Xbox Made A Big Mistake…

With this new generation out, it seems one of the console manufacturers wants to stop the proper preservation of games on it’s platforms. If this keeps going on within the Xbox platform than at this point switching to PC should be considered. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Its not DRM its compatibility updates you NEED to play on Xbox Series X|S.. any game thats xbox one or a smart delivery game it needs to install compatibility updates and or the series X|S content. to be frank if people are worried about being able to play Xbox One, 360, and OG Xbox games well into the future you will either need the consoles or Emulators.. we can’t expect Xbox to to print updated Disks with the compatibility updates included nor can we expect them to keep the servers up forever. And not to be this guy but this isn’t a reason to compare Sony and Microsoft but almost bet between the PS4 and PS5 the underlying OS is not that much different from one another thus no need for updates to run the games or maybe Sony just out right baked a PS4 emulator right into the OS whos knows but apparently Microsoft went a different route and their way requires compatibility updates for said games to function on the series X|S so for whatever reason Microsoft needs compatibility updates as lets be real ask yourself does it make sense for Microsoft to have went through the trouble to add DRM on a new console for old games from the last gen when on last gen these games can function just fine without a connection while 100% next gen games can function with out a connection on series X|S? NO but from the outside it does look like DRM but it isn’t lol

  2. and this is also bad for people who don’t have good internet connection if any at all. This would be a huge issue for the state I live in. surprising amount of people don’t have good internet or any at all where I live. I was very surprised when I moved here and tried to ask some of the kids at school if they wanted to hop online and play some games. I asked if they could and a majority said. Oh sorry I don’t have internet. Like they had the game and system but no internet at all.

  3. I really hope they find a way to set it up with an emulator that can install games from disc without needing the internet as long as the emulation app is installed. But i doubt that’ll happen unfortunately.

  4. I never connected a console to the internet(because I couldn’t) untill I got a PS4 and played that offline for a couple years without internet. Can’t imagine how pissed I would have been to see that message…

  5. 1:24
    » … that invvvested in plastic, then you need to go outside and experience the real fffuckin world.»
    Warhammer fans including friggin Henry Cavill: *laughs in our plastic crack and game tables*

  6. I get what you’re saying, but I have to disagree. Don’t get me wrong it was be really nice, but you’re taking about old generation games on new systems.
    If you want to play games 15 years down the road, play the game on the console it was designed for and it’ll work fine.
    Basically you’re complaining that backwards compatibility requires an internet connection and an update, I’m just grateful it has it at all.

  7. Every gamer should just call customer support and start complaining… day after day, week after week, month after month…

    lets see how fast they will start changing things…

  8. I was so stoked in 2017 when I got a ps4 and GTA 5 for a grad present. didn’t have wifi at the time so I didn’t think it would work, but lo and behold

  9. I wonder if in the future consoles will be as powerful as PCS today but PCS of the future are as powerful as supercomputers of today and mobile phones would be as powerful as consoles of today I’m thinking of 30 or 40 years from now

  10. Well said, these companies don’t care if we can’t access old games. In fact this is them positioning themselves to be able to sell the same game to us again in the future as the only playable version.

  11. This is it bois: Video games have been poisoned by consumerism already.

    Just think of today, not the future. Get the money now, don’t care about anything else…

  12. I’m from Europe and apparently a great percentage of some Pokémon games for 3ds aren’t working anymore after not even a decade since they have been released.

  13. I understand needing an internet connection to set up an Xbox but outside of that you should only need it for online games.

  14. Is everyone that plays on xbox live that’s a YouTube or an Internet gamer you know cause you all play on the Internet and I want you to increase their gamer score and try to get more achievements 95000

  15. I tried the same expirement with AC Odyssey but it worked?so is Origins different? Plus I think the big fight for this is media preservation and DRM bs..we gotta fight the corporations

  16. This is why id never buy something from Microsoft. They overcomplicate shit to such an extent that they manage to piss me off. In word you need to press a shit ton of buttons just to number a page from a specific position. Cut the document add a footer and stuff uncheck this check that. God damn they are counterintuitive.

  17. «Who plays a game after fifteen years?» Bitch, I’m playing the Sonic adventure games and adventure 2 is twenty years old, and adventure 1 is twenty-three years old.

  18. xbox internet connection and a lot more stuff is the reason why i almost never play on xbox because everytime i need to fix the internet i need to download update and i don’t get why i need to wait over few days just to play games. so i got nintendo switch and now i can play for hours without waiting for days just to play.

  19. Ok, I know you said not to do this but I have to put my thoughts somewhere,

    As you said Xbox series x exclusive work without connection, which says to me the whole video you were drawing false comparisons. Of course series x exclusives work with 1.0 because there are no changes required to work on the series x but with Xbox one games changes are required to work on the series x. The reason I call it a false comparison is because Xbox one has the exact same thing, just obviously not with Xbox one games but with 360 games. If I put GTA 4 into my Xbox one then I have to update the game before play, this is because the one and 360 work in different ways so when the 360 game tries to work with no update then you are going to get a lot of issues as it is not designed for the Xbox one. The same thing is probably happening here, the Xbox one may share an OS with the series x but there are still a lot of changes to hardware which probably requires an update for older games so they can work with the new hardware

    I’m not saying this is the best thing but I would say it is a necessary evil as I would rather have to be connected to the internet than play a game on a console the code isn’t designed to be run on causing innumerable amounts of glitches and crashes, that is if it would run at all.

  20. Man, neither of the big 2 consoles are doing anything to entice me anymore. PC is way better, but companies still insist on using denuvo so I still can’t even enjoy it to the fullest.

  21. You know I think Nintendo has the same exact thing when you download a game on the switch because I want to go play say Resident Evil 4 or any other game that I have downloaded that I don’t have a cartridge for I am not able to play it without an internet connection I have to stick to stuff with a cartridge which is fucking bullshit

  22. Lol people now will play version 1.0 of games so they can any % speedrun them with the glitches and wall clipping lmao it’s fun to watch sometimes

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