Xbox Series X Console BOOSTED! New Xbox Updates! Elder Scrolls 6 & Starfield Details! Xcloud Upgrade

Xbox Series X Consoles BOOSTED! New Xbox Updates, Elder Scrolls & Starfield Details! Project Xcloud Boost! & More
Xbox Bethesda E3 2021 UPDATES! New Xbox Series X Games, Microsoft Shocks Critics With Big Reveals and unveils new information about Forza Horizon 5, Halo infinite, Starfield, redgall, stalker 2 & much More
Xbox E3 2021 Games, Surprises & More!
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Dont say i didn’t warn you..

100 ответов к «Xbox Series X Console BOOSTED! New Xbox Updates! Elder Scrolls 6 & Starfield Details! Xcloud Upgrade»

    1. @Illest Cat n Nebraska I did say something with substance. Or are you saying the Metro Exodus upgrade is the same as the 2019 game? That would should your idiocy. PLEASE SAY IT IS 🙏

    2. @BlackStorm ur crazy… i never said the metro wasn’t an upgrade … I simply said its a last gen game… the fact that its an upgrade confirms that it was upgraded from last gen to this gen…damage controlling a console with no games can cause hallucinations

    3. @Illest Cat n Nebraska But it’s not a last gen game. It has more next gen features than most next hen games. And it runs and looks better on Series X. Hold this L scrub.

  1. Reternal has to be coming to the Xbox too. Because Microsoft has more money than Sony. And Sony will need to recoup the money from buying these studios. So Reternal will have to come to Xbox. Dumb PlayStation users. Hypocrites.

  2. I bust out my Razer Kishi and play some xcloud anytime I have to wait somewhere and I’m bored… I play games like Darksiders Genesis and one-player games and they play Flawless without a hitch nier automata tons of great games in xcloud ..Mine already ran amazing with the old Hardware.. series X servers are going to make it even better nd it was already good in my area.. maybe first-person shooter multiplayer were tough to do and now with the new hardware and as 5G gets better that will be Done easily… Mine works great and I’m only using 4G LTE metro which isn’t that great.. I can only imagine what’s to come in the next year’s and beyond!! I will say using the Razer Kishi is a game-changer and makes a big difference do not hook up Bluetooth controller.. too much lag… get something that plugs right into your phone you don’t get any latency!! It’s night and day! Smooth like butter!!… and Indiana Jones is a Todd Howard game if zalker was wondering

    1. Just bought the Kishi yesterday. So much better than Bluetooth connection and a stupid phone clip.

      Why I waited so long to buy one I don’t know.

  3. Why would Xbox people even care. The only reason Xbox users care is because when PlayStation does this it’s great. When Microsoft does it there something wrong with it. And Microsoft is supposed to give the games from the studios they buy to Sony. But Sony doesn’t have to give the games of the studios they buy to Microsoft. I’m just tired of the attacks and the bs from Sony and their users. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. And it’s getting old.

    1. I think biggest problem with that is they hid it for long time and made it kinda seem like they might plus Phil was marketing that he didn’t want to take games away or lock them behind his console

    2. ​@Brett Rapp Perhaps you misunderstood his point there, he basically said away from players cause of PS gives you one option which shows you have no other alternative to play the game other than getting a Playstation.

    3. @Patriot Enigma I mean now it does cause he showed it ,but his words left much to the imagination. I figured it was bout 50/50 either way and so did a lot of other people. I’m sure even Xbox fans where alil worried they might go PlayStation even though they said it wouldn’t

  4. Why would Inxile build a new fallout game on unreal engine 5 instead of creation engine 2
    I think it would be a big mistake and make the games feel too different to what alot of ppl love

  5. I know what happened. You didn’t mention Gamepass enough so you connection got cut. It’s like beetle juice. Said it three times and the connection will come back. Gamepass Gamepass Gamepass. Lol

  6. Hahaha Gamepass is for poor people. I have Gamepass and still buy my games too. Damn I didn’t know I was poor. Lol. Maybe I should pay 70.00 for one game. Nah that’s just dumb.

  7. Who the f.. wouldn’t like Xcloud ?!
    It’s like a switch but much better with your fav Games right of were you stopped last time.. and Ponies.. don’t tell me you wouldn’t like playing GOW in your lunch break ??!!!!

    1. Man Star Citizen looks great. I wish CIG would just hunker down on their current vision and polish what they have, but I’m willing to wait however long it takes for that to be done.

  8. great show fellas . in Australia my yearly game pass ultimate cost me $192 au , remember our standard games cost me $100 au , 2 games and it`s paid , best bloody value . and i have both consoles .

    1. Hello Down Under, Denmark Caling..

      Here We have some of the WORLDS HIGEST prices for all XBOX related stuff because of a high VAT /TAX..

      In regard to $70 games on XBX (also counts for PLayStation, STEAM Etc).SAVE up to +75% even on Xbox games that M$ have on discount, and save MORE $/€ .

      Simply go to DLcompare or AllKeyShop to find the best prices on places like Kinguin, G2A or GAMVIO etc and get much cheaper game prices..

      I got 3 Yaears of Xbox LIVE Gold half a year ago for only US $120 and then I used the option to converted them to 36 month of Xbox Ultimate Game’ Pass.
      — Nobody can complain about that..

    1. It would just make playstation better by giving consumers more options. People always have the right to buy if they wish but more options is always a good thing

    1. With a remake you are given more liberties to change things up gameplay or mechanics wise. Remasters use the same code just higher resolution or framerate. usually through engine improvement or some software solution.

  9. I have a PS5, and there isnt crap to play on it other than R&C until GoW comes out whenever that will be. Everything goes on the XSX, and $70 games help keep me on the XSX a ton more. Gamepass has made the Playstation feel like the Paystation.

    1. @Gahyeon Lol, let’s be clear I did not say fans of GamePass. I said Xbox fanboys in general always seem to try to put a negative on PS because they are tired of the success of the platform. To be fair I am sure the same could be true for PS fanboys as well with successes like GamePass on the Xbox side. Perhaps we should read more carefully instead of being triggered for whatever reason, lol.

    2. @Wayne Wayne how many day one first party sony games on ps now? Game Pass has even has more day one Sony studios games on it after MLB the show lol

    3. In regard to $70 games on XBX, SAVE up to +75% even on Xbox games that M$ have on discount, and save MORE $/€ .

      Simply go to DLcompare or AllKeyShop to find the best prices on places like Kinguin, G2A or GAMVIO etc and get much cheaper game prices..

      I got 3 Yaears of Xbox LIVE Gold half a year ago for only US $120, and then I used the option to converted them to 36 month of Xbox Ultimate Game’ Pass.

      — Nobody can complain about that..

    4. @C.P. What I like about Game Pass is that it saves me more money in the end.
      All games are 10-15 percent off in GamePass. I buy enough games inside GamePass, that the 10-15 percent I save is enough for the service. Crazy right

    5. @Kevin Lee Bud I am not saying GamePass is not a great value if you are someone that doesn’t care if you own the title or not. Remember that 10%+ savings is for GamePass games only so anything not inside that service does not qualify. The thing is do what you feel is best for you. GamePass, PS Now, or just buying the game is a choice each person needs to make. This is no right or wrong.

  10. Yeah Zalker Phil confirmed that was a choice they had to make where to ‘spend our silicon’ in server blades when we could sell more to console fans…I think it’s important to work on the cloud now so it’s strong when it’s popular

  11. Damn dude if Todd Howard is directing TES6 and Directing Indiana Jones…when in the hell are these games coming …Xbox 2160….fuuuuuuuuuuuck!

  12. Despite the Y2K problems, great show this week, Dealer. RDX never fails and is always a good time talking about games and laughing about the nonsense going on in the world of gaming and social media. I am happy I finally joined the community as a member, and since my super chat went down with the Wendy’s Wifi, lol, lol. My super chat was giving a shoutout to Game Pass, which has saved me money on games for as low as $9.99 a month and has allowed me to join the RDX channel with the extra funds I have.

  13. Well once you have gamepass for awhile it does get old I get you get a bunch of games but also you normally only get the standard version idk I’m a Xbox fan but Xbox is going more after google don’t believe it go try Google play for five bucks a month now

  14. Oh and my tv now has gamepass so point in buying there new system I was going to get both but why spend the money if I can stream all there main games when they actually come out I know Xbox finally has a chance this gen let’s see if they can stick to it and drop the games they need to last gen if it wasn’t for third party oh and gamepass there system wasn’t great so everyone acting like gamepass is new it’s not and after having it for a year just wait like most everyone who has had it you will get bored of it and then your subscription will slowly disappear and before you know it you won’t even care you don’t have it for the one game a month you play on it

  15. Channels like this do one thing keeps the dumb console war things going when these companies came out and said hey we are the company and we are saying Sony isn’t our target it’s more google learn to stop bitching much on both ends enjoy gaming and stop bitching like you need a Snickers and some caffeine

  16. Starfield not having to develop for Playstation will allow the devs to use their time better, to make a better experience for PC and Xbox.

  17. I get it that this is an Xbox centered channel but you guys are being obviously obtuse about the difference between Microsoft acquiring Bethesda and Sony acquiring housemarque. With the whole organic thing (which I think is stupid) what Sony obviously meant is that they’re acquiring studios that they’ve had long relationships with that have built in made games specifically for the PlayStation platform. Microsoft bought Bethesda which made games for every platform PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC. So the comparison that Sony is just snatching up developers like Microsoft is doesn’t make sense in that context.

    Sony bought insomniac which release one other game on a non Sony platform in the last like 20 years they bought housemark which released on PlayStation and PC and before that they bought naughty dog which was years ago and that was another developer that made games mostly on PlayStation.

    What Xbox exclusives were there from Bethesda apart from the very first Morrowind on the original Xbox that were on other platforms?

    1. @Gahyeon I compare nothing. I’m responding to their comparisons from the video. They were making the case that Microsoft acquiring Bethesda is in the same realm of Sony acquiring Housemarque.

      They intentionally tried to act dumb as to what Sony meant by organic growth. Purchasing a multi studio publisher/developer that makes multiplatform games is not the same as purchasing a developer that has mostly made games on your system.

      The thing that bothers me the most is that they try to make it seem like they’re not doing the same thing that they accuse ps fanboys of doing. It’s OK to have a preference but pretending that you don’t while constantly talking about other that do is super hypocritical.

    1. apple? you do realize that apple doesnt need sony and is known as a control freak in the buisness world? look at the mcu / spider-man drama with sony and you think they would play well with a bully like apple? XD

    2. @Shawn Newell apple already started in the gaming and entertainment buisness from zero. thats already happened. so you say they ditch that to cuddle with sony for no good reason? just like amazon they can be successful with time. i dont see any evidence or need for this to happen. both are too dominant to be stable partners when its not a do or die situation at all for apple.

  18. Zalker dropping the INSTANT TRUTH about Metro, lol — «I don’t wanna gather 80 scraps to get 1/2 a bullet to shoot 70 guys» — I couldn’t have said it better, lol.

  19. “In-engine” does not mean it’s in-game, or real-time. At all. We always hope that is the case, but history has shown, it can mean anything from real-time/in-game, to the engine was used in some way for the production of the pre-rendered cinematic.

  20. You guys are doing a GREAT JOB , always looking forward to watch Your next episode..

    Keep it up..

    In regard to $70 games on XBX (also counts for PLayStation, STEAM Etc).SAVE up to +75% even on Xbox games that M$ have on discount, and save MORE $/€ .

    Simply go to DLcompare or AllKeyShop to find the best prices on places like Kinguin, G2A or GAMVIO etc and get much cheaper game prices..

    I got 3 Yaears of Xbox LIVE Gold half a year ago for only US $120 and then I used the option to converted them to 36 month of Xbox Ultimate Game’ Pass.
    — Nobody can complain about that..

  21. 2:52 into this video i can only say you guys sound like kids just by the way you speak and behave I don’t know to take you serious or not now who in the world can endorse your Channel not me sir

    1. look in the mirror and ask yourself:
      «i write without punctuation… just like some random 11 year old… why would anyone take me serious here?»

  22. The media and gamers didn’t give Xbox shit last gen for no reason….there’s a reason ppl gave Xbox a hard time… because they didn’t do their part like Sony did with PS4 last gen. Now Xbox has to do all they can to win some ppl back…Sony has a plan as well we just have to see what they lve got…Xbox was shit now it’s not 🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. Microsoft and Sony will have their best generation this gen. For those that gift Microsoft shit still are dumb…the ppl that give Sony shit now are just as dumb. Sony hasn’t stopped bringing out games and Microsoft will start at the end of the year

  24. You guys are freaking crazy get rid of that McDonald’s Wi-Fi man LOL seriously though amazing show as always even with the technical difficulties I saw the whole thing I didn’t see it live though unfortunately most of the time I don’t because I’m busy with everything you know how it is.

  25. Haha, I played the starting of Skyrim on PS3 today to test a repair, and damnit you’re right, it IS virtually unplayable on that platform, even after it was fully patched. Its like butter (well, 30fps butter) on the 360 though.

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