Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021 | Phil Spencer Talks Xbox Series X Restock, New Xbox Games, Project Xcloud

2021 Xbox Tokyo Game Show! Microsoft Xbox And Phil Spencer Address Xbox Series X Restock, New Xbox Games With Xbox Game Pass, Project Xcloud PC And New Regions Plus much more At 2021 Xbox Tokyo Game Show
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Welcom to my channel. Here I cover both Xbox Series X and PS5. Ps5 games, xbox series x games, xbox series s, new xbox exclusives xbox event, the occassional game review and much more. I guess you could say that i just cover videogames, tech news and leaks on the latest games info.
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Dont say i didn’t warn you..

98 ответов к «Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021 | Phil Spencer Talks Xbox Series X Restock, New Xbox Games, Project Xcloud»

    1. For me, series S is the best box. Before I got it yesterday, I was thinking my next console will be ps5 pro after the S to get all exclusives, but now all I want is for the X2 to come in 2024. Game pass is the ultimate value in gaming!

    2. @Illest Cat n Nebraska triple a is just a budget, triple a doesn’t make a game great. Plenty of trash triple a games. Death stranding. The last of us part 2 etc. Xbox has released plenty of small indie games this summer that has been levels better than those triple A games. A good game is a good game not a budget fam.

  1. I watched this live stream and was wondering what the fuck that women in pink was doing with her arms,it looked like she didnt know what to do and was almost robotic.

  2. A couple things on my mind. They need to have voice over audio next time they show up at TGS. Secondly they need to hire some one/ones to lead the Xbox east initiative because Phil can’t keep doing everything. They’d have to be skilled, capable, experienced and well known in the region. They’d be tasked with setting up a publishing wing, setting up strategic commercial partnerships, marketing, and bringing new people into the fold. Getting an already established developer is tricky because they would be risking there reputation and public perception. What they can do for now though is look for those next studios with potential and build there own reputation. Hire people that are passionate and sincerely interested in creating a foundation for a new boom. Chase that success in the Asian market and additionally all the games they develop can come westward as well.

    1. @Kuri Cosmos Shinji is a studio head and he’s good where he is, they need some one on the operating level of a chief operating officer.

    1. movies use different assets compared to games because they dont need to have GAMEPLAY on top of the visuals. they have their own tier of visual assets that cant be used for regular games unless you want to make a «game» where you can do nothing outside of walking forward.

    1. @Isaac Robinson it’s not distorting the truth it’s like you buy a phone but at that moment the manager decided to have a new deal where you get a free case with the phone now when you were going to buy that phone you did not know about the deal so basically you paid for the phone and got the case for free

    2. @Isaac Robinson
      Anyone saying that some game franchise cannot be Xbox exclusive forgot one thing.
      Franchise owners care about income — they can sell on all consoles and earn XXX million, or they can make exclusive to Xbox and get guaranteed XXX million immediately..

      Anything can become exclusive nowadays, and Xbox has the money..

  3. Been playing Scarlett nexus. It slaps. The gameplay is super cool. The story is good ol fashioned anime type stuff so if that’s cool with you check it out. Hopefully tales of arise will come sometime in the future

  4. I don’t know why, but when I watched the video the audio and video were out of sync, which made it look and feel like an old time martial arts movie. For a second I wondered if it was on purpose.

  5. The thing is you can tell that Xbox was just a side hustle for Microsoft before, but now it’s gonna be a core part of the windows experience, which means they’ll support it more cause they want it bring that value.

  6. Played Forza 4 and Doom II on Cloud on my PC this morning for a Test with my Xbox 360 Controller. Xbox Believes in generations lol, keep them all at once. What world do we live in hey? Its Great!!! Its Great Australia got this!!!!

    1. @Ryan lmao your an idiot if you think they are all the same xbots and there bs narratives sony legit making more muitiplayer gamed and u still hate xbot

  7. I am a bleed green for lifer but when Phil said we have seen our numbers grow a lot in Japan; well I hate to say it but there was only one way those numbers could go. I do not think the numbers could get any worse. Now that X-Cloud is really moving it will be even better.

  8. I just want an announcement on an acquisition this year, be it big or small, xbox basically acquired zenimax last year meanwhile Sony was sucking up more than 4 studios, I just wanna feel hype again!

    1. @mark d they’ve also got a studio that specialises in pc ports, there’s also another studio but I forget what they do, but the number is definitely 4.

  9. Ha in Australia we get cloud gaming by Microsoft before the horrendously shit stadia. I have owned all consoles I have ps5 but can’t get my hands on series x, but I believe in a couple of years Microsoft will destroy Sony if they can’t get their shit together.

  10. I’m not going to tell you how to run your channel, but when Shinji Mikami was talking without English subtitles, that would have been a golden opportunity to add your own subtitles like «Zalker is a fraud» or «I like turtles» or something about Knack 3.

  11. 90% of this vid was about cloud gaming and useless, I don’t care about Xcloud as a priority. I care about games and more xbox system production, which is what the title of this video was advertising. Very misleading click baiting video.

  12. Phil, why is it so difficult to find Xbox out here in the Land of Smiles, Thailand? Been an Xbox guy since the first one and still is but man out here nada, zero! 😒

  13. Guys in USA, understand that adding so many games from Japan to game pass is not for Japan which is more like closed market, is more for getting Europe back.

  14. Great spiel but Where’s the GAMES,!!… we know about the cloud gaming., you mention it at every show… But this special 25th anniversary show and there’s no new games to announce /show?.. For fuck sake

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