Xbox Series X Gets Major Update | AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Now On Xbox | New Xbox GDK Update

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Today Microsoft Xbox Consoles received a huge update to the GDK. The tools have been expanded and games will look at run better. Find out what this means for Xbox.

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  1. AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is now available for devs on Xbox Series Consoles! Are you excited that it’s finally here? What games do you want to see with FSR? Sound off below!

    1. And DirectStorage completely ignores the 2.4GB vs 5.5GB/s narrative.. Does not rely on a Custom Flash Controller, and can allow the SSD to feed the GPU at the FULL RATE of the PCI-e and SYSTEM BUS bandwidth. And the files remain compressed on the RAM (unlike PS5) which effectively MORE than doubles the effect of their RAM.

      RIP PS5.

  2. Since the Series X MechWarrior5 version already have the FidelityFX logo
    on the load screen, I`m hoping there’s a update coming soon.🤞
    The game looks amazing, but could use a frame boost.

    1. @Osgood James imagine buying series L. Go with playstation. Even ps4 is better than series L. Xbox has no games lol you will regret your purchase.

  3. This would be great on my 1080p monitor. I need more fps. Games that naturally run around 1440p still be able to boost frames on my monitor? Keep the graphics quality mode on for example.

  4. did he say xbox one. if thats the case, why amd decided to drop support for some old gcn gpus. Thats weird considering xbox one is gcn 1.0 (durango). hmmmm

  5. I’d like to see them implement FSR on everything, however, speaking for what’s available currently. I’d like it on

    Marvel’s Avengers
    Rainbow Six Siege
    Conan Exiles
    For starters

    1. Rainbow six is fine though. It does 1080p at over 140fps and 1800p at 90ish fps. I think the first game that will be available to try it on is RE8 since its supposed to support it in a few months

  6. Xbox guy here, but I wonder how long before this is on PS consoles. AMD stated it will work for both Xbox and PS, as well as PC. I know PS5 isn’t full RDNA2, but it should still benefit. Heck, if they will be able to use this on Xbox One (that was surprising, btw), it should definitely work on PS5.

  7. It’s not a “close to native result”, Dee. Unless you mean close to its actual internal rendering resolution (1620p for ‘4k’), in which case I would say it’s nearly identical to its native, internal rendered resolution of 1620p. It does seem to help the edges a little. Hopefully it improves!

    1. It’s going to be good for consoles no doubt. Be nice to amd upgrade the kit nvidia dlss is a lot better for now! I play both gaming laptop and xbox it’s also good to see someone say resolution instead of graphics because alot of people say graphics thinking it’s all one picture basically. Graphics and resolution are totally different thing.

  8. Microsoft is simply dropping bombs over and over since the announcement they bought Bethesda and since they showed Starfield will be Xbox Exclusive or AKA Microsoft Exclusive.

    Phil Spencer is the Tom Brady of Xbox

  9. Hopefully the first game we see implement this is RE8 since the coming soon support photo showed it to be next. The game runs at 1440p 60fps on series s using checkerboarding and it looks good but checkerboarding doesn’t really boost framerate and FSR does. I know there’s some games that do 120fps on series s like Gears of War and Warzone but it does DRS at 1080p which sticks more to 720p-900p so I think FSR would at least upscale it to 1080p and not 1440p which is fine to me. But for TV users I know being able to at least hit 60fps while looking good is what’s most important

    1. You realize that FSR works the same way as what’s already being used on the games you mentioned. It’s actually probably worse. RE8 is using checkerboarding and it’s working very well (native resolution is 720p). Gears uses temporal AA upscaling the same way 720-900 native to 1440p. FSR doesn’t boost frame rates, it’s the same as what consoles are doing now, lower native resolution and upscale to get more frames. You’ll literally see no difference in the games you mentioned, and image quality may even be worse.

    2. @Minesh the native resolution depends on the dev. You said 720p but RE8 is being checkerboarded from 1080p to 1440p on series s not from 720p. Outriders 2 is also being checkerboarded from 1080p to 1440p on series s. There are games that use checkerboarding very poorly. For Avengers the PS5 uses checkerboard to upscale it to 4k from 1440p-1800p and you can obviously tell that in some places it looks very gross because of how low resolution it is. As for FSR if it’s being upscaled to 4k it gets upscaled from 1600p but again AMD let’s the devs choose so most of the time the series x and ps5 drop to 1800p when it uses DRS at 4k so using FSR to upscale it from 1800p will look good and from what tech reviewers have said, they’ve said that 4k with FSR looks pretty good and using FSR at 1440p and 1080p does look a bit blurry especially in godfall but thats because 1080p is being upscaled from 580p and 1440p is being upscaled from 720p. Using FSR at 720p to upscale to 1080p would work fine

    3. @SMOKEY games that get upscaled from above 1600p to 4k with traditional techniques such as TAAU, checkerboarding already look great. That’s why RE8 looks great on the series x and ps5. The only drawback of checkerboarding is artifacts which mainly get eliminated at higher native resolutions. Either way, FSR is not adding anything new. If games can render natively at 60 percent of target resolution pixels, FSR won’t help at all. Games with RT performance at below 1440p on ps5/series x and FSR will look worse than temporal upscaling. So really not many good cases for FSR.

    4. @Minesh Well the Ultra Quality and Quality mode of FSR look fairly good and Quality modes native resolution I’d 1440p. You can take a look at godfall using Quality mode it looks pretty good and it has rt enabled. I’d say to look more into it because it does work better than Checkerboarding and it does offer better performance and visual quality

    5. @SMOKEY I’ll wait and see until the games come out. As others have mentioned this is a spatial technology without machine learning so it can only go so far. I would say it’s doing nothing new compared to checkerboarding or TAAU. All modern game engines have gone for temporal reconstruction as it produces better results. But let’s wait and see. As for performance gain, again I can’t see this doing much. Look at games that run at 120fps on series x (resolution is down to 1080p-1440p max usually with drs). Same with games that run with RT and 60fps (1080p-1440p max with drs). FSR can’t make a 1080p image look good so nothing has changed. I know console fans want this to be their saviour but it’s very early. As always, wait for the games and results.

  10. FatalityX on Xbox S will make it way stronger and better purchase and update on Xbox X series will be beast for PC lovers as well. I rock my Xbox S with my pc. Love the combo

  11. @Dee Batch. I always love your content. But may I say one thing. I also love you on RDX podcast but I really think you should speak more. It seems like you like to stay in the background. Is that because you like to talk about the tech more then the topics or the games? I was just wondering because I definitely noticed that everyone else on the panel talks a lot more. Enjoy the rest of your day

  12. I think if you are die hard playstation fan its definitely worth getting a series s just for game pass. Ps for your exclusives and xbox for 3rd party and skyrim ect

  13. When things go bad he disappears. Playstation is also getting all of this so when he says it will be a huge advantage? Lmao this is why he gets attacked like crazy . All home consoles are getting this . including Playstation. This guy is bad

  14. Isn’t it also coming to PS5? I’m seeing all these youtubers reporting that fidelity fx is only coming to xbox or only coming to ps5? Just making the console war way worse, I love both consoles but these channels’ comment sections are either riddled with strictly ps5 or xbox comments, disregarding the other platform

    1. And each company has different objectives anyway? Sony is way more focused on single player 3rd person adventure games and Microsoft is more focused on a streaming service for gamers. I just do nottttt understand the divide ahhaha

  15. FSR : Bear in mind that GDK support SDK is clearly handling Microsoft updates & is directly controlled,

    Updating the SDK is a permission event & shall surely be to specifications that are …
    Entirely performance related.. Open platform.

    Duke Thrust

  16. So Dee Batch,Is there gonna be a part 2 to this video where you will admit that the PS5 will also support this feature as well?!??👉🏽🤢.👀

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