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  1. This kid is WAY to much like his dad! He get’s SO pissed when he messes up LOL & when I laugh he takes it sooo personally. Anyways, this was a fun one to make little man had me rollin ha ha as always thanks for watchin everybody.

  2. What’s the point of getting Xbox Series S when you can spend $100 more and get a way superior console in that same brand the Xbox Series X?

  3. There’s a terrible glitch on Xbox one s and x where If the game is stuttering you have the start game recording and end it and you’ll know a serious difference

  4. I think the Series S is pretty dope! I own the Series X with the 1tb SSD expansion card. I still run out of space. So with that in mind the Series S SSD is just to small! Until Xbox makes a 5tb SSD I’m still going to be sad!

  5. Dope video.it was enlightening to hear the comparison.your son is genuine person .his opinion has a lot weight.I think it’s because you guy are straight forward type of people.

  6. I got a Series S a few months ago just by chance cause Walmart’s website happened to have some in stock and it is a super cheap next gen console. Honestly, I’m loving it. It is super fast, it’s really quiet, framerate is superb and Gamepass saves me tons of money on games.

  7. 120 FPS was my main reason for purchase. I actually downgraded from a PC to an Xbox Series S the other week since I don’t want to haul a PC to college with me, and I’m just as happy with this $300 console as I was with my $1500 PC.
    The only downfall for me is I feel like some games are more prone to stutter on the Xbox compared to PC, but that’s expected. I’ve never owned an Xbox prior to the Series S, so I’m genuinely surprised with it’s performance. And like your daughter, I primarily play Fortnite. But the Series S has also got me into gamepass, so I’ve been trying out some new games that I never even would have considered trying before, like Forza, Sea of Theives, and more.

    Also, you should show us their game room! And yours if you have one

  8. Coming from a 2019 all digital one s to a series x the load times are insane fast quick resume is so awesome been playing red dead 2 I’m 20 hours in haven’t saved once

  9. I’m holding out for a series x. Will be tempted to pick one up this year and upgrade my fat xbox one if halo infinite is exclusive to the new gen and is awesome. I will upgrade eventually in the next few years, just don’t know when.

  10. Oh shit hold the box up raining nerf bullets hahaha awesome. Also good to see how much your boy is getting involved he seemed alot more confident keep up the good work guys from NZ.👌

  11. Mannn fallout Skyrim master chief collection anything with FPS boost feels soo good ! Stoked that he’s stoked 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  12. Your little nerd is a blind Xbot…it dont matter how trash Microsoft’s consoles get he will ALWAYS give Microsoft a reach around…JUST like a typical Xbot.

  13. I feel the S was made for the Game Pass feature since it’s all digital. Plus, store has constant deals with games more than half off. And now that we’re getting Day One Game Pass games, the S is perfect for that. No regrets on getting the S.
    Good video!

  14. Definitely glad your son enjoys his series s but with the fact the ssd storage is cut in half, I’d rather just spend the extra money on the series x, more power and double the ssd storage.

  15. I personally think for this Time and Age this is the Best Gaming channel. Everyone nearly are these Hyper Vyper Battery Bunnies that make your head spin but I love your guy’s approach lets sit down and have a real conversation. And a Reminder for everyone this is Reality and Real. Most videos these days are totally recorded in small sections and edited to just get views

  16. Wait to go, Little Man! Great vid, and i agree. The Series S is a great console and Sea of Thieves if def Night ‘n Day compared to One X. Great ending btw, give your old man some heat! 😀

  17. Series S is perfect for someone who is broke or is a casual gamer and doesn’t care about quality but wants something a little bit newer

  18. Amds fidelity fx super resolution is coming very soon its great! Dee batch on youtube was talking about this. The e3 games that are coming are great. Xbox has more 120fps games than sony as of this comment right now.

  19. One X could easily get the frame boost for most games, it could run them in 60 fps 900p no problem, it’s just not relevant for Microsoft to support it anymore and that sucks..

  20. No gimmicks. Just father and son giving the audience their take. You’re proof that Content is King. I’m happy to see more videos lately, too. You only do videos when you have something to say, so 2021 must be finally finding momentum. I know Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart isn’t attracting much attention in your house, but it’s the most impressive game out right now as far as next generation on PS5. There is no way the Series S could make that possible — possibly the Series X, too, because of the SSD on the PS5 via the seamless rift transfers in the gameplay. The game feels like a Pixar movie, but a video game. Could be worth a play at some point simply as a spectacle/discussion. Anyway, love your videos, Revs.

  21. I love the father and son relationship they have it’s so good to see, I have the same with my son even though he is a grown man now we love talking games, and yes the series s and x are both awesome consoles

  22. I find the series s looks ok on my high refresh rate monitor but on a 4k tv with upscaled resolution it’s really pretty on optimized games.. people seem to think a 4k set isn’t needed but it’s definitely a boost for the console, especially if the tv has 120 hz and HDR. I mean the system even has some games that hit the native 4k mark 🤷🏻‍♂️

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