they own those games and they own Windows OS. I still think his point is kinda right if you have a PC why do you need a Xbox? But to be clear Sony is following so most Sony exluives will also come to PC and Nintendo we have emulators. To be also clear I don’t care what platform you play on don’t be a fanboy. I don’t like fanboys that’s all I think all platforms are alright just ENJOY GAMING.

    2. @Strohhut TV wanna bet 🤬 cheeks devs get 84% of profits made from games purchased under gamepass library Microsoft gets the rest not one single company does that not Nintendo not gay station no there rules are reversed now tell me whose got greedy pockets get it right Mr 🤬 cheeks Microsoft make much more revenue than Nintendo n gay station combined which is why they can afford to give devs 84% of profits made by games they put on gamepass why do you think alot of games are changing there view on gamepass today rather than yesterday’s gamepass Phil spencer is the nicest person in all of the 3 consoles he speaks highly of all the competitors he’s talking it and walking it he’s picked up xbox when everyone turned there back onit he’s made strides that impress others Phil spencers Xbox is way better than the last time lord’s before him all Microsoft want is come play our consoles n tech if u don’t like than ok move on but fony Entertainment mostly they have a habit of throwing devs under water fast with a rope wrapped around there neck until they submit to there demands meanwhile Sony takes 84% profits made on anything well the devs get the scraps but because the contract between them was at first negligible that changed after they became a sub entity under fony entertainment umbrella I don’t know how much Nintendo pay it’s devs but All xbox and pc gamepass games give 84% of profits to devs and Microsoft gets the rest another thing you don’t know about Microsoft is the reason most DLCs come out is because Microsoft has helped devs both under it’s wing and out side there wing to bring many Struggling devs up to par if a game cant create something like a DLC or a part of a game that still hasn’t been developed yet due to resources or payment problems during creation of game Microsoft will happily pay whoever to get it completed yeah bet u didn’t know that huh 🤬 cheeks now you tell me whose greedy in the pocket my betis fony entertainment and that’s why I hated them since ps3 onwards with its greedy ethics and 🤬 prices OMG I would rather be on Xbox like I always have since the beginning don’t gete wrong I’ve had many gay station consoles sold them yrs ago but I still loyal to xbox so now tell me again xbox and Microsoft are greedy pocket thugs ert wrong dead dead wrong this is what ppl don’t realize they think xbox is greedy when I’ve just stated the desert of the real for all you to see oh yeah the 60$ price thing u ppl cry over in my country that 60$ game would be 119 to 130$ here in new Zealand and that’s not even the exchange rate either so we’ll you all complain about a measly 60price you should be great full you ain’t living in my country were it’s 2 or 3xs dat we should be crying about prices not you guys a nation of billions nowonder why prices of stuff in your country is cheap and affordable from our view atop the lighthouse 60$ is chump change here in new Zealand that’s payable even in poor levels it when you guys pay 60 for something but we pay 2 or 3xs that that’s what is piss me off

    3. @Neo Moon Sevin And you think Microsoft is better? You are clearly a Microsoft shill fanboy. Judging from your emotional comment you are still a child or you are a underdeveloped manchild. You will sooner or later realize that companies only care about MONEY and that’s it. If you think this is not true then you live in a dream world Microsoft is no exception remember when they recently this years wanted rise Xbox Live Gold subscription price and DOUBLE it to I think 120 dollars a year for a subscription service what should be free on ANY PLATFORM. Companies are greedy doesn’t matter if it is Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo or even companies who are not related to gaming.

    4. @Strohhut TV end of day whose got greedy pockets Microsoft Nintendo or fony gay station out of all of them Microsoft is spending money on others well the other two are trying to cut corners and save more money in there pocket rather than the other way around and the poor devs under those umbrellas omg there stupid, hungry and poor enough to just pack up and leave the corrupt 🤬 or file bank ruptcy to get out of fonys greedy contract owell the stupid will always follow the stupid 🤬

  3. So all the 💰 in world and fony entertainment is using Microsofts azura to maintain there cloud storage and a.i for PS5 but why? is it because they Budget accommodation or they to lazy to create there own ☁️ and a.i to save much needy greedy pockets rather than create they own cloud and a.i I put that to you xbox Haters.

  4. And fony entertainment can’t survive just off it’s PS5 and 4 alone nope they gotter come see daddy Microsoft for a place under it’s wing to bring there exclusives to PC doesn’t matter which way you look at it xbox haters Microsoft is an entire city made up of Xbox and PC and azura and computer apps and Xbox library’s and future unreleased technology even if those exclusives don’t come to xbox it still is on pc and that’s so great we can say it’s on Microsoft though and that could mean a possibility of it coming to xbox or PC so we could just say it on Microsoft instead haha fuk u xbox haters

  5. Think running 60fps is bad on nextgen, that game returnal he was talking about was specifically made for ps5 and its 1080p and barley holds 60fps dropping to the 40s, yet its advertised as 4k 60fps and raytraceing, it does have raytraceing but isn’t close to 4k or holding 60fps.

  6. Yes, Sony could add a Quick Resume feature, but will they add one?

    FPS Boost is NOT the same as going back and updating a game to run with a faster framerate. FPS Boost is an increase in performance without the devs having to do anything.

    I played Call of the Sea, The Medium and Second Extinction on the Xbox. However, this isn’t even the point.

    Why is it that every Pony keeps saying they will buy a PC to play Xbox games? Are you telling me that Playstation gamers would all abandon the Playstation if they put all their games on the PC? If that’s the case, I can see why Ponies are all about their exclusives and why Sony can NEVER do what Microsoft is doing. Xbox has been publishing all their first party games on the PC, day one, for years now and yet gamers are still buying the console. The reason is simple. Microsoft does have games, there are also third party games that people do care about and play on the Xbox, and they are planning to make even more games. More important than all of that, Xbox has spend several years not just preparing to make more first party games (yes, this area is lacking for now), but building an ecosystem that is conducive for games.

    Ponies are conditioned to think that exclusive games is the only reason to own a console. Just think about it. There are so many companies making Android phones. Which exclusive apps are they using to push their phones? Ponies are the ones telling Sony that the PS5 is worthless without exclusives.

    1. Well he is actually a PC gamer and even does PC hardware videos like RTX 3080 videos… He got sponsored many times from Nvidia he make PC content now for years on YouTube. So yes he is a Sony fanboys but he is also a PC gamer in core. Well this makes me feel bad as a PC gamer see people like him in our community. I actually liked his PC hardware videos but I disagree with him. We should respect all platforms who cares on what platform you play just enjoy GAMING.

    1. Yea man indeed smokeydogg came out with 2 new videos bashing xbox, he’s trying to push a false narrative, he’s a really toxic pony, but xbox series x is better than ps5, xbox series x is king

  7. Ps fanboys don’t realize not everybody has a high tech pc the Xbox series x runs better then a lot of pc out there and a lot of pc owners don’t wanna spend thousands of dollars for a graphics card ect

    1. Yep also they fail to see how much better the xbox is then playstation if you remove games from the equation what does the ps5 do better then the series x the ps5 is weaker, has less features, worse services playstation is an overall worse as a product in every way only thing sony gets right for the most part are there games. But what if xbox comes with killer games too. So then they ll have a better product along with great games and you can get those games for $15 a month to play everything or pay $70 each for games on playstation. This should be a no brain argument as to what better.

    2. @De1usionsofGrandeur Yeah

      I bought my PS5 for Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, but I still play my Xbox One X regularly

      Expecially Knockout City on it because I find it really fun

    1. Damn…. Grown ass adults still fighting over video games even though these companies dont even their names. I miss just…gaming in general. Nobody is better it’s just…. Gaming. We all need in this fucked up society, but nah fanboys gotta ruin shit

    2. @keo mallett I know right

      I love Ratchet and Clank games, and when Insomniac posted a tweet which said «these bots never saw it coming», implying to the robots Ratchet was shooting ofcourse…

      Sony fanboys turned it to bashing tool against so called Xbots

  8. I mean if we are talking 1st party titles made by Xbox and Sony not 3rd party deals the last Sony game was Ghost so I don’t get the no 1st party exclusives this gen

    (I’m not counting miles because it’s glorified dlc in my opinion)

    1. Because sony doesn’t have cash to make moves like acquiring bethesda apple and google can while nobody can controll the console market fully but they can controll the other parts like cloud gaming and psvr or vr

    1. @Tanuky they have games like destruction all stars and fall guys and probably other things but that’s not exactly the multi that I’m into lol

  9. Just watching this dude boosts my cholesterol I don’t know how u watched the whole video. This Sony fanboy bullshit of Xbox has no exclusives is literal aids. Xbox operating system is literally a version of windows. That’s like saying iPhone has no mobile games cause they are on iPad as well. Fuckin idiots man

  10. “Xbox has no games just get a PC.” That argument always makes me scratch my head in confusion because Microsoft owns Xbox and Windows, so it’s a win either way for them, especially if you subscribe to GamePass.
    These die hard Sony fans need understand that you’re giving your money to one company or another, and Microsoft doesn’t care if it’s through Xbox or Windows

    1. It’s also a strange goal post if you ask me.

      They swear they won’t get an Xbox product and won’t support them, and just make fun of them, but rather they say that you can get it on pc, and rather it’s gamepass, or steam, you are giving them money. But you don’t want to buy their product right? Doubt they even have a beefy pc like they claim.

    2. 1.Pc is a open platform,so you can pirate windows without spending a penny on it.You can also run Linux on pc aswell.

      2.If your strictly looking to play multiplat games,then your better off with a pc that can be upgraded over time.Pc overall is better in the longrun,where as Xbox doesn’t have any real value in the longrun.Playstation has value in exclusives,but that of course will eventually be taken away,which will make the console nothing more than a weaker Xbox.Consoles without exclusives are a dumb investment,unless it has portability like the switch.

  11. 2:23 Actually no your wrong Atomiks, You can emulate the switch then stream it to your phone using rainway, moonlight, or the steam link app. so PC gamer don’t need a switch either.

  12. So, just counted ONLY NEW games that have went into gp since the XSX came out. There’s currently 26 NEW games lol. I got mine in January and that night filled my internal drive with Series X enhanced only games. It works for me, and I don’t have to play «old games» unless I WANT to.

  13. Mate, I have a monster PC, and come from the PS4 (lets be honest the Xbox One is a piece of junk), but let me tell you. Since I finished Demon Souls never turned that PS5 on again (I’m waiting for GoW Ragnarok and Horizon 2), but the Series X + GamePass combo is in an another level entirely, and play in it every day. <-- period Also, what is that game you are playing on the B roll? Is it a GamePass one cause I wanna play that racer ASAP

  14. Sony ponies being Sony ponies. Just rabid hateful fanboys. Claims old games yet MLB 21 released day 1 on gamepass. But «old games». As a PC gamer, I see even less reason to own a PS5 as they don’t have a gamepass equivalent.

  15. Maybe Joker Productions should stop shilling for Sony because as far as games go, they pretty much have nothing either as well as a top tier AAA st party exclusive games. Because we all know that Sony only has 3rd party exclusives because they bought them.

  16. Oh yeah the ps5 is better if you ignore 120 fps, better horsepower/better terraflops, quick resume and game pass and brag about the few games that came out. Now that ps5 games will be in the cpu that tired old argument will finally die

  17. Hahahaha!! These PS fanboys have the worst logic ever. LMAO! His reason for the PS5 implementing Quick resume is hilarious, sounds like toddler logic.

  18. Dude said hellblade 2 is coming out this year. Lol if anything. when are we going to see a new gameplay trailer of hellblade 2. It been almost 2 years bro.

  19. Second extinction is on game preview, not even been released technically. They’ve done this before and I hope they continue to bring more previews to the console as both deep rock galactic and everspace were great purchases for me. Microsoft in their pursuit of money realise that looking after consumers makes for bigger profit as you are viewed favourably by most people.

  20. Xbox actually had a pretty good exclusive called “the medium” made by bloober team. That big chubby guy was wrong. But hey not gonna lie ps5 did launch with more games

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