XBOX SERIES S — 6 Months Later (Honest Review)

In this video I will be going over the my Xbox Series S after using it for 6 months. I will be going over the Pros and the Cons and what i love about the Xbox Series S in the 6 months I’ve been using it. If you have any comments or questions about the Xbox Series S feel free to leave a comment!


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  1. Yeah, my Series S shut off once on its own but if you just close all your games and don’t use the quick resume feature, it will run much smoother in the menus. Other than that small rare inconvenience, the Series S is my favourite console I’ve ever owned. PS. I recommend that you refresh your home screen every once in a while. Just open the Xbox Guide, then click the little Options button on your controller (the right one above the share button) where it says “Home” and then a message will show up saying “Refresh”. Just click on it and it will refresh your home screen and clear out the Cache which can prevent your Xbox from shutting off, as well as reducing home screen lag (dashboard lag). Hope I helped!

    1. I already have it, no regrets and there is still long way to see the true power of it with super resolution etc. And after Re Village’s 1440p 60fps performance, damn

    2. @How to Play 100% agree. And yes, the performance on RE Village is unbelievable. I really can’t believe it can run on 60FPS whilst maintaining the 1440P resolution. I’m not a fan of RE, but overall I am more than impressed with the performance of this console. When I go on my PS4 now, it feels unplayable! That’s pretty crazy…

  2. I’ve had the series s for 3 months and it’s a amazing console, it’s superfast and I have a 1080p TV so it’s perfect for me. Plus the fps boosts in older games

  3. Imagine owning a PS5, they overheat, no good games, the fan is loud, its WAYYYYY UNDERPOWERED like come on the Sires X is doing 4k 60 NO PROBLEM. The ps5 LITERALLY DROPS 20 FRAMES WHEN RTX IS ENABLED ON LOW!!!!!!!

  4. I’m super glad to find someone who really enjoys the Series S. By luck, I was able to get one from MS. No regrets getting this. Thanks for your honest review.

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