Xbox Series S | My Friend Peppa Pig | Graphics test/First Look

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    1. i think the 2 graphical options are for either 60fps 4k or 1080p 120fps. i mean i’d expect nothing less the game runs at thousands of fps on any pc with rtx 3000 cards haha.

  1. put my daughter of 8 behind my series s to play this one this afternoon … she has played it for 3 hours straight and then i had to pull her off to go to bed…. tommorow we gonna try the paw patrol game which is also on game pass today..

  2. The thing about this series is that it’s as entertaining for grown ups as the children because the level of comedy and satire is pretty high (the Potato World episode excellently lampoons theme parks). It features a lot of comedy actors and special guest voices. The narrator is John Sparkes who was in one of my favourite sketch shows from the very early 90s Absolutely, along with Morwenna Banks who also does some voice acting.

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