Xbox Just Made Some BIG Moves — Starfield Update, Huge New 2021 Game Pass Games, & Forza Specs!

It has been quite the week for Xbox as they continue to feed subscribers of Game Pass. The long suspected Scarlet Nexus has finally been added to the service. Joining alongside it is AI The Somnium Files. Is this finally the start of some more significant moves for Xbox in Japan? Time shall tell. Todd Howard also provides a small yet very telling update for Starfield which arrives late next year.
Capcom’s Pokemon Game:

Retro Rebound:

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  1. I’m kinda in the mixed with voice and non voice protagonist. One hand I do enjoy the extra dialogue options with the none voice protagonist. On the other hand having a voice could add more emotion with the game. However if they do decide to do a voice protagonist. I really hope they do a better job then fallout 4.

  2. Xbox needs a God of War like title for XB… Indie indie indie is all they do.. 🤦 Starfield will be a killer exclusive but still I’m waiting for that God of War/The Last of Us type title. I have both next gen systems so I’ll get great games no matter what but XB has always been my main place of play. PlayStation absolutely smashed it with their most recent showcase… KOTOR remastered….. 👋👏👏👏👏

  3. Starfield is legit my most anticipated game of 2022. I’ve been holding out for it since when it was just a rumor from a trademarked title name. I hope it’s a back to Bethesdas core routes experience.

  4. Voiced protagonists are so much better than a mute one. Did you like the female player character in fallout 4?. It was the same actor as Jack in Mass Effect.

  5. Got Scarlett Nexus day one. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Finished it and haven’t picked it back up since. (But, again, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And got my money’s worth out if it. So no complaints.)

    Got Marvel’s Avengers day one as well. Thoroughly enjoying it. Still playing it. Have well over 1,400 hours in it and that is still growing.

    As a matter of fact, I am on my way to play it now. 😁

  6. They need those JRPGs that are not huge here but pretty popular over in Japan on Game Pass like the Trials of Cold steel series I played the latest one on the Switch and it is really good, the Atelier Series there are so many of them to pick from and lock down the next Dragon Quest game for Game Pass because Dragon Quest was a marvel to behold.

  7. I’m 30 seconds in the video, please help me out here…how do you «hate» forza ?
    Even if you not into racing games…why do you hate a game with that amount of effort that put into it?….I can’t understand.

    1. Matty doesn’t like Forza, Scorn, or voiced protagonists. I’m okay with his opinions, but these have surprised me a bit. I have been used to reading dialogue in RPGs, but when the protagonist read the dialogue for the first time in a game for me I just thought «oh wow cool, high tech generation», but the actors do need to be great in these roles.

  8. I’m actually installing Avengers right now, coincidentally, but it’s on Playstation so it’s not really a solid comeback, but I’d buy Scarlet Nexus on Steam if I were to get it.

  9. I L O V E when The protagonist can talk. That’s why FO4 is my favorite.
    although your channel seems better when I turn off your voice, and use CC

  10. Honestly, for Starfield I wouldn’t mind a voiced protagonist. IF it was an option. Say at the beginning of the game when starting a new game you got the option to choose, voiced or non voiced.

    1. If the protagonist is voiced that means the dialogue option for non voiced would be the same. The problem with a voiced protagonist is that the developers would have to spend their resources on voice acting instead of better writing. Voiced protagonist hinders replayability

    2. @Alex W Which is exactly why an option at the start of a playthrough is best I believe. Having that as an option won’t affect the writing, as the writers are a different department to the audio team. The audio team spending some more time on a voiced protagonist won’t affect the writing team.

    3. @Ausanan nope, even having the option would affect the writing. Because that would mean the writing team would have to write dialogues for both voiced and non voiced. If you play actually play RPGs you would notice the difference. Let me give you an example myself, the dialogue options in DA origins are better than the ones in DA inquisition. Origins also has more dialogue options, and they have six different origins story for your created character. This would be impossible with a voiced protagonist. This game released in 2009.

    4. @Alex W I actually do play RPG’s thank you. Ones with both voiced and non voiced protagonists. The writing quality comes down to the writing team. Not the fact that there is or isn’t a voiced protagonist.

    5. @Ausanan Bad writing and voiced protagonist are almost synonymous. And voiced protagonist hinders replayability. Look at cyberpunk and fallout 4. Even with alternate start mod in fallout 4, it doesn’t change the story of you being a parent searching for shaun.

  11. An unvoiced character really. This is not Nintendo. A voice character is better just do it well even Destiny now voices their character just like Outrider did.

  12. Great video as always! But I very much disagree with your voiced protagonist stance. The silent protagonist is the dumbest video game convention of them all. Instead of immersing me more, it takes me out of the experience. There are plenty of games who handle silent protagonists well, but a voiced protagonist (who is well-written, ofc) will always be better, IMO. Regardless, keep up the awesome work!

  13. Scarlet nexus and ai the somnium files, hell yeah. Two games I’ve been wanting to play for a long time. Can’t wait to check em out, just gotta finish tales of arise first.

  14. I really dont mind a voiced protagonist in all honesty. If we could customise our voice pitch at least then that would be interesting. Personally i get into the story alot more when characters actually have a conversation although it would be good to have a voice ON OFF option.
    I do also like the other direction without a voiced protagonist since i feel the characters are talking to ME myself instead of my in game character.

    Both give different feelings.

  15. I mean Ai’s sequel, nirvana initiative is launching day one on xbox alongside games like fatal frame remaster in october. They are definitely trying to get games from japan.

  16. I bought Scarlet Nexus on launch day knowing it was probably heading to Game Pass and I was right lol but I’m not bummed out about it. The game was well worth the money imo and I’m glad now a ton of more people can get to play it as it’s probably one of the most underrated games to come out this year. It’s also crazy how you played through AI The Somnium Files when you had Covid, literally that’s what I did back in March of last year right after the game released. That game is so good and I’ll always remember it as the game that got me through a scary and tough time dealing with Covid and the world changing as we knew it. Awesome video!

  17. How do you hate Forza Horizon bruh ? 😒 it is the most amazing and most bad ass racer on the planet earth 🌏 son. Anybody can not like racing games and see the spectacular races in that game and instantly be a fan. You’re crazy Matty. 🤦‍♂️ As a matter of fact, I play on the series X but still have my one X up so just so I can play forza horizon 4 on it because the series x port is trash of the game.

  18. I played scarlet nexus at launch and loved it. Sold it after beating it tho cause im a poor bastard. Anyway after beating Tales of Arise i wanted to go back and boom its on ganepass now gonna play it again lmao. Im probably the only one that liked Scarlet Nexus over Tales of Arise.

  19. Ai: The somnium files is Absolutely phenomenal! I played it way back when it released, and I can say without a doubt- that game is an absolute gem. A hidden gem, but a gem nonetheless.

    So much content, great character interactions and it really portrays what the Danganronpa games could’ve been, if only….they didn’t probe too much on the fan-service route of things

  20. Yes xbox needs more Japan like games from Konami, Capcom, or Sega, get games like revenge of Shinobi, castlevania(there are some castlevania games on store), or Phantasy Star RPG(not online) for examples. Are there copyright issues with Japan companies or is there more of a cultural bias and dislike from Japan companies?

  21. I’m still making my way through Sable which I’m enjoying. I need to go back to Jedi Fallen Order, Hades, Yakuza 0 (before making my way through the rest of the series), Night in the Woods, Raji, The Artful Escape and The Wild At Heart. I’ve played the intro of Bug Fables, Call of the Sea and I want to play more. I’ve tried other games but those are the ones that I want to play to the end. I’d like to play Criss Tales, Hello Neighbour, Slime Rancher and Lost Worlds Beyond the Page. Now they’ve added Scarlet Nexus, AI and Aistria Ascending all of which look like games I’d like. I just don’t have the time to enjoy all the content I’d like to. Ready for some dweeb to reply with some pathetic comment about indie games or old games or xbox having no games.

  22. Xbox will never win in japan. I’m happy they’re trying too, but I don’t see why that should be a priority. Historically, they’ve been burned every time they’ve tried.

  23. Phil Spencer is moving like an Assassin, trained by op ninjas in the dark…
    He’s making xbox Great again.

    I’ve played some dope indie games on Gamespass, Haven being one of my favourites.

    I just want a good space travelling game that isn’t as over bloated as Elite.

    It’d be cool if they added more big selling games too.

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