Xbox Series X SSD Replacement & Cloning Experiments

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Xbox Series X SSD Replacement & Cloning Experiments — The Xbox Series X and S both have a removable SSD. In this video I’ll be experimenting with replacing and cloning Xbox Series console SSD’s to see if they are replaceable and if they can be swapped between consoles.

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-Hakko Hot Air Station: Amazon (paid link)
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-Hakko Soldering Station: Amazon (paid link)
-Hakko Air Filter: Amazon (paid link)
-Microscope: Amazon (paid link)
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  1. Man I love your videos I really do I just wish I could have got into doing what you doing I know how to build computers but program them now but you take this to a whole new level one I really enjoyed thank you hopefully one day I will get me a the new Xbox or the new PlayStation but man thank you again I really appreciate this

  2. What about if you’re unable to clone from an exciting SSD, ie it’s faulty? Can you create the partitions on a new SSD and install the Xbox system another way?

  3. Yeah the clone won’t work if the B channel Drive is just a few bits smaller. Had to learn that the hard way too. Also you could have tried the Xbox recovery mode when the donor SSD didn’t boot.

  4. It’s all part of right to repair and how we have shortages because they cannot keep up to demand and this type of restriction does not help.

  5. I do have to say it’s nice that PS5 has the additional storage readily available(whenever they update it to work) and won’t have to use a proprietary piece of hardware.

  6. There’s probably a software key on the SSD that pairs to the console that you need on the donor ssd. The series s might have worked with the 1tb drive if it had the series S files on it

  7. Dude I’m a fan of you and I really need your help! I sent my Nintendo switch to a repair shop and they said it’s unrepairable since the motherboard is corroded and they won’t replace i and I don’t want to lose my 700+ hour of progress!

  8. The fact that you have to tear apart the whole series x to just replace it is a terrible downside, whoever at MS thought this was a good idea needs to be shot.

    1. I know I use to have a 1TB HDD when I was in university a few years back and it required external power to use now ssds up to 2tb just power of usb cable alone and are extremely small.

  9. Dude just love your videos! And all the positive energy you filling them with! Keep going with the hard work I really enjoy watching them!

  10. Those cloners are dependent on the target disk being equal to or larger than the source disk. SSDs from different brands will have small variations in available space thus in a lot of situations they’ll «break» the functionality of the cloning tool.

  11. Dang you didn’t (at least I didn’t see it) where you initialize the larger (1 Tb) SSD then cloned it with the Series S SSD then try running the Series S. In Theory you would then have a Series S with a 1 Tb SSD and not just a 500Gb drive.

    1. Could it just be that the sabrent drive uses 4k sectors only and doesnt do 512 byte emulation? I had this issues where I couldn’t clone to a sabrent because of this. Unrelated to it being in an Xbox.

  12. Could you stick that longer blank SSD formatted to the correct file format into an XBOX series x and start it up to have it try and install the OS on the new blank card?

  13. You should redo this video, only use macrium to clone the SSDs and even make image of the source and restore them to the other SSDs and see what happen.

  14. Xbox made such a missed opportunity, they could have easily allowed people to change the internal SSD, and have some flap accessing the drive

  15. Its good that the SSD on Xbox is atleast replaceable. On PS5 it is soldered on and as we know SSDs have limited write cycles so that limits the life of PS5 as compared to Xbox. I hope Sony changes this in future hardware update.

  16. You can get the Western Digital 1TB SSD, which is also the right size. I’ve found it somewhere. It costs about $350 if I remember correctly.

  17. Personally, I do not trust these hardware copier, I prefer to go through a PC with CloneZilla or Acronis True Image which has never disappointed me. Maybe Next Video ! 😉

  18. I’ve been having problems with my PS5, games are crashing more frequently and when it does, before the error code comes up it gets stuck on the percentage and I cannot wait it out until I restart my entire console. Is there anything you could think of that causes this?

  19. But did you try to clone the smaller ssd of series s on the series x bigger drive?

    Should work like on cloning tools of PCs where you shrink a 700gb hdd to a 500gb ssd and install it on the pc afterwards.

    Here it would be clone to bigger capacity

  20. It’d be really interesting to see how the SSD from a Seagate Xbox Expansion Card would work in the Series S, maybe having been used as an expansion first with the same console

  21. What about if your original drive is dead and can’t be cloned. This seems like a logical thing to test, so I was pretty confused when you limited the testing to cloning only.

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