Xbox one x Botched by another shop — Hiroshima Repair

Need a repair?

AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF Flux

AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF Flux 10ml Syringe + Plunger + 2 needle sizes


Pads Strips

Best Leaded Solder roll

Best Solder wire roll 100g – Choose from 0.3mm and 0.8mm

10W UV Lamp

Heavy Duty 10w UV light Cures Solder mask in 6 Seconds

UNI-T UTi260B thermal Camera

UNI-T UTI260B Thermal Imager Camera 256px x 192px

Grinding pen

Grinding Pen for traces repair Chip grind, Cut, Hole + 7 tips – Battery operated

Pad strips

Pad Strips to Fix ripped pads and torn wire traces.

PCB Holder

Universal PCB Board Holder – Fully Adjustable Jig Fixture

500 USB Connectors Box

500 Charging Port Connectors Box for Phones, Tablets and other Electronics Repair

Low Melt Solder

Low Melt Solder Pack of 6 sticks

Mechanic Charging Station and Amp/volt mater.

Charging Station 8 USB Smart Charge QC 3.0, USBC and Wireless Charging

Qianli Tweezers

Qianli Precision Tweezers – Bent Fine and Heavy Duty

Best Tweezers

Best Multi Function Precision Tweezers – Stainless Steel Anti-Static for electronics repair

Mechanic Tweezer

Mechanic Precision Long and Thickened tweezer – Anti slip

Tristar Test Boards

3 x Test Boards Combo for Micro USB – Apple Lightning – USBC


Precision Surgical Blade Stick – Choose from 6 different blades

iBoot Box iPhone amp meter tester

Mechanic iBoot Box Power meter and tester for iPhone 6 up to 11 Pro Max

Android Power Test cable

Mechanic iBoot Ad Power Supply Test Cable for Android Phone repair

Needle Bottles Alcohol Dispenser

3 x 50ml Needle Tip Bottle Dispenser for liquids Flux Alcohol Oil

Phone Storage Box

Multi Function storage Box for Phones and other devices

Nintendo Switch Parts and Components

QFN Chip adapter for EEPROM firmware programming

2 x Macbook QFN EFI Chip Adapter for EEPROM firmware programming

Premium Solder Braid

Premium Desolder Braid Wick – 10ft length

Blade stick

Precision Surgical Blade Stick – Choose from 6 different blades

Quick 861DW Bent Nozzles

Hot Air Station Bent Nozzles for Quick 861DW & BEST 3mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 9mm 10mm

USB/USB-C white Amp test meter

USB Volt Amp Meter Tester- Supports USB-C and and all other USB connectors

2x enameled jumper wire roles

2x Jumper wire 0.1mm Enameled & Non Enameled – Restore broken pads traces.

iPhone Red current meter

iPhone Current Meter / Red tester for iPhone 6 up to XS – Colored Display

76pc universal laptop power charger

Universal laptop and electronics Charger Bundle

Weller Soldering station

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Northridge, CA 91325

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  1. It’s not about working without mistakes, but about recognizing them in time. Also: If you don’t recognize in time, make it right when somebody else recognizes the mistake. 🙂 Of course only the first point is on this video. 🙂

  2. Why nobody is not creating some flex cables for the hdmi Ports of the Xbox SX and the PS5? This kind of adapter already exists for the PS4. It’s faster to fix the port by using this instead of using wires, pads and UV mask. You will save a lot of time and time is money.

  3. Just say disaster… The WAR in Japan was aweful (humans killing humans) on a massive scale. It doesn’t compare to your issues at work. BTW love your work 🙂

    1. ​@AlphaCobra Nope… he’s not that offensive for me to not watch. I’m simply trying to raise awareness as to why its concerning for many others. 1% is a lot… Thats like 20k people I think but I stink at maths… Anyway thanks

  4. Woah. I actually said «holy shit» out loud. Wow.

    Please don’t practice on customer boards if you’re not competent and capable of similar repairs.

  5. I always thought it would be better to use longer wires so they can be secured on both sides. I know it’s not possible in every situation, but I’m a little surprised you don’t do it more often.

  6. Russia would have invaded Ukraine on January 21 2021 if they was going to.
    What’s taking place now is just like 2016 under Obama, They’re trying to create a False flag event to draw Russia into War.
    Putin will repair it.

  7. 1:34 Viewers who get offended by the word «Hiroshima».

    Some people just love pretending they are offended by anything. I call them «the 21st-century offended».

    1. No the person who was complaining was but was confused why another commentator mentioned Hiroshima. He probably doesn’t watch these videos often so he didn’t understand the context. Also just because you don’t care doesn’t mean others shouldn’t.

  8. This video is actually trap and misleading. If you see someone doing something easy like him doing this, it doesnt means job is easy. It means he is professional and skilled. Thats what makes it look easy. Beware of this if u attempt something like this.

  9. Bruver……. Hiroshima… doesn’t matter what you say.
    Someone, somewhere will be offended.

    Good Luck,. You do brilliant work 😉

  10. I’ve seen ports damaged like this before do to the inside of the port breaking fee and pushing in the out side of the port stays in place inside pushes in and rips pads off board always a big mess to fix love the vids

  11. is there an iron tweezers station comes along with good reguler soldering iron cheeper than weller station that u r using and if there is r u welling to start sell it in the future

  12. Hello, I want to ask why there are no software repairs? replacing EMMC, NANd working with a programmer, already tired of restoring conductors under a microscope !!

  13. Blimey!

    In my day, if my supervisors took a look at my work, as in that attempted in the ‘other repair shop’s Hiroshima’, they’d take me outside, put me against a wall in front of a firing squad and shoot me.

    Then, on seeing the second ‘repair’ attempt you’ve also made, they’d pick me up, put me in front of the same firing squad (and wall) and shoot me a second time to finish the job.

  14. Very enjoyable to see you perform these surgical repairs with such steady hands. I do have your drill, pads & solder mask, only lacking steadier hands 🤣 must be an age thing 😳.

  15. Great work and thanks for sharing your thoughts. If I would’ve just slowed down and watch this from start to finash. I probably would’ve been more successful. Maybe since I’ve seen this I will be able to repair my x1s idk. Thanks

  16. Yo como soy españos te escribo en español, entiendo ingles, en españa enseñan ingles no americano, pero entiendo que etnre EEUU Y UK hay discrepancias, lo que no tentiendo ni voy a respetar es que ni en japon un reparador en electronica diga que por quemar un componente diga que ha hecho un PERAL HARBOR, ni que en estados unidos digan lo mismo como tu un hiroshima solo porque alguien queme una PCB, es inecesario y probocador, eres un racista y un hipócrita, lo que dices en los dos bandos en un mal menor pero era la 2º guerra mundial, y sigue siendo un genocidio, mezclas tu profesion con ideologia, mal negocio.

  17. holy shit how can you work at a shop and be ok with that work. Do these people not practice and wing it? do they use a welding torch? do they just not care? do they not do research? I’m nowhere near as skilled as Alex is as well as the soldering equipment at my shop is not the greatest yet (I’ve worked there for about a year and a half, and I’m the only one that knows how to solder, it’s been a somewhat slow process of getting a good soldering station setup, although it is pretty much complete now) I’ve yet to botch a soldering repair because I actually practice and research and most importantly I take pride in my work!!!! I’m not swamped with boards, so I can afford to take some extra time making sure that I do a good job and I always give customers a longer timeframe than it’ll actually take just to make sure I don’t get in a rush and end up ruining a device. The repair industry is so fast right now and the shops that get too pressured and do shit like this give everyone a bad reputation.

  18. IMO a job like this should pay more than some of the jobs I see you do….I assume the charge to the customer is a flat rate other than maybe if they add expedited?

  19. I was looking at your site the other week and saw that portable clean room pop up. It was an instant buy for me. Thanks for carrying awesome tools.

  20. I’ve done that kind of work on a mechanical keyboard and I can tell: Alex makes it look easy to position and soldering those pads. It’s VERY hard to do that kind of work. We don’t have that kind of precision with our hands naturally. He already has the techniques, the correct forearm support, etc. It’s not just the tools and the microscope, it’s the experience. Very well done!

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