Xbox MEDIA BIAS Ending? | Xbox Makes Fun Of Sony Ps5 Fans | Xbox & Ps5 News

Xbox Game Pass is the best service in gaming by far. In fact it’s so good that a lot of Sony PlayStation 5 fans have decided to attack it every chance they get. Which back fired on them.

The media took to Twitter so they can make fun of Sony fans who continue to hate on Xbox. Has the media bias towards Xbox finally come to an end?

Let’s get into what happened and talk about why the Xbox Series X is starting to look like the better buy over the Ps5.

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    1. @Gav Rawlinson does it though? Take into account the $1 offer, add in the memebrs that carried over yearly gold subscription, people that collect the reward points purely for gamepass membership, and finally all of the product offers, pringles as an example.
      Microsoft’s goal which Phil has recently come out saying is primarily to increase the amount of users on their ecosystem.

    1. The only thing that will make you get an xbox is games you want to play.

      I decided to get an xbox the moment they announced fable and thought to myself «may as well get one as soon as possible to play the other exclusives while i wait, im going to be spending that money on an xbox sooner or later, may as well be sooner»

      Its a great machine by the way 👍 re started halo.

  1. I give zero fucks what the gaming media says, back in my days they praised the ps1 version of Street Fighter Alpha for being closer to the arcade version, and trashing the Sega Saturn version. While it was vice versa.
    But let the gaming media talk shit, while i play the games finish them.

    1. @Diego Antunes your opinion…I have a PS4 as well,for exclusives and let me tell you for example GOW is like 70% a movie….you almost don’t play it 🤣and like that are a few more PS exclusives,but,like I said…. opinions

  2. If Sony does something similar to Gamepass, I will definitely buy a PS5. But, I am a Halo fan, a Doom fan, an Elder Scrolls fan, and I am already a Starfield fan, so Gamepass is #1 for me.

    1. @The Dragon’s Lair actually before there was ps plus, which was supposed to compete game pass ps plus but for no reason ps plus has less games and game pass has more, so this gen Sony released ps now to compete game pass which was a stupid move as ps now is costlier than game pass

  3. All fanboys are nutters. Sony are in a some serious trouble this generation. Use all consoles so I bounce around different vids with different fans. Xbox,ps,pc and Nintendo. I’m getting a big feeling in those comments that gamepass is very much liked. Lots of ps fans buying series S consoles. Enjoying double dipping for a budget price. Sony need some good games and soon. Even then at $70 a pop, they could struggle more than usual. I’ve always gamed on both. I’d have to wait for sales lol. Not paying 6 months of gamepass on 1 game.

  4. I had a pony soy boy tell me he would never support xbox series x, and rather get a PC and then get gamepass. I was like uuuuuuuuuuh nevermind my guy. You do you. Also a large chunk of PS5 owners own series X and have game pass. It’s the pony soy boys that are hating on the service. A small chunk of the PS5 community.

    1. They hate Xbox, but they want to get a PC and Gamepass? Do they know that Xbox, XCloud, Windows OS, Gamepass are owned by Microsoft?

      They act like as if PC & gamepass isn’t associated with Microsoft?

    2. @Predator helios 三千 Damn, thats low, shame on them Ponies. They said they got the money and buy games to support the devs and here we are, the same ponies that claim they got money and buy games to support the devs want to pirate Xbox first party games.
      Really really low

  5. Ponies: HAHA it looks like a fridge
    Xbox: yeah, we got that
    Ponies: … OK HAHA I meant a mini fridge
    Xbox: oh yeah, we got that
    Ponies: we still got MLB the show haha
    Xbox: let me just scroll past these other 100s of games and oh yeah lookey here we got that too
    Ponies: … well still no exclusives
    Xbox: oh, we getting that
    Ponies: …
    Xbox: anything else I can help you with sir?

    1. @J Dizzle I think damage control is when a fan girl claims sony is taking an L when the fact of the matter is that the ps5 is the only console with the true next gen experience with actual games to back it up 🤦🏽‍♂️ Microsoft finally gets a W for the first time in over a decade and now sony is taking the L? 🤣 xbox fan girls are truly DELUSIONAL

      THE PS5 IS ON ITS WAY OF BREAKING THE WORLD RECORD FOR MOST CONSOLES EVER SOLD. . Get the fuck outta with you and your «Ls»

    2. @Underdog __ most consoles sold? 😂😂😂 you mean the scalpers? 😂😂😂 if you think thats a W you’re delusional. Also, those so called «next gen» games are funnily finding their way to PS4 cause of lying Jim ryans «we believe in generations» lmfao. Also, miles morales and returnal was were buggy asf. Some them PS5 games running at 1080p. Thats next gen to you? 😂😂😂 so next gen to you is running games at 1080P instead of 4k? God you ponies are dumb! Might as well stick with your PS4 Pro since the PS5 is only a little bit stronger lmfao

    1. @Sony Only kinda true tho, cuz even Sony Exclusives aren’t given for free or at a discount to PS users, however, in GamePass… You can even get access to Sony’s 1st Party Baseball game at no extra charge even on launch day for only $9.99 per month.

  6. Im more of a multiplayer kinda guy so sony doesnt have much for me other then gran turismo which i do like. But seeing now that sony has to now go and buy some new studios themselves means that the competition is there now and for us it could only be a win for better products and services on all sides.

  7. I have a ps5 since day 1 but I recently copped my series s like 3 days ago for game pass 💯 I hated on Xbox but game pass is too good to turn down as a Sony fanboy 💯🔥 noway am I paying 70 euros for each upcoming game when there all being added to game pass and battlefield might be getting added too come on it’s a no brainer 💯

  8. Yes exactly what you do every day make fun of Sony and criticize them every day is the same thing Xbox fanboys do it and PS fanboys do it so what’s the problem the worst thing that ever happened to the gaming industry are these Ignorant fanboys doesn’t matter what Platform they play on they are all jackass

  9. Ahhh… ponies… The group that acts like they’re on the losing side. Here I thought we were supposed to be the one losing

    1. Xbox broke a record in Japan
      Playstation is on it’s way to break the world record for most consoles ever sold 🤦🏽‍♂️ yea sony losing big time

    2. @Underdog __ That’s why I said the word «act». Goes to show how toxic the Playstation community is. Continue on preaching on how toxic we are while we continue making your fellow PS players toxic by using no insults, just talking about Gamepass.

    3. @B09 — Payomo Adrian Jose V. the truth is this whole channel is filled with toxicity. The title of these videos say it all along with the comments. What I find interesting is all I see is comments claiming that «ponies» are losing their minds or cant stand that xbox is winning ect. I’ve yet to see a «pony» cry about any of these accusations 🤦🏽‍♂️ and it just doesnt make ANY sense. We are literally too excited about what’s to come on playstation, the only console thus far with the true next gen experience. Whatever «pony» says GP is trash is the MINORITY because the industry as a whole, including sony and fans alike have given MS props where its do.

      Just take the damn W and stop with the damage control

  10. Microsoft is raising the bar, but eventually Sony and Nintendo are going to have to step up to the plate, as this will become expected from gamers. Also, the entry price of the series S along with 3 months of games for a buck, is going to be a very attractive purchase once there’s stock on the shelves.

  11. I am happy with gamepass I don’t buy on xbox iam only play games xbox that are on gamepass so I can put my money on playstation to buy 70-90$ on psn exklusive playstation games, so every one is happy thanks xbox for gamepass 🥳👍🍾

  12. Well PS5 fanboys just have to suck it up as Microsoft and Xbox is here this generation to win by providing the best value and games for all…i came to xbox this generation and it is a awesome trip so far and glad I did…and do you see xbox players whining…heck no or if so it is low key…xbox is here now and PS5 fanboys can say what they like…but bottom line xbox and gamepass is so affordable for all and it put xbox over the top. 😁👌

    And I did purchase both series S and series X consoles because of the affordability of it all. 🤗

  13. This is silly. So because Sony thinks tossing your new games into a subscription service is not sustainable, that somehow means they don’t have an answer to this? Come on… This is just shortsighted. You’d literally have to be living in your own bubble to come to such a conclusion.

  14. Destin lit a fire under those ponies. Crapgamer lost his mind. Saltiest is even more salty. KingThrash is totally nuts. They’re going crazy by the second. It’s a pony nuclear meltdown.

  15. Sony fanboys are idiots. Logically if you think about all the things that PS5 and Xbox has to offer then you would choose Xbox since it’s better but Sony fanboys are just keep eating dicks in there salad and not giving up think Sony or PS5 is still better lol.

  16. Xbox GamePass is just the biggest value ever to come to the gaming industry is crazy to have the accessibility to enjoy hundreds of games all inside one service and playable on so many platforms not locked behind one platform is just crazy with cross play, cross save, cross buy all included at no extra cost and perks too so much more value. Sony PS am sure they trust on there games and fans but one thing I do ask is for how long? is the real question, cus Xbox is dropping big AAA titles day on date weather is first party or 3rd on GamePass at this moments am comin to a point on asking myself why do I need a PS 🤷🏻‍♂️ its £70 AAA are just not enough to compare to what Xbox as a gamer is offering me.

  17. Let’s go! I was on a few YT threads talking about how Xbox Gamepass is the vastly superior service! Xbox Series X all the way! #Starfield

  18. I’m asking here «what isa good 4k monitor for my xbox series X. I need a good move that is not to expensive, what is also not very expensive is xbox game pass! This game service is just to much and having access to hundreds of games and day 1 releases for only $9.99 a month and if you are new you can even get 3 months right now for only $1»

  19. Oh people and their console war. Ya’ll and the Sonys still on this shit? I just bought a series X last week. I love it. I’m still getting a PS5. Why? Idgaf I just love video games.
    I’ll let everyone else whine and debate over this and that about who is better or dumber or what have you

  20. The media Is just tired of all the talk and nothing to show.. Y’all don’t even talk games anymore. All I hear is gamepass gamepass gamepass. That’s why Xbox is going to get left behind.. what happen to starfield?

  21. Microsoft is paying media types to act as if gamepass is making noise 🤣🤣 and as if PlayStation gamers are jealous 😂🤣😂🤣 Xbox has nothing going on to be jealous about. It’s nothing going on to be mad about dawg🤣🤣🤣

  22. Microsoft is with More but they aren’t Going to keep investing in the gaming division if it’s not making money 😂 y’all act as if Phil Spencer has unlimited money to just go do anything 🤣🤣

    1. @kingmilwaukee next gen has already kicked off genius. Game pass gives developers games more exposure which means more sales. Do you really believe that ppl dont buy games even tho they have game pass? You’re dumb if you believe that.

    2. @kingmilwaukee also, it’s not about console sales when xbox game pass is on PCs, laptops, phones etc etc. Stop thinking this is the 90’s. Time to move forward

    3. @J Dizzle and wait until the next ps showcase😂 it’s really levels to this shit. Sony is going to take off in a huge way.. and actually paying for games bring better devs to the platform that sells the best.. even the third party exclusives are going to blow what Microsoft has.. it’s more benefits to developing for the number 1 selling console

    4. @kingmilwaukee your entire comment made no sense 😂😂😂 typical pony drivel. Sony aint gon take off nothing lol. Keep hatin tho. I love seeing you ponies cry

  23. I’m all in on gamepass. I’ve got 3 years worth stocked up on my account, and whenever I see deals I buy more months of it, even tho I can’t apply them yet.
    It’s just too good of a value and they’re really putting players and good will before profit, and it shows
    Phil has been a godsend to the entire industry.

  24. It’s not about games; it’s about getting people into the Microsoft eco system.

    Placing GamePass on all devices. Don’t you get it? What OS runs on PCs? What tools do use at work? office.

    You hook a young person through video games, they might engage with your eco system.
    This isn’t about games. You’ll see the quality in time.

    XGP is a tool to suck people into the eco system. Watch; I bet you see integration with XGP, Office, or any other services Microsoft may choose to offer.

    We’ll see what services Microsoft tries to grow because it sure ain’t gaming, at least not in the sense people want it to be.

  25. Is it really media bias?

    It make more sense to cover Xbox because it has a good product, they had barely anything attractive for clicks last gen.

    Gamepass has it’s good but not necessarily beneficial to everyone.

  26. Who ever came up with Game Pass is a genius! It totally plays towards Microsoft’s unique strengths that its competitors cannot match. Like the Switch did for Nintendo.

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