Xbox Roadmap & Release Windows Leak? | 3DS & Wii U Eshop Closing Could Get Worse | News Dose

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0:00 Intro

0:42 Metroid Prime 4 Reveal Incoming?

2:36 Atlus Launches Countdown Website

4:07 Xbox Roadmap Revealed?

5:01 Age of Empires IV Xbox Release

6:15 Xbox Project Belfry Release

7:13 Avowed Could be Coming Soon

9:12 3DS and Wii U Eshops Closing Could Still Get Worse

13:18 Poll of the Day


ATLUS launches ‘Soul Hackers’ countdown website, ends February 21 [Update 5]

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    1. @Route 77 Productions Opposite for me. As more info got out in 2021 and now early 2022, I always thought Avowed, Hellblade and Project Belfry were most likely 2023 releases… and Fable, Perfect Dark and Project Cobalt were most likely 2024 games.

      So where does Project Midnight, Contraband, Indiana Jones, Everwild, Ark II and the other exclusives fit into the next few years? No clue, whatsoever.

  1. Nintendo closing the 3Ds and Wii U eshop is the worst decision ever made,I’ve made lots of memories during my teenage years by watching my first Nintendo Direct,testing out games with Demos,and trying out free to play 3ds games. So people who emulate pls save the Eshop your our only hope! Nintendo is killing history instead of preserving it.

    1. That’s why you should have a External Harddrive connected to you Wii U (and constantly backed up) at all times. Do you never uninstall your games, always send them to the External Harddrive instead

      Same with all consoles always have your games backed up in External Harddrives (even with Portables as you can use a USB Adapter to add them to the Computer and then transfer them)

  2. It’s why I’m stick with all my third party games on steam and with steam deck coming out (that is a god send device) I’ll be able to play all my games on the go. I’m more confident with my digital purchases on steam than with Sony’s or Nintendo’s eshops.

  3. Man there are so many Xbox games in development but I wish there was more release windows news. I understand that that «Covid» delay everything last year but with so many studios under Xbox and no news on release dates besides Starfield.

    1. With so many variables that might impede dev and release windows I would rather have no news and play day by day as they release in optimal conditions without stressing the teams.
      I just can’t keep up with all the games in my backlog on all platforms.
      So no hurry, patience is often rewarded with good surprises.

  4. Avowed is literally the only MS 1st party game I’m curious in. I wonder how that will turn out. Looks interesting. Being that it’s not on PS, though, I’m going to have to skip, anyway.

    1. @caos024 ….and? are you saying that MS will at some point take away all our widdle xbawx games? like, like judgement day? get your tin foil hat off your head FV, you sound like those anti vaxxers who think vaccines track people.

    2. @kyle you’re still in denial about that? LOOOL!!! Even you seeing that the OP spoke about Japanese games you stay in denial. Take your L and go. You’ve been buried a long time ago. 🤣

    3. @caos024 no you weren’t. topic was about censorship. OP merely stated which games were originally censored ON PS. NOTHING TO DO WITH XBOX. there was literally no need to bring up xbox having less Japanese games, yet you did because you have a creepy fetish. and stop saying you aren’t trashing xbox when you clearly have in this topic. xbox isn’t obsolete when there are millions of gamers playing and enjoying the consoles. you’re so obsessed with xbox, ima make you a tin foil crown, it really suits you. with all this time spent being obsessed over another console, you could’ve gone out and lost your v plates. but i doubt a woman would look twice at you. or a man. or an animal. i dunno which way you float but there you go.

    4. @Scarecrow : let’s not forget the 20 million+ gamers that continued to buy xbox consoles after the announcement that xbox games would go to pc day one. ceases to amaze me that idiots think this means xbox is obsolete 😂 blind loyalty only exists to fanboys who will praise their plastic to no end while trashing the competition. not hard to pinpoint which group he belongs to.

    1. According to some gaming journalists, MS has approached Crytek about a sequel a couple of times… but Crytek wanted to do live-service games (like Hunt Showdown) and continue the Crysis franchise instead. (as we’ve seen with the Crysis remasters and now Crysis 4 being announced)

  5. Since Ubisoft is trash nowadays I hope Amazon or Facebook or Netflix acquire them
    then PS fanboys might stop whining about Microsoft acquiring publishers and will realise that the only way for the gaming industry to stay close to the way we know it is by Microsoft & Sony & Nintendo acquiring studios, but we all know that the last two are just broke and can’t make a big difference.

  6. Personally think avowed should be pushed back to Q1 2023, so thay way avowed and starfield aren’t cannibalizing each other’s market performance.

    1. Yeah, no way they release it later this year. Not only because I don’t think it’ll be ready… but the last 3-4 months of this year has Xbox releasing Redfall, Starfield and Stalker 2… pretty much in that order. The other Obsidian rpg (the medievil disco-elysium style game) is also supposedly slated for second-half 2022.

      So yeah, Obsidian doesn’t need to release into that window… might as well take their time and release Avowed next year, if not around spring 2023.

  7. Stoic fuck yeah! Do yourselves a favor a 0lay the banner saga! The game is a really good tactic game with lovely art and a sublime story

  8. RIP TRASHBOX SERIES L no exclusive all games on PC day one, forever in 3rd place as it should be, irrelevant console confirmed. Hold that massive L u massive clown

  9. I already learned the digital download lesson after losing so much content from the Xbox 360 days. I was big into DD back then, people always thought I was weird, now I’m physical only and… people think I’m weird. But at least I know I’ll never lose access to something I paid for, although these days with day one patches and required downloads, that’s getting dicey as well.

    At the end of the day, if I want a game I buy to last «forever,» I’ll get it on PC. If it’s not available on PC, I’ll buy the disc and try to keep my drives healthy (for the D1 patches and required downloads) for as long as possible…

    1. @FactsHurtU uh, what? Are you just making up some story in your head? I lost the content because the system I owned at the time was sold and it’s literally not available for download anymore, at least half of what I «owned.» I’ve had the same account for over a decade, but do go off on whatever fantasy you’ve invented?

  10. I’m not fussed about this stuff because I play them as they come, and this Xbox needs a roadmap is coming from content creators who need stuff for your videos

  11. At least be honest about it. So many videos on this already and no one admitting why they want Xbox to join Nintendo and Sony with their hype machine for games years away by stamping a real date on them and later get angry about if
    not met

  12. So far I’m only trusting microsoft as they have ket cod multi so thats pro gamer rather than amazon or netflix that have little to no experience having a big publisher (sony won’t be able to have ubisoft since of their recent acquisition)

  13. All my Xbox games are digital and all my Nintendo games are digital I’ve got loads on 3ds and Wii u going to be pissed if I can’t redownload arseholes

  14. I’m hoping that they’re actually counting down to Persona 6.
    I’m thinking of how there’s green in that design and how persona games go hard on a strong solid color for that game like red with P5 and green hasn’t been done yet.
    It also feels well within reason that Persona 6 could be alot more about hacking than earlier entries so I don’t think it’s necessarily about a previous game about hacking.

    It’s not that much to go on but don’t think anything is speaking against it either.
    Unless there’s something about that countdowns design that definitely points towards soul hackers that I’m unaware of or if it’s just the hack connection.
    Not gonna hope too much but yeah it’s going to be exciting to see.

  15. I don’t really care about age of empire let’s hope there’s other better games coming to Xbox can’t wait to hear the rest of the list not really excited I don’t care about none of these games I do not like turn-based games whatsoever

  16. Xbox seems to be the most trustworthy when it comes to games preservation, while the other game companies close down entire shops, Xbox keeps adding more and more older games to theirs. Hopefully they don’t have a change of heart down the road.

  17. I just got to put it out there Xbox been doing pretty good with their old games it’s the truth I’m not saying in the future the Xbox won’t do good when it comes down to their old games but Xbox been doing pretty good

  18. Nintendo and Playstation could take a page out of Xbox the only thing I don’t like with Xbox did they did not bring 100% of their games to the Xbox One and the series x Xbox should have brought every single one of those games over to those systems except for the license games I understand the reason

  19. This is why people should emulate these old games especially if you lose all of your games if you emulate these old games you do not have to worry about that

  20. If Amazon were to purchase Ubisoft I honestly think that they’re going to make it exclusive to Luna they can barely get their system off the ground why would you think that they would not make those games exclusive they really would but I don’t really like Ubisoft all like that

  21. Lets be honest here, Nintendo makes a lot of games that people like to play.

    But Nintendo is probably the most anti consumer company in the gaming industry..
    Preserving games on a consumer level?, screw that! they ain’t giving you that option.

  22. Nintendo needs to take some pointers from Xbox and make all their games backwards compatible on digital content. Also when we buy new gen consoles our digital content comes with it.

  23. AOE.
    Give us K&M support and it will work just fine. Litterally only costs like $20 for a basic K&M setup.

    Like controller button map is ok but most ppl are gonna go at this with K&M regardless.

    This is a no brainier.

  24. while what Nintendo is doing is Bs, let’s get real the days of physical games lasting «forever» has Loong gone. Try leaving your physical games off line for 2 months and see what happens. You won’t be able to play them without first getting authorization and then being forced to download a ton of updates. It’s BS. But google f’ed me on my music library when they closed down Google Music. None of these companies can be trusted which is why I prefer subscription because then I don’t have the expectation of «ownership» because the word is absolutely meaningless these days. Beyond store closes these companies push out updates that break their stores with bad UI or buggy so it’s hard to access Its all crap

  25. I think Age of Empires will release in the summer before the bigger games like RedFall, Deathloop, Starfield and STALKER 2. Nintendo could just remove Switch online expansion pack and put the virtual console back 👍

  26. Dude. Whoever has these Nintendo games, they should be able to get these games for free when they bring them on their new store. Nintendo is plain out robbing people

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