Xbox Series X REDFALL GamePlay Leak

Xbox Series X REDFALL GamePlay Leak
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    1. @KingScotto It’s dry right now on the AAA games. But it’s not always about AAA games. A lot of times indie games are better than big budget games.

      There’s no evidence of Starfield being delayed again.

  1. I can’t wait to see and play RedFall. Plus it’s current gen only…no cross gen. It’s crazy that Xbox Series is getting two Arkane games this summer and fall (Deathloop and RedFall)

  2. Visuals look better than I was expecting. This is the only Xbox game (and Fallout) that I have zero interest in, but interested to seeing more gameplay in better quality.

    1. @CarolinaGamer28 I thought my comment was pretty positive — I noted how the game has beat my expectations in terms of visuals. As for my other comments, I can’t really remember them, but to try and answer your question I’m probably just that bit more picky than yourself.

  3. Anything like bk 4 Blood looting and shooting I’m in. can’t wait for this to drop. It got a lot of stick earlier with leaks by the way it looks but that was early stage development no don’t it’s gunna be crispy when released

  4. The fact this game is in Massachusetts has me sold… any game made in my state I’m buying lol… fallout 4 didn’t nail Boston but it was close.

  5. If this game has a Third-Person mode, I’ll definitely play it. Not a fan of First-Person Shooters so I wasn’t paying any attention to this game. But if is Third-Person, I will definitely check it out.

  6. The graphics doesn’t stand out, even if the video quality was improved. However, we don’t know the state of the game so it could look different by the time it’s officially shown.

    An recent example is Hogwart’s Legacy. In the state of play it looked really good, but what they showed a few months prior looked average at best. Just goes to show that we can’t judge visuals until they are officially showing the game close to release.

  7. If that’s how it was coming along in 2019 it looks like it should be great when it releases 👍got a bit of a Borderlands vibe but Slightly more realistic looks

  8. Another FPS 🤦 like come on already Microsoft how many more do you need. My XSX needs that’s cinematic 3PS action adventure for adults and not kids. The game looks interesting but it’s becoming overkill now. Just venting

  9. Granted, vid quality aside anyway you actually can tell the graphics are high quality especially the LOD cascade and shadow falloff look great I like the lighting style the Arkane games I’ve played especially Prey and Dishonored have a very doom and gloom lighting style anyway this is vampires so good fit 😀

  10. I saw some other screenshots that looked quite amazing. I would just wait until you get the final game. It’s going to look amazing. It’s on the Unreal 5 engine.
    Showing these early screenshots and videos are going to turn people off from the game before they understand what the gameplay is and what the game looks like.

    It’s best to just wait until E3 and let them show off the game so people can really see for themselves about the final gameplay and graphics.

    They didn’t spend 5 years on this on their second big studio of all of Bethesda for nothing. This is from the Arkane Austin, Texas game studio and like I said, it uses the Epic Unreal 5 engine which is a true next generation engine and this game is an open world game as well.

    So, this game has been well thought out over 5 years. This is going to be a bigger game than people think.


    Please update this with the correct information.

    Why do I know more than you MaDz??? Come on dude!

  11. Here is what we know so far about RedFall….

    1) It is from Arkane Austin Texas who worked on the new Prey game

    2) They have been working on this game for 5 years (2017 to 2022)

    3) The game is both designed for SINGLE PLAYER and CO-OP play (So you can play alone, or along with your friends)

    4) The game uses the Unreal 5 engine and is exclusive for Xbox Series X/S and PC ONLY

    5) The game is an open world first person shooter, but it’s not an ordinary shooter in a town called Redfall, MA (Fictional Town)

    6) You fight vampires with special abilities and they also have blocked out the sun. So, it’s mainly going to be at night in Redfall, Massachusetts.

    7) Each person has their own specialties as well. Layla (girl with the curly hair) has telekinetic abilities or Remi who has a robot to help her fight and also rescue survivors for example…

    8) The vampires themselves are not your ordinary vampires and will keep evolving at the game goes on.

    9) Your vampire hunting team is going to also be leveling up over time as well and will be able to enhance their abilities.

    I believe this is going to be a massive title for Xbox. This is a game that is a new IP and is a vampire slaying game with both single player and co-op that is going to appeal to a ton of people and there is no Call of Duty this year.

    Think about that, there is not going to be a call of Duty in 2022 and this has a lot of different gameplay that people are not expecting.

    I am going to say besides Starfield and Hogwarts Legacy, this could be the other big hit this year.

    A sleeper hit… After looking at the website and obtaining more information and there is not going to be a call of Duty this year, this could be a big hit.

    Xbox needs to get out more consoles, even if they need to do something big, they really need to drive sales.
    Maybe a portable for Xcloud would work (similar to the Nintendo Switch)

  12. I am actually more hyped about this than I was about halo, because I prefer rpg games. No doubt this and Starfield will be really good.

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