Xbox Series S | Doom Eternal | New-Gen Upgrade

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  1. I was huge DOOM fan when I was kid back in the 1990’s and for some reason, I just don’t like the current DOOM games (The two most recent ones) I just cannot get into them..

  2. Looking good 👍. I got a series s on Saturday. Haven’t turned my pc on since I ordered it from argos lol.
    Such an amazing little console 👍. Doom eternal is downloading now 😁

    1. I am trying it right now, but i don’t see that much RTX stuff going on in the SX version, yeah a few reflextions bit nothing mind blowing tbh.

    2. @The Xbox Tester its defo suttle but a nice upgrade I think obviously different places have it more but I can definitely see the difference

    3. @The Xbox Tester Maurice why they don’t add RT mode for series s , something like 1080 60 RT on ,,, It is not a big deal but some people compare and say series s is not powerful enough

    4. @Hadi Never give up probably because the difference is to little. As you can see in my series x video on Doom Eternal, it’s Just not worth the decrease in speed of the game.

  3. hallo xbox-tester, mijn naam is William, ik kom uit Inverness in scotland. no we are not a part of the UK, scotland is free. the english may take our lifes but they may never take our Freedom! lol

    what do you think maurice, ive been practicing my dutch hahaha.

    I love doom eternal.

  4. Hey great vid will be on it later when I got the kids in bed.
    Life has got a lot better since I stopped watching digital foundry vids, this is one of the best places to get good honest feed back on a game. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Maurice, do u know of a reliable updated list of the games that have the fps boost on Series S? Most of the lists I find are inaccurate and out of date, seems like Xbox should have a list. I can’t even see if the game has the fps boost on the store when I buy.

    1. @The Xbox Tester Maurice you didn’t answer my question , I had a request from you to make side by side comparison for some games vs series x , it is what most people want

    1. Of course PS4 pro drops frames down to mid forties , so don’t compare , visuals are much better on series s , graphics is not just about resolution

    2. @Chaotic Evil And I wish every game on series s was 1440p and 60 , or even 1080 and 60 , not like metro Exodus that developers ruined the series s version

    3. @Chaotic Evil they just make series x version so not more afford for series s , just reduce every graphics down to one fourth and the series s version is ready …

    1. It had a small upgrade for 1080p a few months ago. But now it has a native port with beter textures, graphics and 1440p resolution mode and a 120fps mode.

  6. Thanks Maurice. I love your videos. You’re the first one I come to when I want to see whether it’s worth me playing something on my Series S

  7. I want a Series S but I have a few OG Xbox and X360 games on disc and Dark Souls 3 Day-One Edition for XB1, hard choices… I need to know, is it true that all Original Xbox and Xbox 360 that are backwards compatible are available on Game Pass?

    1. @Dexter Cox ok. I was just wondering 💭 sense I’m getting my Series S on Thursday but I don’t mind the ray tracing. 1440p with 60fps is a sweet spot

  8. I think the series s is a great value for the price but honestly after looking at the big picture, the series x is the BEST value for the hardware and capabilities it’s packing. When you do the math series x is more economical for what you’re getting . Extra power PLUS a disk drive , PLUS more storage. It should be like 700.

    1. Facts, 30fps next gen shouldnt be a thing, if there is 4k resolution and MAYBE rtx on then 45 fps bare minimum, 60 fps 4k without rtx. Framerate>resolution

  9. Ray Tracing and reflections can make some games more immersive, but as for now Ray Tracing implementation on consoles is pretty marginal in terms of value. I do think that Unreal Engine 5, FidelityFX and Machine Learning will bring reflections and light optimization to the next level, and that will be enjoyable on Series S too.

    1. Well cause the reflection resolution on series x and ps5 are around 1080p. The game runs at 1800p on series x but the reflections are like 1080p-1440p. On series s they’d probably be like 480p-720p which take it as you want but I would’ve liked to see an RT mode as well at 1080p.

  10. Hello all is this game on games pass the next gen version forgive me for being daft I just cme off a night shift n playing the video with no sound

  11. I think was already running beautifully before the upgrade on Series S..I don’t see much difference in the frame rate..maybe it’s just my impression 🤗

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