Xbox Series S | Hitman Trilogy | Graphics Test/Loading Times

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58 ответов к «Xbox Series S | Hitman Trilogy | Graphics Test/Loading Times»

  1. I have a question. What made you starting this channel and mostly upload content for the series s instead of x? Just curious no hate I like your videos

    1. @The Xbox Tester there are so many people making series X content but a pretty few S content, i think thats why your s videos are more populer than your x videos

    1. It’s less of a stealth game and more of a sandbox murder simulator. Of course it has stealth elements but you do not have to be stealthy if you don’t want to. I’m sure you will love it!

  2. Thanks Maurice i didn’t know this was on gamepass 😊 I love hitman . This news is like Christmas for me . There will be no sleep 😴 tonight . We can sleep when we’re dead .we kunnen slapen als we dood zijn 😜

    1. You can play the levels from hitman 1 and 2 within hitman 3 with next gen graphics but if you buy hitman 1 or 2 on their own, they will not be optimized or have next gen graphics. Hope that answers your question

    1. @capachino yes on the one x but keep in mind that the consoles use low graphics settings. But on consoles you have no freedom everthing depends on the develepers. 90% of the games runs backwards compatible sure some of them has a 60 fps boost but still runs at a low resolution for exempel series s runs one s code on backward games. And take rainbow six siege extraction for an exempel sure it runs in a dynamic 1440p but it drops all the way to 900p often. And metro exodus also uses a dynamic resolution And it drops all the way to 580p. The new halo also had that problem. That is just unacceptable how can you call that next-gen? And rdr 2 is a backwards compatible game it doesnt have a boost or anything. And it runs at 864p with 30 fps you cant do anything only the develepers but they dont care about the community only about money! And rockstar games will realese a next-gen upgrade for gta 5 wich costs money you as a consumer should not have to pay only to get a upgrade. The develepers only cares about money on pc you can just change the settings. But im am not saying that every develeper sucks. Rainbow six siege got a free upgrade and series s users got two choices either they could enable 1080p with 120 fps or 1728p with 60 fps and that is very impressive. So Summary is that the Xbox series s is not a bad console it isnt but it has restrictions and there is when the develepers comes in. do not misunderstand me xbox series s is a impressive gaming console for like 299$ it is the develepers who is the real problem..

  3. this version is actually more stable in terms of framerate than the series x version. they fixed it to native 4k and it can drop frames because of that. it should of been 1800p like the ps5 version to make it completely stable

  4. Very good game, but it’s not the complete content. For Heaven Island and New York they want extra money. Very sad, because what’s the point of releasing an trilogy-edition, when you have to purchase for two missing parts of the mainstory? I still wait for a complete trilogy, with all DLCs and Bonus-Content. 🙂

  5. Hey i just played hitman triology in my xbox series s it runs flawless in my 4k tv. And yea i watch your videos your content is awesome keepup the great work

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