Xbox Series X Is 20% Worse Than PS5 On Huge Game! WTF Is Microsoft Doing Wrong To Keep losing?

Are things going back to the way they were before when it comes to Xbox? It almost seems like for no reason the media and gamers start hating on Xbox again like it’s 2013. This is one argument I’ll never understand, especially when Xbox has come so far over the last few years….

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  1. Well, when a console has severe bottlenecks it can’t reach the potential that was promised when the specs were simply laid out on paper. Way she goes.

    1. @Xhawk PS5 doesnt have 12 terraflozzles. You guys should be getting higher resolution and 100 more fps every game like you said you would before the generation started. Not behind in every game but a couple. Duh.

  2. As a huge Xbox Series X fan, it’s a bit disheartening to see PS5 outperform it so often still. When do you think it’ll stop happening?

    1. @Damn_Smooth so, this is what you do? Make up BS, get ridiculed for your BS, then carry on as if your BS is real?

      You have been made to look a fool here regarding the matrix demon, and I am still waiting for you to ry go my question!

      Does farcry perform better on ps5?

    2. @1 last comeback Remember that time crap gamer when you were away for a week with covid, and this sock puppet was away for the same amount of time?

      Remember the excuse your sock puppet gave as an excuse why he was away for the same amount of time?
      » I never comment in old videos, and if crap gamer has not made a new video, I will not comment on old ones»

      Here you are commenting on a video!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    3. @1 last comeback

      And still you cannot list any recent games!

      You cannot even answer my question regarding farcry!

      You do what you ways do! Saying BS knowing you cannot back up the BS you say 1 last crapgamer!

      Name me the games that have the same resolution as the series x version, and still perform better than the series x version?

      You have no clue!😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. @1 last comeback also 1 last crapgamer. Don’t you think it’s odd they the only comment you write, are on this channel?

      Don’t you find this strange 1 last crapgamer?

    5. @1 last comeback  ps5 wishes it had vrr but it doesn’t so elden ring is gonna be a stuttery mess on ps5 never hits 60fps on Xbox its smooth as butter with vrr

    1. @1 last comeback Remember how PS3 claimed power yet at launch 360 destroyed the PS3 in performance and how it didn’t catch up to 360 for years

    2. @Azaia Monota ps5 will keep outperforming xbox. Yet it keeps topping the supposed powerful console. You’re reaching to call devs lazy because xbox isn’t doing what they said it would. It’s an xbox problem. Not a dev problem

    3. ​@1 last comeback and it will always have something compromised on PS5 to get that performance be it resolution, graphics, Ai, ETC just like we keep seeing game after game you ponies only bring up FPS performance because it’s the only thing the PS5 is winning at and it only is an argument because devs are lazy and aren’t optimizing properly for a locked 30 or 60

    1. @Sam Rhecker Why would life be hard for an XBOX gamer ? There’s always games to play with Gamepass plus games like Dying Light 2 & Eldenring just released 🤷‍♂️ Ponys acting like they got lots to play 🤣 Horizon Forgotten West is already in the rearview players are completely done with it. Years of waiting to spend $70 and be done with it in less than a week 👍Sony did it again. Forgotten West is buggy and unfinished still no co-op or multiplayer 🤯

    1. Is it Hardware Accelerated ?or that ship has sailed only XBOX will be bringing that. Just like Variable Rate Shaders and Hardware Accelerated Machine Learning 👍

  3. Cause Xbox dosent have a genius on there side mark cerny never disappoints well maybe because he’s a game developer himself not just a console maker

  4. Raw numbers on paper are not always an accurate representation of performance. Works great for advertisement but in real world results ps5 is just a more efficiently designed console

    1. @Azaia Monota yeah, I am sure 1 last crapgamer is not even aware of that.

      For the first few years, 360 was out performing the more powerful ps3.

      Why is that 1 last crapgamer?

    2. @Dark Mysteries one more time it’s known the majority of games do better on ps5. Not going to list games. You’re reaching to give xbox an edge. You respond with childish replies instead of a valid counter someone will tell you to grow up

      You guys try too hard to find reasons why the xbox is performing worse by bringing up something from 2 gens ago. Resolution isn’t performance

    3. @1 last comeback And yet you cannot name recent games!😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Tell me 1 ladt crapgamer. Why do most multiplats run at a lower resolution on PS5?

      Any ideas?

      If the PS5 was out performing series x at the same resolution, you would have a point, but that is not the case is it 1 last crapgamer!

  5. Just make sure you guys don’t put the PS5 in REST MODE, stop worrying about what other gamers say, and enjoy these half baked buggy February games.

    1. Seriously that’s make it sound like this is a gathering place for my little pony fans aka bronies. Lol maybe it is disguised as a gaming video and you just blew the cover 😂

    1. That’s Not what any site said 😂Confirmed SeriesX is the absolute best way to experience Eldenring PS5 owners are told to use the PS4 version of the game 😂 Sony doesn’t use smart delivery so Ponys will need to buy the game twice

  6. Chris J has something in common with my bait which he always falls for 🤭 his rig is low quality iBuyPower prebuilt with an AliExpress 3080

    1. @Chris J you should go into comedy my dude you’re just a walking talking joke and make everyone laugh might as well earn some more money then just settling for £1783

  7. We tested a Microsoft Surface that plays games on par with a PS5 and it doesn’t have a dedicated gaming GPU. 🤨

    We tested a retro handheld console that plays PSOne, PSP, Vita and PS2 titles. It reminds us of just how many ports, remakes, remasters, renditions and remixes PlayStation has released since the PS3. 😏

    — Coalition of Insightful Gamers

  8. Hard to believe anything will change, its been this way for so long. I bought the xbox one and the ps4 back in 2013 and instantly sold the xbox one because picture quality and resolution looked better on ps4. As usualy it had better games also. It didnt matter to me which looked better, I just bought both and compared them myself then sold one. Nothing has changed sinse then so I didnt think twice about getting the ps5. Glad I did.

    1. Bro o swear in 2015 when I bought my Xbox one I’m was like why the graphics look so bad then played on my brothers PS4 and was like yea I’m switching

    1. @Meme Gaming Failed by making our games take a fraction of the space on drive and still keeping up bottleneckbox? I’ll gladly take that failure.

    1. @Cheddar Bob Cheddar Cheese Knob. Not the brightest spark here. This has nothing to do with games being delayed. It was about white knight paying respect to Ukraine. Other people being Disrespectful. 🤣😂

  9. 2020, I have said both consoles will improve but PS5 is not only more powerful but that it will widen the gap in favor of it once we move to next gen engines based around asset streaming rendering pipelines and loading.

    I told you….and I’ll tell you again was we move closer and closer. The mere fact that Sony got at least on par perfomance is a win for PS5 with less max floating point performance. On top of that, it beat the SX alot of times. It usually is never beat in both resolution and frames by SX. This is all the graphics pipeline tech that Sony used to engineered their Proprietary system.

    1. @1 last comeback Don’t make excuses you need to demand better 👍 The developers need more support maybe Sony needs to charge $85 for games. Horizon Forgotten West is buggy and unfinished still waiting on co-op and multiplayer modes.

  10. It all depends on how much you’re gaming & like value I got a series s and I’m running Black ops Cold war at 120 fps cheaper then PlayStation even if I brought it at the store s which is next to impossible btw
    and I could have been any happier And it because not that I don’t like PlayStation,
    I want a PlayStation 5 it’s just too damn big and expensive I’ll just wait till the PlayStation 5 slim version.

  11. Dont rely on digital foundry too much, PS5 and Series X games are essentially the same. As the generation developes and machine learning starts to kick in the series consoles will more than hold their own.

  12. «I got xbox for the multiplat’s» That is what most you Xbox’s said months ago. Now we all know most 3rd party games look and play better of the PS5. Now you saying we got exclusives in 2023. Are you sure most are really 2024?

  13. 2013 I had Nintendo in 1988 🤣 playstation is just better I’ve owned both and everytime I get a xbox I’m disappointed this year is the best year ever for any console user I still feel like we both don’t have games even on ps5 I can’t wait till next gen is really pushed to the limits like if forza on xbox one x and last of us pt 2 looked so good wait till they fully use these new consoles we haven’t seen anything yet I’m just happy to see the progress from Nintendo and saga to this it’s insane instead of fighting let’s game and enjoy

  14. People fighting over specs if devs Don’t make good games or use the consoles to the full capacity then it really don’t matter this shit is exciting especially if u have a oled like God dam vanguard looks real af on both consoles just happy to enjoy it

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