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Starfield Trailer Was Constructed Entirely In-Game, No Cinematic Tools Were Used


  1. This is so funny! Playstation fans out here acting like Alzheimer’s patients, getting completely disappointed every time Microsoft announces a Bethesda game as exclusive. 💀

  2. Microsoft paid 7.5 Billion for exclusive rights to have Bethesdas games on the Xbox ecosystem. So that’s Xbox and PC gamepass. Flat out no to PlayStation.

    Not sure for how long, but Geez having PC gamepass is sure saving me a lot of money.😊😊

  3. It’s going to be some Next-Gen Level Crying, Bitching and Moaning when PlayStation Fanboys see that Elder Scrolls 6 Poster behind Sarah Bond at E3 2022, after she says «Well that was just a few mins of in-game teaser gameplay of Elder Scrolls 6, and yes it is a Xbox Exclusive. 😊»

    It’s going to be some furniture throwing Anger running around on that Day! ROFL! 🤣😆 #ES6

    Gameplay: BloodOath77

    1. Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t in full development yet, so there will not be anything to show next year. At most there’s a small team designated to start on the framework for the larger team to come in later and start really developing the game.

    2. @alex lyster After Cyberpunk I couldn’t care less if they pushed ES6 to 2024 I’ll have plenty of games on the backlog to keep me busy. My patience is backed by my curiosity to see what happens in a ES game where the devs have no financial limitations.

    3. @Chery Saldivar Fair enough! I’m happy to wait as well. And it could even realistically be later than 2024!

      Financially speaking, they’ll still have limits, but they should be higher than before

  4. Elder Scrolls was an exclusive on the OG Xbox with Morrowind so i dont see why Xbox wouldnt make 6 an exclusive especially now that its literally there IP and well i thought it was pretty clear that the Starfield trailer was legit running in engine surely if it was CGI they could of made it look alot better than that you could tell by the way certain textures looked.

    1. @BlackStorm you don’t understand. Sony wanted the exclusivity, but MLB stated that they only game the gaming license to Sony if they agreed that MLB published the game on other platforms. Sony had no say in MLB The Show. MLB sold the rights to Xbox and gamepass, not Sony.

    2. @BlackStorm if Sony refused some other devs would made the game. They can’t make a MLB game without the MLB licenses. It’s MLB who calls the shots basically. Sony made the game regardless because they make money out of it. If the Spiderman games ended and it became multi Plat from now on you think Sony would pass on the opportunity to make the game? Of course they still made the game if that’s the case.

    3. @Fábio Alves Thanks for proving again you didn’t read at all what I said. Sony was well within their rights to put their studio to work on something else. So if they truly wanted exclusivity they would have done that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. @BlackStorm you really are missing the point. SONY didn’t make the game with MLB, MLB did the game with Sony. SONY does not own the rights to the exclusivity, MLB DOES. MLB didn’t wanted exclusivity this year because they wanted to expand the game franchise, if Sony wanted exclusivity MLB would not make the Game with Sony.

    5. @Fábio Alves Wow. For now the THRID TIME YOU ARENT READING WHAT I AM SAYING. I don’t care WHO determines exclusivity on MLB. Stop talking to me about it like you are dropping knowledge or something lol.

      The facts are that the MLB games are created by a Sony studio and being released multiplatform. But no one is asking for other games from Sony studios to come to Xbox…

  5. It’s Microsoft’s fault that this is still debated. Because of their stance on exclusives and ecosystems and playing your games anywhere. Just come out and say it, it’s almost like Microsoft is actually thinking about PlayStation sales of said game and don’t want to burn any bridges just yet. In my opinion it’s just silly to keep people guessing, just lock them down to the Xbox/Microsoft ecosystem and be done with it. It doesn’t help things either, when Bethesda big wigs come out and apologise to consumers of rival products, I mean you are part of Microsoft/Xbox now, it’s just bizarre.

    1. Microsoft has very clearly stated, multiple times, that Bethesda titles are exclusive to any platform where GamePass exist. That is extremely clear with zero room for any alternative interpretation. Not MS fault if people are too stupid to understand basic English. What they said is very specific. If GamePass is not available on your platform you will not have access to Bethesda games. It’s that simple.

    2. @The Don Playz Microsoft need to just come out and announce it. Did anybody think Insomniac Games were going to release games on Xbox when they were bought by Sony?. Microsoft cannot win over the gaming media, they are firmly in camp Sony, so they might as well announce that all games from the zenimax purchase are now Xbox/Microsoft exclusive.

    3. @leesin You are really equating Insomniac games to Bethesda? A company with multiple projects in the work? This is why people are confused I guess lol.

    4. @leesin Lol honestly I don’t think they care bro. They will have mic drop moments like when everyone saw that starfield and red fall is Xbox exclusive. They don’t need to clarify anything else at this point. Sony fans never bin a position quite like this from Xbox, So they acting sus asf. Most PS fans thought starfield was coming to PlayStation. It’s stupid asf people still speculating honestly. Todd Howard in a interview talked about the benefits of leaving PlayStation behind. Pete Hines apologized which was cringe to watch but why would he apologize if games were still coming to PlayStation 🤦🏾‍♂️


    5. @maizeman90
      No actually Phil still plays a little coy with it all. Says it, but doesn’t REALLY say it still. Not 100%. We all understand at this point but enough with the f’ PR bullshit.

  6. I’m glad xbox players are happy with what MS has been doing so far, I don’t own an xbox but I do appreciate what they are doing with the brand and how they are trying to remain competitive. cant wait to see Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark, Starfield and Elder scrolls 6 in action in the future. console wars is truly for the immature ones, these fools fight more than they play games.

  7. Great video Plume. Just found you and am enjoying the content. I admit I’m still on the fence with Elder Scrolls just cuz of their «Legacy» comment, but the day the say «Elder Scrolls 6 is Exclusive» man that is gonna be a bombshell.

    1. What is the confusion with «legacy»? I don’t get it. Legacy titles are old games and games like Fallout ’76 and Elder Scrolls Online that are still being supported. They made it very, very clear that all future titles will be released only where game pass exists. If Playstation doesn’t allow GP on it, then they won’t get TES 6. Simple.

  8. There’s 7.5 Billion reasons why every single Bethesda game from this point on will be exclusive to Gamepass.I don’t know why we still having this conversation.Is it so hard to understand that these games will no longer be on playstation consoles?Get Gamepass or miss out on Bethesda titles its that simple

  9. Todd Howard is an undercover PS5 fanboy, I thought you guys knew this! If PS5 can stream Gamepass then YES it will be on PS5. Thats why m$ says «you can play these game ANYWHERE you have Gamepass» PR speak folks

    1. MICROSOFT is not putting Xbox Game on a PlayStation Console, while knowing that they already has have access to install bases 5x Larger than PlayStation. (PC, Mobile & IOS…..and soon Smart Tv’s and USB Sticks). 😊 #BiggerPicture

      Gamertag: BloodOath77

    2. Howard is not a PS5 fanboy lol. But Xbox has made it clear they want to put GP everywhere they can and have made it clear that Bethesda games will be available anywhere that GP is present. So, yes, it COULD go to Playstation. But that’s up to Sony to allow GP on their device….which they won’t.

    3. @maizeman90 yeah but we KNOW PS got too much pride to do that cmon bro its NO CHANCE PS play a bethesda/zenimax game that isnt named Deathloop or Tokyo Ghostwire after this year 💯

  10. Sony Fanboys for being salty about Bethesda Games not coming to Ps5, lets not forget that they were the one saying that they didn’t like Bethesda games to begin with..

    At this point Sony Fanboys are just spoiled children.

    1. @maizeman90 I just wish they’d actually come out and say it but they won’t cause it keeps all eyes on the game even if they are exclusive

    2. @maizeman90 ya They have said legacy games many times but never How they said what they mean by legacy games am saying its a 50/50 chance there exclusive or not maybe you should bring your hopes down a bit then your feelings won’t be so hurt when they announce elder scrolls 6 exclusive to the xbox ecosystem What they need to do is come out and tell yous all that if you want to play their games go buy a xbox just like playstation

    3. @Shady Slim they made it very clear that future Bethesda titles are only going to be available where GamePass is present. So, unless Playstation allows for XCloud, Bethesda games will not go on PlayStation. They’ve been very clear about that. Legacy games is referring to old titles. Idk how people even let it creep into their mind that that may refer to future games that are part of a series.

  11. I buy a studio for 7.5 billion dollars, do you think I’m going to share «MY» purchase with my competitors. NO!.

    Zinemax/Bethesda is owned by Microsoft. That means, you can ask Pete Hines and Todd Howard any questions, it all comes down to Microsoft and the head of Xbox: Phil Spencer. And what did he say «Those games will come out where Gamepass exists.»

    When Sony allows Xbox Gamepass to exisit on PS console, then you may see Bethesda games on a Playstation. Until that happens, you will not see any new Bethesda games on PS console.

    Any discussion about Elder Scrolls 6 or any new games from any of Microsoft’s first party studios ever hitting Playstation. You can file that under Bull shit.

    You want to play those games, get on the Xbox ecosystem, it’s that simple. No one is stopping you from playing those games. That’s on you.

    1. If it does come to PS it will be the Xbox Game Pass streaming app..

      For native hardware support only Xbox Consoles and Windows PC will be required.

    2. Sony is locking down everything so Microsoft is doing the same. Why would anybody get into the Xbox ecosystem if Microsoft releases their games on ps5, it make sense for Microsoft to make everything exclusive. I had my PS4 for years and recently purchased the X, best decision ever I was able to get 3 years of game pass ultimate for $120 don’t ask me how. Im not buying $70 games so I’m good with my series X.

    1. @KTdaGoat you’re very delusional bruh.. that’s why PlayStation is outselling Xbox Series over 2 to 1 globally and PS4 has sold 115 million units versus Xbox’s 50 million 😊🤭😮

    2. @julien stephenson do you own stock do you profit do numbers personally affect your outcome in life

      Fanboys grow up or shut up
      Worshipping plastic pathetic

  12. Why are we STILL going back and forth with this exclusivity talk? I thought every PlayStation player has there insane pc rig so they don’t need an Xbox

  13. Ain’t shit for debate… it’s exclusive. There is 7.5b reasons why. Microsoft need to shit on those contracts for Deathloop and Ghostwire. Sony did that Hoe maneuver with FF7:Remake.. M$ need to stop trying to be friendly with these gaming Nazi’s.

    1. @KTdaGoat yeah opinions aren’t facts you do you dude a movie company ? You need to do more research than that Sony has been making games consoles long before MS. Anyway we are getting nowhere but as I said earlier if you are going to buy a new Xbox in the future then at least get the Series X and a good 4K HDR TV or all this is pointless in the first place

    2. @C H consoles are nothing but mini PCs im POSITIVE Sony hasnt made PCs longer than MS.. Even games MS flight sim began in the 80s.. Ijs itll be dumb to think MS can make better single player movie like games better than a movie company same as itll be dumb to think a movie company can make better tech than LITERALLY the 1# tech company 🤷🏿.. I have both systems so idrc about the console war aspect all i can do is look at the facts.. Enjoy your console also, and nah tbh even Xbox one can run series games thanks to the Xcloud app coming in a few weeks, long as my TV can handle it i can run most X spec on even a Xbox one 💯

    3. @KTdaGoat did you not say you had a PS4 and an Xbox one ? Not being funny dude if you haven’t even got one of the new consoles then what was the point in this conversation. You haven’t had first hand experience with either the PS5 or series x and that xcloud streaming is absolutely not the same as playing on native hardware once you have either the X or ps5 then come back in this convo I’m wasting my time clearly

    4. I have a 4 but my son has a 5 ive played it idk if it was here but i was explaining how i feel completely through the game world in R&C.. As for the Xbox like i said I play strictly cloud until my S arrives, which Xclouds UI is pretty much a simplified version of the series.. like when Flight Sim releases (Series exclusive) Ill still be able & can play via cloud off my phone or tablet.. Also have friends with Xs ive played a couple times so I can say I have 1st hand experience on both sides 💯

  14. I don’t give attention to the sorry ass Pony fans. They are jealous and bitter Xbox has better games , the most powerful system and yes Gamepass lol 😆

  15. This will basically continue up to release day of every game from now on. It’s going to be even worse with one of the upcoming acquisitions…. Mark my words…..

  16. It’s really funny, the sad little Pony fans rather come online and post idiotic comments instead of playing their Shitstation 5 and all their incredible, out of this world exclusives (sarcasm)!!! Feel so sorry for them 😢

  17. ES6 is coming out 2025 at the earliest. By that time Microsoft won’t be putting their games on ANYTHING that doesn’t have Gamepass by then. Anyone who can’t understand that is too stupid to waste time trying to convince.

  18. At this point, PlayStation fans might need psychiatric therapy if they think Elder Scrolls 6 would come to PlayStation. If Starfield is exclusive to Game Pass, better know Elder Scrolls 6 will be exclusives. But hey PlayStation has plenty of exclusives, the same exclusives that help create PS4 to be such a dominant console. Those same exclusives that PS fans mocked Xbox fans couldn’t play. PS fans can’t have it both ways… exclusives for them but no one else can have exclusives.

    Ponies say they won’t buy Bethesda games. Well, they can’t play them anyways so it’s an empty threat.

  19. People who still believe ES6 is coming to PS are the same people who think Trump won the election and will return to the WH in August.

  20. As someone who majored in Journalism it just disgusting how low “news” organizations sink for cheap clicks. Comic Book News knows exactly what Howard said and meant but they want to keep this stupid narrative going as long as they can to feed the Console Wars BS. Amazing how they never hold Sony to the same standards. Will they ask Sony if Sunset Overdrive 2 come to Xbox? Hell no. And they certainly won’t keep pushing the idea that it will regardless of what Sony says.

  21. Everything moving forward is Xbox exclusive, get over it ponies starField fallout doom Indiana Jones and the elder scrolls are all exclusive

  22. I just love seeing sony fans keep asking about Bethesda games coming to ps5. To be honest starfield, elder scrolls 6, and the next fallout will provide more gameplay than 15 sony exclusives.

  23. 💥💥News Flash💥💥
    💥💥News Flash💥💥
    Bethesda’s Games WILL be going to PS5….. When Pony Clowns🤡🤡🤡figure out how to Hack Game Pass onto PS5😶😶😶

  24. cart scene at the beginning of skyrim was in engine too — cut scenes are easier to tweak if they are in engine and BGS has been doing it in engine for quite a while — they simply used the ability to make cut scenes and made a teaser trailer out of it — there is one game we know of that might be on PS5 — indiana jones — it has been teased but absolutely no details have come out yet — the contract might require it to be on PS4/5

  25. This is becoming one of those fake outrage situations. Political operatives do it all the time. Some topic returns to the newscycle that isn’t news anymore but they get upset all over again, just to put fuel on the fire.

    They’re going to be crying about this all the way up the point when Microsoft buys Sony. Will they also be outraged when it becomes an X-station exclusive in 2035?

  26. Ponies get used to it everything is exclusive from Bethesda. Your only hope is pre acquisition contractual obligations so maybe the Indiana Jones game other than that it’s a wrap.

  27. I thought Starfield looked alright, but I’ll have to wait for gameplay, actual gameplay before I start praising how the game looks. In regards to Elder Scrolls 6 that article is nothing more than clickbait to be honest. This is nothing new though — we saw gaming sites report that «generations matter» meant all or most PlayStation games would only be on the PS5, while leaving out the rest of Jim Ryan’s interview. We saw Phil Spencer say Bethesda games will only be on platforms that support Game Pass, and not long after his comments we saw big gaming sites report that Starfield may still come to the PS5. And the list goes on.

  28. Big Plume Bro the only reason why there’s any Sony fanboy and some bias gaming media still trying to say elder scrolls will be on playstation is a distraction😑. They would rather you talking about rather or not it’s coming to playstation rather than you talking about all the great games that are coming to xbox exclusively. Don’t fall for this garbage bullshit tactic just ignore them and keep talking about the great things xbox is doing😎💯

  29. Bro when it comes to the gaming media they’re all about clicks they don’t give a fuck about the truth that should be pretty obvious at this point so no one should take any of the gaming media serious😏.

  30. Not even sure why we’re even discussing this…all Bethesda games moving forward (unless there was already a contract in place prior to the closing of the acquisition — i.e. Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop), will be going to Xbox and PC. However, the new Indy game being developed by Machine Games (one of Bethesda’s many studios) may or may not be. Why? It’s a Disney license, and they want make the most of the license by having it on multiple platforms. I’m guessing at best, it will be a timed Xbox exclusive. I’m hoping Microsoft can cut a deal with Disney to bring it to GamePass, along with the rumored Star Wars game, this would be a huge coup for Xbox and of course, rile up the salty ponies.

  31. This is just like when Nintendo bought the rights to bayonetta games, they are only exclusive to Nintendo. I know back when this happened PS were not happy.

  32. Then how about when the character climbed the ladder? In a later interview when asked «so we can finally climb ladders?» The answer was «NO.» There’s a large difference between ‘in engine’ and gameplay.

  33. After this year, Microsoft might change the Xbox Exusive, and Console Exclusive terms to NOT on Playstation. Xbox is going to be everywhere.

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