Xbox Series X and PS5 // 8+ months later — Which to BUY? Exclusives, Destiny 2, GamePass and more

It’s been a bit over 8 months since the latest generation of console hardware has hit the shelves. I give my honest thoughts and real world experience with the two systems.

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0:00 Intro
1:28 Hardware
3:41 PS5 Controller
7:13 Xbox Series X Controller
11:04 Sony Exclusives
12:54 GamePass
14:47 PS Now
15:28 Backwards Compatibility
16:20 OS Visual Updates
17:42 Graphical Differences
19:11 Free To Play & Destiny 2
21:42 GamePass for your kids
22:32 PS5 E3 News
23:26 Closing Thoughts

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89 ответов к «Xbox Series X and PS5 // 8+ months later — Which to BUY? Exclusives, Destiny 2, GamePass and more»

    1. I just got the All Access Series X from GameStops website (US), and there was no Queue, so if you’re cool with the monthly plan thing (you can pay off early/immediately btw) then try your luck there!

    2. Follow wario64 on Twitter and put alerts on. I just got an Xbox today for retail at Best Buy. Supposedly there will be more restocks this week. He posts a bunch of other stuff but just pay attention

    1. Not yet. Probably gonna grab the black controller soon.

      I’ve had glitches too. I didn’t deep dive into them for the vid because I feel like the majority, if not all, will be ironed out by the end of the year. And for the most part it’s been stable for me.

  1. I have both and the only reason I really get on the PS5 is for exclusives. Gamepass and quick resume are just so nice to have and I miss them on PS5

    1. @Tefty the appearance of the PS5 also looked much better for me once I got some of DBrands black plates. Went from disliking it to liking it

  2. Great overview, Teft! I think the last time we chatted I mentioned to you and Whopper I was able to get 4 for friends and family. Now I’m currently at 12 happy MSRP folks, I’m hoping for a special edition PS5 color for myself one of these days.

    1. Hey itsuki! 👋 That’s awesome! You must be the hero of your fam 🤣

      And yes, a black PS5 would be nice. Or an Elden Ring special edition console 👀

    2. LOL yeah, lots of thank yous and IOU lunch/dinner.

      OH Elden Ring would be amazing! I can imagine it being some sort of dark slate color.

      Hope you and Meems are doing well! I still have to watch your guys’ Disneyland vid. lol

  3. Initially due to availability I was only able to get the series x. But now gamepass and backwards compatibility has won me over. You just can’t beat that.

  4. I went Series X at launch, I personally like the Xbox ecosystem more. But will do what I always do and grab a PS5 a couple years down the road and have all the exclusives to play for cheap.

    1. @Tefty I’ve had gamepass on pc. But after I played the games I wanted to play. I canceled it. And that’s a thing I like with those kind of services. But at the time, It wasn’t that many games that were of interest for me. But you can’t deny the value in it.

  5. as a day1 ps5 owner who almost went to jail getting my preorder all i can say was …. worth it. it does everything i could ask for and now that its getting discord the only difference imo is gamepass… andni have a pc so if theres something i really wanna play ill do it there

    1. @Frank Gallagher there were 7 ps5s available for preorder, i was number 3. about 9hours into the wait someone about 20th in line decided he was going to cut to number 1 after about 10minutes of me defending the 7 spots the gamestop manager called the cops before a fight broke out.

  6. Got series x bc I already was in ecosystem, but PS5 is super appealing…hope to get it once they’re widely available. Oh also wanted to point out that the bumpers on the series x controller are just a little more clicky/take less to make them activate than the one controller. Small improvement but much appreciated with souls-likes.

  7. I have a the PS5 and the exclusives has really entertained me and kept me occupied since I got it. It’s amazing overall. I can’t speak for Xbox but Sony has been murdering the exclusivity game

  8. I got the series x because all my friends are on xbox but with all the gamepass stuff I can just play a new game whenever I want and its great.

  9. I have the PS5. Lost it, due to a lightning strike. Just got the replacement back last week (not sure if they refurbished mine or sent a new/refurbished one, but it has a new S/N). No issues with my batteries in the controller. I got it because that was the system I started with, back with the PS1. I have always had great experiences with the PS systems (including the clamshell PS3, which just recently died on me).

    Overall, I have been happy with the system. It is incredible how much faster it is. Since I had to revert back to PS4 for a few weeks…man, games started to feel unplayable.

    Side note: I bought dbrand Dark Plates to give it an all-black look, too help it seamlessly fade into my entertainment center (which can support its height). I also picked up a red and the all-black Sony controllers to give it a little charm.

    1. Ouch! I’m always terrified of lighting strikes with all me gear 😬

      Glad to hear you got a replacement! And yes, the PS4 feels ancient in comparison. Really happy that we’re finally in this generation of game consoles 🙌🙌

    2. @Tefty I think the strike came up through my internet or DirecTV cable, then back-fed throughout the house. My living room entertainment center (biggest tv in the house, DTV box, modem, network switch, router, surround sound, Nintendo Switch Dock and thermal label printer) was apparently ground zero. 😭😭😭

      They make whole-home protectors, which I will probably invest in.

      But I feel like console gaming is in a very good place right now.

  10. Also funny enough you can also play ps3/ps2 and og playstation games on the xbox. Along with other old consoles since the xbox can run emulators if you download devmode.

  11. Gamepass is a great deal no one should pass up but if it came down to one or the other PlayStation jus gots what I want🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. I went for the series x, the only risk you take with the series x is the 1st party games still need to prove themselves whereas ps5 exclusives you can pretty much take it to the bank that they will be great. The video sums the pros and cons of each system up pretty well without really mentioning things like FPS boost, quick resume and smart delivery. No matter which console you choose you will 100% get you money’s worth and both will have a suite of great games for you to play, just enjoy both and don’t get caught up in any petty tribalism between the two 😃

  13. Great video here commenting to help out the algorithm. I all for the Sony Exclusives and as i get older i dont need to play the newest game day one anymore, I will prolly get game pass for my PC since most of the xbox games will come on PC eventually, But I will say the Game Pass is an amazing deal if you cant fork out 70 bucks a game for the sony games. Who knows i might get both one day but a PS5 will be first. I hope i can get one before Ragnorak releases.

  14. Even the xCloud is insane. I was able to pull up D2 on my phone using a controller and do basic stuff while my wife was driving her part of our road trip.

  15. I’ve always been an Xbox player, so I went with the Series S (and it was free😂). I’ve got it right next to my pc and bounce back and forth depending if I’m going solo or with the buds. GP Ultimate has me playing all sorts of games, which is nice to have when D2 is in a slow period.

  16. I bought the series x because
    1. The walmart I went to only had 2 left on the shelves, and I haven’t seen any since then.
    2. I’ve been an Xbox player since ’08. (My parents bought a 360 due to the ps3 still being $600.)
    3. I’m excited for where xbox is headed in the future. Sony has kind of lost it for me due to them wanting to focus on AAA titles instead of taking risks with new IP’s like xbox is.

  17. Tefty you forgot to mention the 120 frames pvp experience in destiny. Maybe still worse than pc, but so much better than last gen. Great vid man 👍

  18. Playstation 5 all day. I can play all the games on Xbox plua have spiderman, demon souls, and rachet and klank ect … when I had my Xbox there was alot of games on game pass to play but barely any at all that I wanted to actually play lol

  19. I just finally got an xbox series x from walmart a week ago and im having a ton of fun with my new console. I chose to get an xbox because all my friends are on xbox too

  20. I went with the series x and game pass. It’s a solid experience but I’ll still get a ps5 for Naughty Dog’s games. I skipped the ps4 gen and inherently missed alot of quality exclusives. But why is there still no 1440p support on ps5?

  21. Good comparison. I will go both eventually for the exclusives, but at launch, went for series X. Prefer having an Elite controller, the UI, game pass and more friends on Xbox. Also don’t really like the PS5 design. Maybe by the time there is loads of top tier exclusives for PS, a tweaked design will be out

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