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0:00 Intro

1:03 Triangle Strategy Successful Launch

2:47 Elden Ring Optimized for Steam Deck

4:29 Goldeneye 007 Trademark Appears

6:41 The Initiative Controversy Update

11:10 Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay & Details Revealed

14:35 Poll of the Day


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101 ответ к «Xbox Studio Controversy Update & Its Good for Gamers | Nintendo Gets Surprising Big Game | News Dose»

  1. If the Switch wants more third party support, it needs an upgrade to be more powerful to get Series X and PS5 games like Elden Ring and other big AAA third party games or at least the cross Gen games. The Switch is under powered to get most of those games

    1. Look at the Series S, Microsoft was able to give consumers next gen at 300$! The same price as the Switch. If they still wanna go the portable route, Nintendo could offer a 1080p system undocked 60fps for maybe 50$ more. Nintendo needs to get out of their comfort zone if they want third party to be more present on the system

    2. @Rabid Salvation And yet the Wii U failed when it was carried by only 1st party. Those same games when ported to the Switch did much better. No console can survive off 1st party alone imo.

    3. @BlackStorm Wii didn’t fail because of 3rd party support. Marketing killed that console, plus it’s look. The biggest failures of each console is the result of messaging. PS3 started out horribly because it was overpriced and difficult to develop for, Wii U was a confusing console and XB1 died because Don Mattrick was terrible at messaging and didn’t engage with gamers. The Switch basically was a success based on that original reveal.

    4. @Rabid Salvation No. Wii U failed because it didn’t have 3rd party support. If you look at its sales figures of its games and its console the fans did buy it. It had no 3rd party support so no one else did.

  2. Nintendo just does not want people to enjoy their games, imagine how better the world would be if Nintendo were as adamant on bringing forward their older games and IPS as Xbox is 😂😂😂

    1. Why do that if they’re your rivals in the Western Market.

      And also, Nintendo should be the one getting respected as the Elder of the group. And i mean it, as Nintendo was born in the 1880s and entered Videogaming when it was almost a Century Old (they’re the creators of Hanafuna one of the most popular Board Games in Japan). So not only is one of the Oldest Entertainment Companies in Japan but the entire world

    1. I like the art style and structures on Hogwarts but i never got into the movies or story. I might give this game a try if it ever comes to game pass someday. i won’t be spending $ on it.

  3. No to Microtransactions..but I do buy DLC for extra area’s, content and Quests, like in Skyrim, Witcher and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Origins

  4. Personally, I don’t care whether microtransactions are in free-to-play games or paid games. I care about whether or not the microtransaction is worth it or not.

    If it is worth a purchase, I will purchase it.
    If what is on sale is *not* worth my purchasing it, then i will not purchase any of them.

    It’s as simple as that for me. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Naugty dog lost 70% of they’re staff a while ago but no one whas bitching about that. Now it’s an Xbox studio that losses a handful of people and the narrative is completely different

    2. @Lee Marshall «in your fantasy land where half your team leaving =doing better thane ever. Lol»

      I’m not trying to downplay whats happened at the Initiative… its certainly a bad look. But is it really «half the team leaving» on Perfect Dark?

      I mean, for half the team to be gone… that would mean we would need to get confirmations that Certain Affinity and Crystal Dynamics are no longer on board and have left the project. Is that the case?

  5. The Hogwarts game looks interesting. Doesn’t look like a potential «game of the year» for me but still… interesting.

    My potential Game of the Year games are Gotham Knights, Lies of P (🤞🏾), Sonic Frontier, and Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins.

    As a fan of gaming, I’m interested in seeing how Starfield does once it drops. But since Bethesda has such a long history of having combat mechanics that I find boring in their games, I’m not looking forward to playing *myself.* But, again, I am looking forward to see how well fans of Bethesda’s games enjoy this new IP. 😁

  6. So is Xbox going to receive an apology from all the so called “game journalists and you tubers” for once again making it seem like Xbox is all doom & gloom? I doubt it.

    1. What all you been hearing from journalists the last god knows how long is sony needs to sort there shit out sony needs a gamepass pass model sony needs to copy xbox lol

  7. Personally, I didn’t like the fact it was crystal dynamics of all studios they partnered up with, that Avengers game really doesn’t sell the studio to me

    1. Crystal Dynamics is also a studio with a long history of good games. Hearing that both Certain Affinity (15 year+ studio) and Crystal Dynamics (20 year+ studio) reassures me that they have talented staff on hand to help build the game.

    2. That was not their fault that’s clearly on SE turning Avengers a single player game into a GAAS. It should’ve been just like GOTG. CD refined Tomb Raider and I have faith they’ll do the same to Perfect Dark

    3. @Varno
      I’m genuinely not disagreeing with you that the game may end up good (I hope it does personally), but I think judging studios to be good because they’ve been around a long time and had good/great titles in the past is a bit foolish.

      I mean look at studios like Dice and Bioware who are 29 and 27 years old respectively.
      At their respective heights they were praised profusely and coming out with, imo, great games. Now their names are dirt with many who once loved their games and they can’t seem to replicate their early successes.

      Talent is lost over time and it seems recently that company culture, skill, motivation and pride in their work/product is lost more often than passed onto the new employees. Within the gaming industry at any rate.
      Just the way it’s seemed to me in the last 5-10 years anyway 🤷‍♂️

    4. @John O’Neill I’m actually in agreement with your point that a studio’s past success & longevity isn’t a guarantee on their future projects. I actually wish people would keep that in mind more often, especially when they go on lavishly praising some Sony 1st party studio, for example. Any studio can fall from grace and every studio has it within them to make a bad game or two… every now and then.

      My earlier point was more in response to someone expecting the same result for Perfect Dark as it was Marvel’s Avengers. To define and entirely reduce Crystal Dynamics talent into just one game is a bit silly. I also think it was worth repeating because people have been often fretting that all the «talented veterans» have left the Perfect Dark project… and I felt it important to note, Crystal Dynamics, Certain Affinity and even the remaining Initiative teams still have plenty of veteran developers and are still on board.

    5. @Varno
      Ah my apologies. I thought you meant old brand automatically equals great talent. My mistake 🖐️

      Yeah in the past I used to buy based on developer and with the memory of their past games I loved.
      I’m ashamed to say it took me a while but I never buy day one anymore and haven’t for a long time thankfully.

  8. Actually JayWood, you got it kind of backwards. The people who left wanted the studio to grow bigger, and into a more traditional studio. They wanted autonomy and something bigger in scope, but in the short time, they wanted Perfect Dark to be episodic, kind of like Hitman. But the other side wanted to stay small and agile, and continue to build out frameworks, then pass it off to another studio, and actually make a full game.

  9. The small group of devs that wanted to take their time with Perfect Dark would have taken too long to release it. 70 people on a game like that would have taken 7 years. That’s unacceptable. I’m happy Crystal Dynamics was brought in. Xbox already has a reputation of » games are coming». we actually need the games!

    1. @Dribble Pi55 Whenever they dropped the games I’ll be playing em. Never begged for a game and never found myself not having anything to play. It’s better to wait, if you pray for rain you gotta deal with the mud too

  10. Actually I’m of the opinion that I prefer when microtransactions aren’t particularly viable or «worth it» compared to earning it.
    Because yeah when they’re not cheap you don’t feel like people could easily be where you are just by spending like $10.
    As a adult $10 is basically nothing and therefore it’s making your effort feel really useless in comparison, I want my time in the game to be worth considerably more than I and most people would consider a good value and if someone wants to spend that then fair enough.

    I mean I think Grand Turismo is designed to make individual cars special to you so it’s «your car» rather than everyone unlocking every single car within a reasonable amount of time.
    Because Forza Horizon is the opposite which is one option, but it’s hard to feel like you care about the cars when you have hundreds and barely driven most of them.
    I mean I kinda missed grinding a bit and being more attached to the cars you do have instead of getting them all.

    I mean I don’t think they want most people to use the microtransactions because if they did it would make more sense to make them affordable to everyone, this way it’s more like for car junkies that desperately want something but not enough time to actually play or rich people who feel like $40 isn’t alot to waste.
    Not something that average people would use instead of just playing normally.

    1. That’s line of thought i go with with most «Live Services» out there (like Racing, Fighting, MOBA, etc). Rather than going for everything on offer (It’s impossible to satisfy yourself being a hoarder. In fact, i’m for one to remove Platinum Trophies in these games), i prefer to focus on the ones that I would want/care out of them and master those. If down the line, i feel bored with the ones i have, then i get another one master it, and then repeat the cycle

  11. My concern is that making the new Perfect Dark «bigger» is code for incorporating in-game purchase elements into it. To me, it looks as though the original «Initiative gang» are the ones heading out the door, and a change like that is exactly what I picture causing this.

    Also, I’m VERY, VERY, VERY curious what (if any) involvement Microsoft Studios execs had in this — Were they the impetus for «expanding» the game? If not, did they express any opinions or preferences? Early on, when concern over Microsoft buying up a butt-ton of developers began, Phil Spencer made a big point of saying how «hands-off» Microsoft Studios would be. So, what (if any) role did they have here? Enquiring minds want to know.

    (For the kids — that was a throwback to an old National Enquirer advertising slogan)

    1. In regards to the initiative. All the hype for the studio was in its big talent. That talent is no longer there, and the creative direction is now being changed to be «bigger». Bigger worlds genrally feel more empty and the tasks become more repeditive cause it would be difficult to fill it with meaningful stuff.

      So the fact so many have left. Not only am i concerned im now givibg this game the cyberpunk treatment where i wont purchase it until it releases and i see reviews

  12. Still trying to figure out why people think Xbox and Nintendo have a good relationship. Nintendo still very much Nintendo and they only do what benefits them not others similar to Sony. Microsoft just does pr since they get negative press from journalist all the time doesn’t mean you take their pr speak for face.

  13. Like I said before, the messaging behind The Initiative is half the problem. Some people think the studio is AAAA studio, others think that they are a studio who initiates projects and then brings others in to complete the work. That needs to be clarified for fans and potential employees.

    1. @Varno Lolo bro believe whatevr you want you fanboys are so up xbox arse funny your the only one who doesn’t no this that the inactive is was ment to be a AAAA studio there are countless articles about it your brain cells just baffle me that everyone who has done a artical about it is lying 😆

    2. @Dribble Pi55 Never said that the journalists were lying… i said that YOU WERE LYING.

      The media saw that one linkedin job-posting in 2018, noticed the extra A and ran with that narrative for the next four years without correcting themselves. Misleading but hey, it gets clicks.

      You, on the other hand, believe everything you read… and then get caught lying, trying to tell us Phil Spencer or Microsoft was pushing the AAAA description for their new studio.

      You got caught and just doubled-down on your dishonesty. Don’t worry man, i’d be angry & embarrassed too, if i were you. (i mean, you clearly aren’t able to even read news articles without misattributing quotes from people interviewed)

    3. @Dribble Pi55 » It’s worth saying that all mention of ‘AAAA’ has been removed on The Initiative’s website. The term was originally used in a job listing, and right now The Initiative has 11 open positions. None of them call the project a AAAA game.»

      From a Tweaktown article in 2020. So we know there are SOME journalists that tried to clear up the confusion.

    4. @Dribble Pi55 Also:

      «A job listing from 2018 that looks like it could be for the southern California studio asked for experience in shipping titles at «AAAA standards» and a knowledge of «building new IP.»

      So they didn’t even describe themselves as AAAA… they just asked for people who had experience in AAAA standards.

      Hilarious when ya track down the actual source… and then realize you are trying to spin a wholly different narrative about it.


  14. Have all the staff leaving The Initiative gone to other studios? Probably easy to say in hindsight but maybe Xbox should’ve created a new studio with all those staff. As an example, Grounded is being developed by a team of around 20 so who knows what those leaving The Initiative might have been capable of?

    1. They’re scattered to the four winds. Not all of the staff that departed even left at the same time… were talking about a period of roughly the past 15 months. And interestingly enough, a couple of the departed devs went on to other Xbox studios. (There was reporting that some of them have recently joined up with the Coalition)

    2. @Dribble Pi55
      I’m curious as to where they went but I can’t stand fanboys as bad as king thrash personally and don’t want to give him views.
      Is there any objective source where I can see where they went?

    3. @John O’Neill Yeah… going to KingThrash for solid, untarnished information is like… god, I can’t even think of a good analogy here. That guy really is the lowest of the lowliest, toxic fanboys on the net.

  15. Gears 6 lost the VHS tape of Road house so it will be a while till the backup team of the dev team will get back on track. Maybe someone has a point break dvd 🥴

  16. They should have let the side of The Initiative that wasn’t happy to make a new studio entirely or make a new team under a different studio

    Either of those would have been better options since The Initiative wasn’t clear on what they would be in the beginning

    1. @Forever Gamers they’re not rewarding them.

      The Initiative wasn’t clear from beginning what they wanted to be and people left because of that

      So it would have been better for those that left to make their own Double-Fine like studio to make whatever they want

    2. @Y3L10WFLASH You realise why «The Initiative» is called «The Initiative» right?

      Well, I’m assuming you don’t or you wouldn’t be attempting to claim that things «weren’t clear». Come back to me when you know why the studio has that name.

  17. Even though we had good game after good game after good game releases, we also had trash game after trash game after trash games releases this year

  18. I think rare are about to bring a new rare replay collection I highly doubt it’s a remaster of golden eye and if it is then throw me in the toilert head first anyway I hope it’s another rare replay collection

  19. Nah I think everyone assuming bs and should wait for actual evidence to be posted from the official sources. the problem about ppl is, they all saying what others said I see it all the time, so before anyone says anything wait for official sources specially you 🐎 back station BS artists most of your are spreading BS about perfect dark when you assume you know what’s going on behind scenes go fix Horizon forbidden shert and give returnal a proper save point oh yeah and take ya bS ps3 gt7 cars and graphics with ya we don’t need it

  20. I’ll buy Microtransactions if the game is good, out of appreciation to the Developer, for making a Great Game with Tremendous Replay Value!

  21. i do think its more of a good thing that they left cause of them wanting to be smaller but then again if u are a small studio the game u make will take years and years to be published while when u got additional ppls to help u with the game on top of the ones u got in your studio this means they will sharae more ideas and make the game look better and all of that, i can’t wait to play Hogwarts i just hope its well optimized and without bugs and on GT i hope it fails so they can learn not to include transactions on a game that cost u 70$ not that i will buy a game that costs that amount of money but still i hope they fail,u see i don’t mind having transactions on a Free To Play game cause that’s howq they are making money but that game costs 70 f $ which is a no no for me and with transactions goes up to 100$ on a racing game

  22. Maybe the Xbox division should’ve split the Initiative into two separate dev teams. A lot of studios have more than one team anyway. That way maybe they could’ve kept all that talent. They both possibly could’ve done games the way they wanted.

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