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  1. Some of you are going to understand exactly what I am doing here and some of you wont. Either way it’s ok! enjoy! drop your comments. Your comment will let me know if you understood the video or not.

    1. Bro, that’s a great observation and point. You just put the PonyBoyz in check with this one. Horizon Forbidden West is coming to ps4. On another note, I don’t know much about the technical side; but I always thought the narrative that games made for this gen and last gen hurt the quality of games was BS. It sounds like a lazy excuse….

  2. We having seen the full potential of ps5 yet,just as well as the Xbox, but you fronting if you say ratchet and clank didn’t, look great or play great,rather it’s cartoony or not,most legit critics even say it looked great and played great as well as demon souls and spider man miles morales,scalpers buy ps5,s cause they know it’s a higher demand than Xbox series x.

  3. There’s only one exclusive game I want to play on Xbox series ass and X that will not run on Xbox one or the game streaming service and that is Microsoft flight simulator also I got an PS five for Christmas now my mom did not get it from scalper she got it from Walmart when they were having one of their Walmart plus sales

  4. I have an Xbox series S coming on Tuesday I didn’t buy it from scalper I bought it from Microsoft website I would never buy anything for my scalp I don’t wanna be ripped off

  5. DOC!!! This was exactly the point I was trying to get across to you in the comments on a previous video of yours. I don’t see how anyone can argue with you on this one. Ratchet and returnal were purposefully excluded from last gen just to get us to buy that ps5. The next God of War to come out this year will be on ps4! Make that make sense.

    1. 118 million PS4’s still on the market, supply chain issues crippled Sony and Microsoft’s ability to make consoles to meet demand, If you were running Sony, would you leave all those potential sales on the table to accommodate your next gen console that’s in limited production only and alienate an entire player base? That’s the sense it makes, it’s business 101…If you say you would then you’re just different because believe it that Microsoft wouldn’t leave that money on the table…Yeah it’s «console wars» and all that but let’s be real, there’s money on the table to be made and BOTH companies want to make money

    2. again mike , you aint wrong! it makes sense to get that PS4 money. so why isnt Sony trying to get that PS4 money for returnal and ratchet?

    3. @DOC_ DARK1985 R&C relies too heavily on technology that the PS4 hardware doesn’t support to run smoothly or let alone at all, it would have to be severely dumbed down, the PS4 is 8 years old so I get that, it made sense for them NOT to put it on PS4, Returnal? You have a point there, I can concede that

    4. GOW was already an impressive game doesn’t really need anymore , same with horizon but I think you’ll see two different versions of the game on each platform Ps5 version being the superior!

    5. @Paddy’s Bricks I don’t deny that. My point is do your honestly believe there could not be 2 versions of ratchet n clank and 2 versions of returnal? These cases were boasted to be cream of the crop and only playable on ps5. Now something better than these games is going to be cross gen?

    1. Andrew ride that xbox fanboy meet like you always do i’m sure you are all here to suck up to doc but let me tell you something he is just a casual gamer dude in a tank top that plays his games on easy and normal difficulty he has no graming crediblity he is inspiration to nobody. Y’all xbots are broken from losing and being the underdog for 21 years at this point if you think xbox won 2021 because it got 2 of your main games and halo infiinte came out half unfinished at end of last year while playstation was releasing bangers all year your delusional and your going to get crushed this year PlayStation will absolute dominate and no amount of capping will save you this year

  6. I’m guessing scalpers are only buying Playstation 5 lol just by that logic you’re saying that it’s easy to get a Series X right? Microsoft told you it’s the most powerful console then they tell you it’s the most powerful Xbox.. When people complain about the power they said they’re waiting for the tools as a gamer I don’t want to hear that

    1. you are absolutely right….microsoft lied about the power narrative. clearly you dont watch my videos cause if you did you would kno i already admitted this. it’s a huge L. now …..can you stick to the topic of this video? is Ratchet and Clank using more PS5 resources than HFW?

    2. @DOC_ DARK1985 yes you admitted it that they lied to you about the power but as a console gamer you don’t have the ability to increase the power so it’s pointless to even brag about that

    1. True… The Ponies are all in their feelings but so are you X-bots. You’re all in your feelings too. Also… The point of this video doesn’t matter. I game on everything… So there is no need for me to bitch and moan about either side. I simply enjoy games. Every corporation lies. Here’s a point. Try this on for size. Sony Lies, Microsoft Lies, Nintendo Lies, etc… They all lie. So what, we give them our money regardless. But at least I’m not delusional to have some faulty loyalty to one particular company. If you are a grown ass adult and you still have to bitch about some fanboy loyalty whether it be Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo… Then something is seriously off in your life. You know who made the right choice? I did. I game on everything but have loyalty to nothing. If «There’s Levels to This…» then why is Xbox your only level? I play everything old school and new school. No matter which brand. With that being said… Then I guess I’m the one that really has the «Levels to This.»

  7. More playstation exclusives are on the way ,as far as xbox I’m curious as to what state of decay 3 will look like because state of decay 1 and 2 are cheeks

  8. AAA budget plays a huge role.. ratchet & returnal being a PS5 exclusives doesn’t match up to forbidden west 200 million budget even at cross gen it has a higher chance of out performing those 2 games.

    1. @DOC_ DARK1985 yes the game design was made with SSD in mind.. the key showcase in that game is fast world loading with physics, while maintaining “the highest visual fidelity”

      Forbidden West are made with HDD in mind & the only changes I see is graphics, water textures, & new combat animation.

      Ragnarok is supposed to be a DLC but it got so much bigger so they decided to make it a full blown game.

    2. @DOC_ DARK1985 It can run on PS4 but Ratchet & Clank plays best with ray tracing technology which the PS4 does not support and because of how complex R&C is, Sony wasn’t willing to release it on PS4 to be underwhelming because that game relies so heavily on ray tracing…Yes, it was a business decision but is this a bad thing? How does it equate to being lied to?

  9. I respectfully agree and disagree with certain parts in your video.

    I agree that both xbox and Playstation are being held back by the older hardware (xbox one and ps4 respectively), which is simply the nature of the beast when developing for new and old hardware at the same time. A base ps4 has roughly the same power as a 750 ti, while a ps5 is roughly on rhe level of a 1660 super.

    However, I disagree in the assessment of things like ratchet and returnal being the best that they can do. Not because the hardware isn’t powerful enough (there was actually a video from a developer who worked on the Lego games that broke down aspects of ratchet and came to the conclusion that it could in fact run on a ps4). Instead, I believe that a more realistic explanation would be 1 of 2 things:

    1. The code the developers wrote was grossly unoptimized (anyone who is a pc gamer would be able to tell you that some games are simply not put together well or run poorly with it being no fault of their hardware), and thus are locked at certain graphical settings or framerate limitations in order to be playable.


    2. Games like returnal, ratchet and clank, demon souls remake, etc. Were created with the idea of being «showpiece» titles, much like how older Sony exclusives like the order 1886 or xbox’s ryse son of rome were, and made exclusive in order to push more console sales.

    1. ​@The best the best the best The best did you just say the PS5 GPU is roughtly on the level of a 1660 super the GTX 1660 super is 165 % weaker than the PS5 GPU what kind of nonsense is this i had with you hardware uneducated people is it that hard for you get a proper education in computing all of your arguments are invalid from this point on because you have no idea what the hell your talking about

    2. @DOC_ DARK1985 Ratchet and clank rift apart cannot run on the PS4 Alex Battaglia John Linneman From Digital FOundry and Insomniac’s developer that was a guest in digital foundry confirmed that Ratchet and clank rift apart can only run on PS5 and high end PC it probably can run on xbox series x as well but not on older hardware and its not the best Insomniac can do Insomniac said they are barely scratching the surface with the power of the PS5 even the SSD of the PS5 is not fully utilized in Rift Apart because a slow SSDs can also run the game also i noticed small pop in grass while i was going full speed with my rocket boots so Rift apart is just a small taste of next gen

    3. @Neal S I would counter your first point by saying, if a game that needs to make concessions to run on antiquated hardware is «not the game that was advertised», that you are effectively saying that upcoming Sony exclusives such as God of War ragnarok and horizon forbidden west should not have ps4 versions, as they would be versions that are running on antiquated hardware and thus are not the advertised experience, correct?

      Though, I do agree with you to a certain extent about console versions of a game being more optimized for certain games than on PC. Consoles need that optimization because of their limited hardware capability, as opposed to a pc where you can effectively brute force better performance despite optimization. Though, there have been bad pc ports in the past (which are now fixed) such as resident evil 4 and the infamous batman arkham knight pc port.

      As for a ps5 outperforming a 2070 super, again, I would disagree. To use a recent game such as guardians of the galaxy as an example, pc benchmarks on youtube show that game running at 1440p, 60 fps Mac settings, ray tracing on with 1% lows of 52 fps (source 1 below) As it stands, the only way that a ps5 is hitting 60 fps is at 1080p resolution without ray tracing. The other modes on offer are 1440p ray tracing on at 30 fps, and 4k quality mode at 30 fps .Furthermore, digital foundry found that the graphical settings used on the ps5 version of the game were the equivalent of the «low» preset on pc (source 2 linked below) Though, you did correct me on one thing. A ps5 is more powerful than a 1660 super. Digital foundry found, when analyzing raytracing performance on spiderman miles morales and other ps5 titles such as ghost runner, that the specs for the ps5 were closer to a 2060. (Source 3 linked below)


      Source 1. https://youtu.be/TN7GxQkc1Sw

      Source 2. https://youtu.be/Yi0BBnTxyPs

      Source 3. https://youtu.be/crjbA-_SoFg (6:20 into the video).

      Edit: labeled sources, added time stamp for source 3

    4. ​@The best the best the best The best the PS5 GPU is on par with an RX 6800 and with extra masterful optimization and coding it can be on par with a RX 6800XT in 2023 2024 when we leave cross gen behind the stupid shit you hardware uneducated people say its beyond delusional. I’ve been over this many times how many times hardware educated folks like me Digital foundry NX gamer and Developers from Insomniac have to telll you regular gamer folks that have no basic understading of hardware software engineering computing 3d graphics rendering that its not possible for ratchet and clank rift apart to run on older hardware its not because of the portals its the multiple words stored in memory and pulled in an instant to load in miliseconds its laughable that you uneducated people refuse to understand

    5. @The best the best the best The best  @The best the best the best The best  While you can make rough comparisons of bespoke console hardware to PC; it gives a general idea on some third party multiplat games (such as GoTG which is an inferior next gen console port considering it has to dip to 1080p and still can’t hold consistent 60fps). You then have cases such as the Death Stranding Directors Cut which performs on par with a 3070 (check NXGamers analysis if you want proof, he’s also on many of IGNs performance videos).

      At the end of the day the hardware is only one part of the equation, dev talent, SDK/tools, and resources ($$) play and have the greatest impact. Speak to anyone who actually works in AAA game development and they will tell you the same. Consoles have also given devs the ability to code to the metal which they can’t do with PC (excluding Xbox this gen with the switchover to the GDK, hopefully they remedy that since devs have already complained about it).

      Like them or not, this is how you had games like GoW, TLOU2 looking as good as they did on hardware using tablet CPUs from 2010 and 1.4 GCN tflop GPU. A PC w the same specs as a base PS4 wouldn’t even be able to boot up the GoW PC port, nor the HZD or Days Gone ports.

      Personally I think it’s very early and we’ve hardly scratched the surface on what we will see from these systems a couple of years from now; all the features aren’t even being fully utilized and game engines have yet to be fully updated. I’d bet money that by 2025 the PS5 and SX will be outperforming 20 series GPUs.

  10. So u saying everything on xbox is better then PlayStation? And you saying If ratchet and returnal only ps5 then they must be next gen games? Bruh come on with this console war bs. U grown men look like some fools capping and cheerleading for these plastic boxes and companies that don’t care about you. U fanboys of all platform need to touch some grass broski this embarrassing fam. U fanboys really got to say what is better then the other to make the purchase feel right huh. This is pathetic and sad broski. Stop being a fanboy, enjoy gaming from all platform and stfu with console wars ✌️

  11. microsoft is making there newest games exlusive to the next gen consles such as stalker 2,hellblade 2, avowed, i think also star feild as well

    1. @DOC_ DARK1985 Hell no! I believe the PS5 is over hyped and it graphics are going to be sub-par as time goes on. The system is underpowered as is. The SSD people keep talking about has no graphical implications.

    2. @Joshua Moore But the mantra «its how to utilize that power» still holds true.Thats why Ps4 games looked the way they did even though One X was more powerful.Im talking exlusives not third party.I bet Sony will show this gen over and over again that they make the most visually striking games.

  12. This Sony lying to you argument is forced and repetitive lol. Their marketing advertises to get games on ps5 for the next gen «experience». Playing games on ps5 or series x will be the better experience for cross gen games. That is just common sense and proven already.

    Also I am sure ratchet and returnal could have been released on ps4. It is in the developer studio hands to put the dev time and resources into developing that game for multiple gens. The effort put into handling that may not be worth it for some studios.

    Also this argument is flawed because different studios have different talent levels. You have Last of Us 2 from ps4 that graphically is still more impressive than a next gen title like The medium lol.

    So if Horizon does look better than ratchet and returnal, it won’t be that surprising since the developer studios are different with different skill sets. I guarantee you the ps4 and ps5 versions are gonna be very noticeable with how different they run.

    1. Wow look at the damage control…….. If Horizon forbidden west looks and plays better than Ratchet and Clank rift apart then the «SSD «narrative is dead! It should have been able to run on the PS4. How convenient of you to mention studio talent now…..either Sony has some of the most talented studios or not! ?

    2. @DOC_ DARK1985 Lol. None of us know whether these next gen consoles are being utilized to their maximum. Sony fans, Microsoft fans, and everyone else should just chill on speaking on this matter because so far both consoles are releasing games that look better and better, so I am sure they still got surprises up their sleeves. Also we not the devs and don’t have the metrics to see what these games are pushing the consoles to. Supposedly these consoles are supposed to support 8k and we have yet to see that be applied in big game titles. Looking at console history, studios tend to create the best looking games close to the end of the console life cycle since studios become more familiar with them over the years they work with them. Ratchet can’t be played on ps4 because of the SSD features embedded with the concept of the game lol. Returnal on the other hand probably could have been put on ps4 with downgraded graphics, framerate, etc. Again getting a ps5 is to experience next gen elements applied in newer games which is currently being proven.

    3. @Badjuju_79 Lol. I can count various times microsoft/Phil Spencer got caught up with dishing out false statements and had to publicly apologize or retract statements. All These console companies business plans switch up just like other businesses eventually do over time. The Xbox community easily forgets that they all played ps1s and ps2s back then and now all of a sudden they talk crazy about Sony past consoles. Stop it lol.

  13. no loading screens in either of those games… IF and ONLY IF it was a game design choice (which im sure it was to keep the game loop fun) then thats why.. Returnal on PS4 would be hella gimped and not worth playing(30 fps with max 3 enemies on screen AFTER a 5 minute load). same as ratchet, why waste resources and time tryna get it to run there?.. Clearly you know Horizon FW was a ps4 title from inception and will take 2 more hours to load than the original lol..

    1. ok so then you are ok saying Ratchet and Clank and Returnal are more advanced than HFW and GOD right? thats the only way your statement makes sense.

    2. @DOC_ DARK1985 technically they are, i dont have an issue admitting that.. keep in mind, the scope and budget of the first horizon AND GOW I believed surpassed that of returnal. Ratchet is more (the most) advanced in its own category, platforming action shooter .. but again its size and scope aren’t close to something like HZD or GOW 2018.. think of ratchet as the first to use whatever technique they used to go from one world to the next instantly.. I can imagine GOW and HFW will have something EXACTLY like that damn near making Ratchet a relic of the past as “the first” game to have instant world streaming.. so yes, ratchet and returnal are more advance for now.. but one thing youre forgetting is, im sorry you wont get that instant world traveling and sweet stable sharpK 60 on PS4 pro lol
      in fact ill go on record to say GOW and HFW will show you why, you’d rather have played them on PS5 than 4 essentially showing you ratchet and returnal on PS4 is pointless.

  14. Let’s be honest if Sony had made god of war and Horizon on for the ps5 and Sony said forget the ps4 base this video would be different. Making them game for both platforms was the best move for Sony to make all the money they can from both groups. Like game pass save Xbox that was the best business move for Xbox.

    1. This is why this doesnt make sense. so Sony didnt want to make money off of Ratchet and Clank? Sony didnt want to use the PS4 player base for Ratchet and Clank? or Returnal either? doesnt make sense.

  15. First off, shout out to the young king, Secondly, it’s a layered argument involving two different strategies, Microsoft isn’t banking on Series X hardware as much as they’re banking on accessibility even on legacy devices, so at the moment there’s no need to make games exclusively to the Series X…Sony’s strategy is way different, they still create cross gen games because there are 118 million PS4’s still out there and due to the supply chain they can’t get PS5’s to their players to meet the demand so it would make common business sense right now NOT to abandon the PS4…Microsoft wouldn’t either if they had that many Xbox One’s still being used. The number of Xbox One’s in existence is three times fewer than the PS4 so Game Pass made the most sense because supply chain issues hurt them too and you don’t want to alienate 41 million Xbox One players…Games also play differently on the series X than on the series S and Xbox One even with Game Pass because of their hardware so it’s literally the same thing to which you’re talking about Sony being guilty of, it’s cross gen too…The last part about who’s better and all that is subjective, Ratchet & Clank is an incredible game visually if we’re being objective, if you don’t like it fine but I do think you’re being a bit disingenuous when you make it appear to be a basic game at best, I disagree with you on that respectfully but I get it, console wars…You should watch digital foundry’s explanation on YouTube about Ratchet & Clank and you’ll see there’s more to it than that and I think you’d respect it a little more because rifting through portals isn’t all to that game, it’s complex. I love your content, I just think this argument doesn’t hold much water…Happy New Year King

    1. thank you Sir, great comment. I get the Ratchet being complex but does the same hold for Rerturnal? my problem with both these games is that it was made to seem as if they were using so much of the PS5 that they couldnt run on the PS4. if thats the case then tat means that HFW and GOD wont be using the PS5 to the same potential that Ratchet and Returnal did. I think it BS. I bet any money that HFW and GOD will be more impressive than Ratchet and Clank and Returnal and yet they will both have a PS4 version.

    2. @DOC_ DARK1985 I can see your point with regards to Returnal but I can only guess that the game was engineered to run exclusively on the PS5 prior to COVID screwing everything up, there was most likely no time to reverse engineer it for PS4, who knows?…As far as HFW and GoW, just like Forza and Halo, these games are sequels that ran on the previous generation and looked gorgeous so all that’s really needed in these cases is that upgrade to match their respective consoles hardware this time around for next gen BUT they are exclusive to that platform…It makes complete sense not to alienate your prior gen players, I’m not mad at any gaming company that chooses that route, as time goes on these things change, you’ll soon see MS make games that can ONLY be played on the series X because of hardware requirements especially if ray tracing is involved, even though Game Pass as incredible as it is exists, make no mistake, Microsoft ideally would like its player base to have that Series X to get the best version of its games possible, they wanna sell their consoles, I don’t think it would mean MS is lying to their player base…Again, I think it’s a matter of two different strategies, both work for their respective players…Whether or not HFW and GoW will be more impressive than R&C and Returnal is subjective, it really depends on who you ask, there’s no right or wrong answer…For example people think I’m crazy for saying that Redfall and Tunic will be Xbox’s best games next year, everyone says Starfield, depends on who you ask…lol…Peace King

  16. Theres just not enough ps5s out there to justify making ps5 only games. Thats why these titles had to become ps4 titles as well. Sony is too dependent on console sales. With gamepass’s features now, xbox can focus on next gen only games and not have to worry about developing for older hardware anymore since you can stream these next gen only games on an xbox one console. Xbox just needs gamepass subscriptions and they have more than enough.

    1. @DOC_ DARK1985 horizon and god of war are bigger titles for them or more successful. Maybe they were testing the grounds with returnal and ratchet. It was obviously a good call since returnals numbers are terrible and ratchets werent good either lol. After that ps was like, maybe we should include ps4 or pc in the mix since there arent enough ps5s out there lol. Yeah they probably lost money on ratchet and maybe returnal as well

  17. There’s millions of dollars left behind with ratchet and returnal not being on PS4.. Pretty sure if they could run on PS4 Sony would of definitely made it work and took those millions in profits. About HFW graphics vs ratchet and returnal. It wasn’t all about the graphics but more so the ssd.

    1. @DOC_ DARK1985 returnal has something like 2,000+ projectiles on screen at some points. All with some level of ray tracing. It’s not that returnal couldn’t run on the ps4, it’s that the experience would not be identical on the ps4.

    2. @Emmanuel Mbala yeah if the dude would watch digital foundry vids it explains some of the graphical tools housemarque were using in returnal that can be utilised and are not available on the PS4 , those two games are only scratching the surface of what the PS5 can do, it’s a better designed machine hence why in most benchmark’s you’re finding PS5 outperforming the Xbox series x

  18. Bro you have to understand before making these videos about backwards compatibility is that as long as there had been video game concols pass gen will always hold the next gem back for the first few years. As far as horizon goes on why it’s cross plats and not ratchet returnal is because there’s alot more in game loading screen on ratchet amd returnal where you load in and get into battles then there is on horizon. ( speaking because if HFW is anything like HZD then there won’t be) and as far as graphics goes if you look at 3rd party games for these next gens is pretty much evenly match. And as far as power goes it goes both ways sony has yet been able to tap into its full power also so just he careful with what you say doc I don’t want youb to say anything that’s going to turn around and bite you on the butt… just enjoy what you’re playing and let’s let 2022 do the talking

    1. KAst my man you are correct. trust me I dropped this video and really calculated what I wanted to say. I do believe that HFW will blow Ratchet and Clank and Returnal out of the water in terms of graphics, physics and gameplay and if my prediction is correct then i’m going to need a real explanantion as to why Returnal and Ratchet and Clank arent on the PS4.

    2. @DOC_ DARK1985 to answer your question it’s not why can not run on the ps4 it’s more of why they didn’t make it run on the ps4. If you look at the history of the playstation from ps1 to ps5 history will repeat itself. For example the first 2 years of ps4 the exclusives that was released on it was
      Infamous second son
      Uncharted 4
      And there were more I believe
      You have to ask yourself some of these games and 3rd party exclusives also can also run on the ps3 . But only a few made it as a «cross plat game» because the ones that were only on ps4 were to be a system seller.

  19. But the best part of this video was Juju cutting you off to say it’s levels to this. Man me and my wife watched that part over and over. It was too cute.

  20. Only run on the PS5 could mean 25% over the PS4 when the PS5 is like 400% over the PS4
    The PS5 has yet to be utilized. Insomniac was making Ratchet and Clank before the SSD was finished and assumed 1 GB/s speed. We now know the PS5 SSD is 5.5 GB/s so it was held back. Developers were told to be very conservative with their spec requirements guesses.
    Let’s look at the previous generation, it wasn’t really pushing until Uncharted 4 in 2016 even though there was a ton of ps4 exclusives

  21. Again with the «xbox have no game cause it’s game releases on pc too » narrative …
    Some months or years later Sony will do the same thing
    Then narrative will change? …
    we should keep in mind that both are corporations and they care about money, that’s it…

  22. Bruh u really need to be careful what you be saying in these videos because one day this stuff going to come back and buy you in your a**. U know u will not be able to take the heat. I’m not sure what you got against Sony but man this argument in the video will not hold up broski. Play ur games bruh. Tired of clowns like u doing console war crap know u not getting anything at night 😂🤣

  23. Awww doc, you don’t have to be so hurt all the time! It’s okay to lose.

    Listen, Returnal and ratchet and clank are games that were conceived and designed to utilise certain aspects of the PS5. Neither of them, for various reasons had max’ed out the PS5 power. But whether Sony releases a game on the ps4 or not is irrelevant because there are PS3 games like uncharted that crap all over halo infinite. So chill.

    My man, nothing on Xbox looks better than ratchet. Nothing on Xbox plays better than returnal. Chill man, you about to accidentally hit the kid with those arms flying everywhere.

  24. Aye Doc…you know good and well if those two games could run on PS4 they would have released them on PS4 as well. It’s ok that the PS5 can utilize tech to create games.

  25. No one is saying what your saying doc. Sony just put a few «ps5» only games out for the early adopters. Now if you think you seen PlayStations best this early you never played a PlayStation. No hate to xbox. But y’all need to ask phil why the xbox marketing don’t match. Where are those 12 tflops of 4k ray tracing, 120 FPS games??? Where are the superior 3rd party performing current gen games? Yall bought seriesX to play superior last gen performance??? That sounds like another uncle phil lie to me. But we not gonna talk about that. I dare you to play Returnal and tell me its trash doc. You a gamer, i gaurantee returnal will have your palms sweating and heart racing. And no game maxes out a new system in year one. So nobody said that. But where are the xbox series focused games at all? Will they ever arrive? Being game pass has to run on every device known to man. Soon gamepass being cheap aint gonna cut it. Especially when sony starts putting out true PS5 exclusives. I’ll put money on sony studios before anybody that MS bought. The last 5 yrs can’t be undone because MS finally decided to put games out. If thats the case you still catching up to PS4. Meanwhile sony is getting further ahead. I find it funny how its the entire xbox existence vs, year 1 of PS5 only like PS4 aint still tsking souls out here. Funny how thats bad for sony but goid for xbox. Seems like theirs a lot of rules to judge sony on. But xbox is what ever it takes to be «better». I see all the levels doc.

  26. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart is just a small taste of what next gen will be. Insomniac have barely used the power & hardware features of PS5 and the speed of It’s ssd and its not the portals making Rift apart next gen its all the worlds that are stored in memory and pulled in miliseconds to load thats why it cant run on older hardware. Horizon Forbidden West is an open world game which are the most demanding games while Ratchet is a linear game so Horizon will look better than ratchet and clank rift apart. Horizon FW started development in 2019 simultaneiously for the PS4 and PS5 dev kit thats why it runs well on the PS4 and it looks like a next gen game on the PS5. Its still held back by the PS4 the PS5’s geometry engine is running autopilot mode its not being used and there is pop in but Guerilla are doing a masterful engineering job to make the game so impresssive to a point where other developers including Santa monica dev are asking Guerrila how are they making the highly detailed design meshes of the enitre creature so the slither fang is fully interactive with the enviroment its masterful animation and design the particle effects and the Physics with the Slitherfang Boss are phenomenal

  27. this grown man, thinks, scalpers have the money to buy millions of ps5 enough to sway the sales for Sony. if scalpers were to buy just 100k ps5, and kept it in some warehouse. that alone would costs them, 50 million dollars not including the warehouse and everything else pertaining to storage. thats just 100k ps5. hahaha. but xbots will offer you this narrative, that millions of ps5 are being held by scalpers, so Xbox console sales are actually closer to what the ps5 sales numbers are at. this is the kind of dumb logic these xbots do to themselves.

  28. All games can be played on ps4 or xbox one they would just have to find a workaround decrease resolution or fps or put in hidden loading screens. PC do thus all the time with different configurations. Good video

    (LET ME SHOW YOU WHY THE PS5 IS THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE. PS5 outpowers XSX by 19% in UE5 Matrix Awakens In Next Gen with 0 optimization while xbox first party studio the coalition optimized XSX/XSS and xbox series x was still outperformed by 19%)
    PS5 Paper Specs 2304 Shading cores 144 TMUS 64 ROPS 256 BIT BUS WIDTH
    GPU RDNA 2 10.3 Teraflops 36 Compute Units CLOCK SPEED 2233 MHZ CPU 3.5GHZ SMT
    16GB GDDR6 Memory Clock 1750MHZ 14Gbps effective PS5 can use 16GB VRAM FOR GPU
    transistor count 18.4 Billion SSD read 5.5GB/s Raw write 9GB/s + oodle MAX speed 22GB/s
    Pixel Rate 142.9 GPixel/s Texture Rate 321.6 GTexel/s Memory Bandwidth 448GB/s
    XSX Paper Specs 3328 Shading Cores 208 TMUS 64 ROPS
    10GB GPU RAM 560GB/s bandwidth 6GB 336GB/s bandwidth
    320 BIT BUS WIDTH 15.3 billion transistor count
    16GB GDDR6 Memory Clock 1750MHZ 14gbps effective XSX can use 13.5GB VRAM For GPU
    Pixel Rate 116.8 GPixel/s Texture Rate 379.6 GTexel/s
    SSD read 2.4GB/s RAW write 4.8 GB/s Compressed +SFS& velocity max speed 5.5GB/s 6GB/s
    GPU RDNA 2 12.15 Teraflops Clockspeed 1.825 MHZ 52 compute units CPU 3.6 GHZ SMT

    PS5 VS XSX CPU 3.5GHZ VS 3.6GHZ ( 2.8% advantage for Xbox Series X)
    PS5 144 TMUS VS XSX 208 TMUS ( 36% Advantage for Xbox Series X )
    Shader Cores PS5 2304 XSX 3328 (36% Advantage for Xbox Series X )
    PS5 memory Bandwidth 448GB/s VS XSX Split memory 10 GB 560GB/s 6GB 336 (22% advantage for Xbox Series X and 28% advantage for PS5 )
    ( higher memory bandwidth means transfering memory faster & allowing higher resolution)
    PS5 18.4 Billion Transistor count VS XSX 15.3 BILLION ( 18% Advantage for PS5)
    GPU PS5 36 CUs 10.3 TFLOPS 2.23GHZ VS 12.15 TFLOPS 52 CUs 1.8GHZ
    (33% GPU Clockspeed Caches advantage for PS5 VS 20% Computing XSX GPU advantage)
    (PS5 CPU and GPU run all the time in boost mode at their full frequency they are not overclocked watch road to PS5 10 times educate yourself) PS5 has 400mhz faster GPU which is 33% faster rasterisation 33% faster cache speed 33% higher cache bandwidth 33% faster comand buffer 33% faster Vector ALU 33% faster calculating ray traced rays true the intersection engine in the CUs and BVH structor thats a huge advantage on PS5. )
    (computational capability of the vector ALU thats just one part of the GPU there is a lot of another units and those other units all run faster when the GPU frequency is higher at 33% higher frequency rasterisation goes 33% faster processing the comand buffer goes that much faster the L2 and other caches have that much higher bandwidth and they all run faster on PS5 and so on).(Teraflops means how many mathematical calculations can the Vector ALU can do per second. A graphics card has many different components they all matter one of those components is the Vector Arithmetic Logic Unit and this is the component that has teraflops and CUs in it. The vector ALU is designed to do a type of math for graphics called vector math that takes collection of large numbers and multiply devide another collection of large numbers simultaneously. Teraflops are just one part of the vector ALU The more CU’s A GPU has the More Calculations the Vector ALU can do at the same time the higher the clock speed the faster the entire GPU works including the vector ALU works faster with higher clockspeed the result here is PS5 is negating the series X teraflops compute advantage with its clockspeed advantage resulting in PS5 GPU beating the series X GPU in power and speed in this aspect between PS5 and XSX GPUS which means certain games will like higher clockspeeds other games will like more tflops compute units so both consoles can have advantages versus each other but the end result is PS5 gpu is more powerful than XSX GPU and PS5 as an entire console is just a more powerful console )

    («G.O.A.T Mark Cerny With the continuous improvement of AMD technology it is dangerous to rely on teraflops as an absolute indicator of performance and CU count should be avoided as well».» Its easier to fully use 36 CUs in parallel than it is to use 52 Cus When Triangles are small its much harder to fill all those CUs with useful work» triangles are getting smaller and smaller and more compute units will have a hard time to render them where less compute units can be filled with useful work faster and handle smaller polygon triangles a lot faster its much easier to fill less compute units with useful work and its harder to fill more compute units with useful work thats the advantage of less compute units.
    higher clockspeed is important because its tied to all GPU caches and other components in the GPU all run faster)
    GPU TRIANGLE PER SECOND (billions/s) PS5 8.92 VS XSX 7.3 (20% advantage for PS5 )
    GPU TRIANGLE CULLING RATE PS5 17.84 Billion XSX 14.6 Billion (20% Advantage for PS5)
    GPU PIXEL FILL RATE PS5 142Gpixels/s XSX 116 Gpixels/s (20% advantage for PS5 over XSX. PS5 is outperforming in Pixel fillrate the xbox series x and RTX 2080 TI)
    (Gtexels/s)136.0 Gpixels/s 2080 TI and 165.6 Gpixel/s 3070)
    GPU TEXTURE FILL RATE PS5 321 Gtexels/s XSX 379 Gtexels/s (16% advantage on xbox series x over PS5 both PS5 and XSX outperform RTX 3070 in texture fill rate)
    (Gtexels/s)(420.2 Gtexels/s RTX 2080 TI and 317.4 Gtexels/s RTX 3070)

    PS5 GPU Rasterization is 33% faster than the series x GPU negating the series x GPU memory bandwidth Compute units Shader Cores Texture mapping units texture rate and TFLOPS advantage also Xbox Series X is bottlenecked by ITS DXR API and split memory and xbox series x has a weakness to transparency effects and atmosphering rendering Xbox Series X has 15.3 Billion Transistor Count PS5 Has 18.4 Billion Transistor count Xbox Series X can use up to 13.5GB Vram 10GB of ram have 560GB/s bandwidth and the other 6GB are 336GB/s so series x has to draw 3.5GB from the slower ram pool 13.5GB vram are not enough for 8K the slower clock speed and the split memory is the bottleneck this is why XSX can only do 6K max resolution while PS5 can do 8K PS5 has unified 448 GB/s bandwidth PS5 can use 16 GB Vram since the SSD acts as more RAM and than pulls 16GB RAM streaming data from memory lightning quick which frees memory giving PS5 access to all of its 16GB Memory Vram. PS5 GPU triangle raster is 20% faster than series x GPU PS5 GPU culling rate is 20% faster than series x GPU PS5 GPU pixel fill rate is 20% faster than series x GPU PS5 has the evolution of the volatile bit used in PS4 hardware its 8MB shared L3 cache thats shared with the CPU and GPU also the PS5 GPU has cache scrubbers which are made specifically for PS5 GPU series x GPU doesnt have the shared L3 cache and GPu cache scrubbers thats a big advantage over the series x which doesn’t have shared L3 cache and the GPu cache scrubbers of PS5 the shared L3 is able to help the PS5 with CPU and GPU to share data between each other and offload workload faster more compute units are harder to fill with useful work while less compute units working in parallel are filled faster with useful work and handle rendering smaller polygon triangles faster AMD smart shift something series x doesnt have helps the PS5 to always run at full GPU CPU clockspeed PS5 uses cracken compression Xbox series X uses the old Z LIT compression PS5 has liquid metal Series X has termal paste because of AMD smart shift PS5 is not constraint by heat but by power draw while series x is constraint by heat than we have again something series x doesnt have the tempest engine thats a seperate custom tweaked Compute unit which handles silmutaneous hundreds of sounds there is plenty of processing left from the tempest engine to do other tasks it can do more than just 3D audio if developer choses the series x has a dedicated hardware audio chip but that handles dolby atmos instead of the CPU but its no way near the capabilities of the tempest engine The XSX audio solution is less powerful and less efficient and it cant handle as much sounds as the tempest engine and it can only do sound unlike the tempest engine which can handle other tasks. Xbox Series X has Variable Rate shading Tier 2 its not 100% confirmed that PS5 can’t use variable rate shading tier 2 PS5 might have its own VRS tier 2 variant in the geometry engine PS5 has the custom geometry engine which xbox series x doesnt have series x uses mesh shaders while PS5’s geometry engine uses custom advanced Primitive shaders which are a brand new capability they are similar to mesh shaders but the geometry engine is superior to mesh shaders. both PS5 and XSX support hardware machine learning but its not 100% confirmed if PS5 can accelarate machine learning with INT4/INT8 instructions like series x PS5 can render 16 Billion Triangles in Unreal Engine 5 at 1440p resolution while Xbox series x can render 100 million triangles at 1080p in UE5. The UE5 Matrix Awakens Demo PS5 is outperforming by 19% Xbox Series X in next gen which shows that once The power of the PS5 is free from its cross gen shackles and we go into next gen the PS5 will consistantly outpower the series x.the SSD on PS5 is not only for raw speed its a seperate memory controller that frees more workload from CPU and GPU by pulling data instantaneously from memory and feeds that streaming data to the CPU and GPU to process than pulls that data back into memory and the cycle continuous …and we have the extra DDR4 memory on PS5 to further help PS5 with Oodle Kraken and Oodle Texture PS5 SSD reaches top speed 22GB/s over 200% faster than XSX SSD with sample feedback streaming and velocity architecture that can reach max 5,5GB/s -6GB/s.PS5 continues to outperform series x score more wins PS5 runs most games better and the games doing the talking showcases that PS5 is the most powerful console

  30. Hey, most of the games should have been on ps4. Good example of games that looks good and are crossgen cod Bo cold war, vanguard, Halo infinite and forza horizon 5

  31. Sony’s games have ALWAYS been great period!!! 2022 will be no different Xbox has never been able to compete on this front so go back to ur Xbox doc and play Forza and gears

  32. Give Returnal a chance Doc, it is amazing no cap, no loading times smooth 60fps, 1080p reconstructed to 4k, 3D sound, one of the best sound design this year, haptics serving gameplay (not just extra vibration)…But yes without these features Returnal could possibly be played 30fps 1080p on the PS4, I just don’t think the game would be so great on the PS4…But seriously try it out it’s always on sale nowadays, you might be surprised.

    I would describe Returnal as the best old school arcade shooter in the AAA market.

    Demon’s Souls is another example that could run on the ps4 at 30 fps and lower resolution IMO, but again no loading times for whenever you die just make the game less frustrating since everyone dies a lot.

  33. There is something called SCALABILITY that you can see between the Xbox Series X and S, playing the same games by reducing the resolution and details.

    Do you think people like me who play on PC got a 3090 video card to max any game in 4k?

    For example, I have a 2070 super (which Digital Foundry in their analysis equated to the Series X performance) which today is basically a mid/low-level graphics card. Still, it can run all modern games perfectly fine on max details like Forza Horizon 5 or Far Cry 6, which I’m enjoying right now.

    Unfortunately, PlayStation has only two models of consoles, precisely the same as performance, only one does not have the blu-ray player… so PlayStation gamers have not yet understood what the scalability is and get angry for nothing, thinking ps4 is blocking the ps5 possibility when it’s not true… these games are simply scaled on details and resolution on the weaker console

  34. Horizon forbidden west is a true Playstation exclusive. All xbox games are on PC day one . RIP TRASHBOX SERIES L No Exclusive All Games on PC day one forever in 3rd place as it should be Irrelevant console confirmed  hold that massive L

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